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Key Officials

Office of the Assistant Secretary
Assistant Secretary, Gregory D. Winfree (bio)
Deputy Assistant Secretary, Vacant
Executive Secretariat, Melissa Harrington

Office of Administration
Associate Administrator and Chief Information Officer, Audrey Farley

Office of Budget and Finance
Chief Financial Officer (Acting), Denise Smith

Office of the Chief Counsel
Chief Counsel, Ellen Partridge

Office of Civil Rights
Director, Daryl Hart

Office of Governmental, International and Public Affairs
Director (Acting), Timothy Klein
BTS Public Affairs Contact, David Smallen

Bureau of Transportation Statistics
Associate Administrator and Director, Patricia S. Hu (bio)
Deputy Associate Administrator and Deputy Director, Dr. Rolf Schmitt (bio)

National Transportation Library
Assistant Director, Amanda Wilson

Intelligent Transportation Systems Joint Program Office
Associate Administrator and Director, Kenneth Leonard
Managing Director, John Augustine

Office of Positioning, Navigation and Timing & Spectrum Management 
Director, Karen Van Dyke

Office of Research, Development and Technology
Associate Administrator, Dr. Kevin Womack

Transportation Safety Institute
Senior Liaison, Christine Lawrence

Volpe National Transportation Systems Center
Associate Administrator and Director, Robert C. Johns (bio)

National Space-Based PNT Coordination Office
Director, Harold W. "Stormy" Martin III