Motor Fuel Prices: Retail Gasoline

Motor Fuel Prices: Retail Gasoline

Retail Gasoline Prices (weekly data)

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Motor fuel prices are an important cost component of highway transportation. Changes in motor fuel prices impact the behavior of both producers and consumers, and affect the demand for transportation in terms of level and modal mix. In the United States, motor gasoline prices follow world crude oil prices more closely than motor diesel prices. Changes in motor fuel prices affect the profit margin of transportation firms, particularly trucking firms.

Retail Gas Prices 25-Jul-05 1-Aug-05
Average regular grade (dollars per gallon) 2.29 2.29
Percent change from same previous week -1.21 0.09

SOURCE: U.S. Department of Energy, Energy Information Administration, Weekly Retail Gasoline Prices, available at, as of August 1, 2005.