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Rural Airports

Rural Airports


View of an airport from an airplane.The Bureau of Transportation Statistics, part of the Research and Innovative Technology Administration, compiles the list of rural airports annually for the Treasury Department/IRS.  This list is used by airlines to assist in establishing air fares.  For travel to and from airports defined as “rural airports,” the ad valorem ticket tax was reduced and, presently, flight segments involving the last segment into or first segment out of a rural airport are exempt from the segment fee.  The rural airports designation originated with The Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997.

Please see below section “Current Rural Airports Master Files” for the current BTS list of Rural Airports.

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) defines a Rural Airport as any airport that:

  • Has fewer than 100,000 commercial passengers departing from the airport by air during the second preceding calendar year* and one of the following is true:
    • The airport is not located within 75 miles of another airport from which 100,000 or more commercial passengers departed during the second preceding calendar year, -or-
    • The airport was receiving essential air service subsidies as of August 5, 1997, -or-
    • The airport is not connected by paved roads to another airport.

To apply the 100,000 passenger rule to any airport, only commercial passengers departing from the airport by air on flight segments of at least 100 miles are to be counted.

*Second preceding calendar year is defined as two calendar years prior to the year in question. In regards to the Rural Airports, the most recent list of airports provided by the FAA to DOT is 2013. 2011 commercial passenger traffic has been used to determine the commercial passenger eligibility criteria.

Additional Information can be found here:

The Rural Airports List has been provided to the IRS by the Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS) Office of Airline Information. This is not the official IRS determination of eligible rural airports. The list of rural airports on which, taxpayers can rely will be published by the Internal Revenue Service. This list was prepared based on 2011 enplanement statistics and can be used for 2013. Airport distances are calculated from a start and end latitude and longitude based on a constant compass course for a rhumb line between the points (loxodrome) using an Albers Equal Area Projection.

Airport coordinates are based on Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and National Imagery and Mapping Agency data.

Current Rural Airports Master Files

The Rural Airport list on this site will be updated an needed. Please reference the section below: "Who to Contact For Additional Information" if there is an airport that does not appear on the list and an airport administrator has information that may render an airport eligible.

PDF | Excel | HTML Version - see below

Who to Contact for Additional Information:

If an airport does not appear on the list and an airport administrator has information that may render an airport eligible, this information should be submitted using the following email address:

Please include in the email:

  • Airport(s) in question
  • Reasons why the Airport(s) should be considered “Eligible”
    • Feel free to include in the email this information (if applicable):
      • IRS Conditions from above and appropriate justification
      • Passenger traffic numbers for the second preceding year
      • Pictures of non-paved roads with street names and cross street names
      • Name of island airport resides
  • The email sender’s contact information  

The Office of Airline Information (OAI) will confirm receipt of the email and will provide a full detailed response upon processing. If an airport has been identified as 'eligible' from an email correspondence between posting dates on the internet, an updated list will be sent to the requestor with the most up-to-date list.

U.S. public and private airports are based on data provided by FAA.  Codes are FAA and International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) codes.



HTML Version


00AK   Anchor Point Lowell Field AK US
01A   Purkeypile Purkeypile AK US
01AA   Crooked Creek Donlin Creek AK US
01AK   Seward Providence Seward Medical Center AK US
03AK   Kenai Joe Clouds AK US
0AA5   Trapper Creek Rangeview Airstrip AK US
0AK PQS Pilot Station Pilot Station AK US
0AK5   May Creek Young Creek AK US
0AK6   Victory Bible Camp Victory AK US
0AK7   Homer Bradley Lake Hydroelectric Project Airstrip AK US
0Z3   Dillingham Shannons Pond AK US
11AK   Delta Junction Rocking T Ranch AK US
13S   Lake Louise Lake Louise AK US
13Z WLR Loring Loring AK US
15AK   Cantwell Golden North Airfield AK US
15Z MXY McCarthy McCarthy AK US
16A NUP Nunapitchuk Nunapitchuk AK US
16K PTC Port Alice Port Alice AK US
16Z   McGrath McGrath AK US
17AK   Ketchikan Ketchikan /Temsco H/ AK US
18AA   Haines 18 Meadows Aerodrome AK US
19AK ICY Icy Bay Icy Bay AK US
19P PPV Port Protection Port Protection AK US
1AK0   Craig Craig CG AK US
1AK1   Crevice Creek Crevice Creek AK US
1AK2   Crosswind Lake Crosswind Lake AK US
1AK3   Cold Bay Port Moller AK US
1AK7   Valdez Valdez Hospital AK US
1KC KKK Kalakaket Creek Radio Relay Site Kalakaket Creek AS AK US
1Z9 ELW Ellamar Ellamar AK US
22AK   Deadhorse Helmericks AK US
26AK   Cape Sarichef Radio Relay Site Cape Sarichef AK US
27AK   Kuparuk Pad-66 AK US
28AK   Sutton Farrars Landing AK US
29A   Wasilla Island Lake AK US
29AK   Delta Junction Remington Field AK US
2A3 KLN Larsen Bay Larsen Bay AK US
2A4   Bettles Vor Lake Waterlane AK US
2A9   Kotlik Kotlik AK US
2AK LVD Lime Village Lime Village AK US
2AK3 FIV Five Finger Five Finger CG AK US
2AK4   Homer Bootleggers Cove AK US
2AK5   Hinchinbrook Johnstone Point AK US
2AK6 HGZ Hogatza Hog River AK US
2AK7   Talkeetna Bald Mountain AK US
2AK8   Icy Cape Icy Cape AFS AK US
2AK9   Independence Creek Independence Creek AK US
2C7   Shaktoolik Shaktoolik AK US
2D3   Palmer Gooding Lake AK US
2K5 TLF Telida Telida AK US
2R3   Kenai Island Lake AK US
2X2   Willow Willow SPB AK US
2Y3   Yakutat Yakutat AK US
2Z1 HBH Entrance Island Entrance Island AK US
2Z2   Eureka Creek Eureka Creek AK US
2Z5   Fairbanks Chena River AK US
2Z6 FAK False Island False Island AK US
33AK   Nugget Bench Nugget Bench AK US
36H   Squaw Harbor Squaw Harbor AK US
37AA   Deadhorse Point Thomson Airstrip AK US
37AK BMX Big Mountain Radio Relay Site (U.S. Air Force) Big Mountain AK US
3A3   Wasilla Seymour Lake SPB AK US
3AA3   Valdez Cvtc Field AK US
3AK   Yakutat Dry Bay AK US
3AK3   Talkeetna Songlo Vista AK US
3AK5 DRF Kenai Drift River AK US
3C3   Anchorage Campbell Lake SPB AK US
3H3   Wasilla Cottonwood Lake AK US
3K9   Wasilla Upper Wasilla Lake AK US
3T4   Tetlin Tetlin AK US
3Z1   Feather River Feather River AK US
3Z8 GDH Golden Horn Lodge Golden Horn Lodge AK US
3Z9   Haines Haines AK US
45AK   Delta Junction Cherokee AK US
46AK   Homer Bear Cove Farm AK US
4A2 ATT Atmautluak Atmautluak AK US
4A3   Wasilla Lake Lucille AK US
4AA4   Homer South Peninsula Hospital AK US
4AK0   Wasilla Niklason Lake AK US
4AK1   Deadhorse Inigok AK US
4AK3   Long Lake Long Lake AK US
4AK5   Mankomen Lake Mankomen Lake AK US
4AK7   Aleknagik Aleknagik Mission Strip AK US
4AK8   Napaimute Napaimute Pioneer Airfield AK US
4AK9   Naknek Tibbetts AK US
4K0 PDB Pedro Bay Pedro Bay AK US
4K5 KOZ Ouzinkie Ouzinkie AK US
4KA TNK Tununak Tununak AK US
4Z5   Horsfeld Horsfeld AK US
4Z7 WHD Hyder Hyder AK US
4Z9   Jakolof Bay Jakolof Bay AK US
52Z   Moose Pass Summit Lake AK US
54AK   Wasilla Kalmbach Lake AK US
57A TKI Tokeen Tokeen AK US
57AK   Wasilla Lost Lake SPB AK US
58A   Tolsona Lake Tolsona Lake AK US
5A8 WKK Aleknagik Aleknagik /New AK US
5AK   Tazlina Tazlina /Smokey Lake/ AK US
5BK   Black Rapids Black Rapids AK US
5BL   Homer Homer-Beluga Lake AK US
5C5   Craig El Capitan Lodge AK US
5CD   Chandalar Camp Chandalar Shelf AK US
5KE WFB Ketchikan Ketchikan Harbor AK US
5KO   Koggiung Koggiung AK US
5L6   Wasilla Wasilla Lake AK US
5NK NNK Naknek Naknek AK US
5NN NNL Nondalton Nondalton AK US
5QC   Quartz Creek Quartz Creek /Kougarok/ AK US
5Z1   Juneau Juneau Harbor AK US
5Z4   Kanakanak ANS Hospital AK US
5Z5   Kantishna Kantishna AK US
5Z7   Kasitsna Bay Kasitsna AK US
5Z9 BKF Katmai National Park Lake Brooks AK US
61AK   Trapper Creek/Talkeetna ERA Chulitna River AK US
62AK   Wasilla Wallis Lake SPB AK US
63A   Petersburg Lloyd R. Roundtree Seaplane Facility AK US
66AK   Wasilla June Lake AK US
68A   Wrangell Wrangell AK US
69AK   Wasilla Memory Lake AK US
6A7   Big Lake Brocker Lake AK US
6A8 AET Allakaket Allakaket AK US
6AK   Rainy Pass Rainy Pass Lodge AK US
6AK1   Platinum Platinum Mine AK US
6AK5   Anchorage Fire Island AK US
6K8   Tok Tok Junction AK US
6R7 OLH Old Harbor Old Harbor AK US
72AK   Delta Junction Trophy Lodge AK US
76AK   Delta Junction Pogo Mine Airstrip AK US
76Z   Nakeen Nakeen AK US
78K WYB Yes Bay Yes Bay Lodge AK US
78Z   Nancy Lake Nancy Lake AK US
7AK   Akutan Akutan AK US
7AK0   Tanana Art Z AK US
7AK7   Healy Era Denali AK US
7K2   Skagway Skagway AK US
7KA TEK Tatitlek Tatitlek AK US
80A   American Creek American Creek AK US
80AK   Houston Morvro Lake AK US
81AK   Trapper Creek McKinley Country AK US
84K WMK Meyers Chuck Meyers Chuck AK US
85AK   Big Lake Marion AK US
86AK   Big Lake Hoppe's AK US
8AK1   Gulkana Jacobus Field AK US
8AK3   Selawik Roland Norton Memorial Airstrip AK US
8AK7   Kaktovik Bullen Point Air Force Station AK US
8AK9   Tok Tok 2 AK US
8K9   Ketchikan Murphys Pullout AK US
8KA   Tatitna Tatitna AK US
90AK PUO Prudhoe Bay/Deadhorse Northstar AK US
91AK   Big Lake Kucera AK US
94Z   Nome Nome City Field AK US
96AK   Clam Gulch Hackney Landing AK US
96Z WWP North Whale Pass North Whale AK US
98AK   Homer Eastland AK US
99AK   Moore Creek Moore Creek AK US
99Z   Palmer Finger Lake AK US
9A3 CHU Chuathbaluk Chuathbaluk AK US
9A8 UGS Ugashik Ugashik AK US
9AK0   Tok Sportsmens Paradise AK US
9AK1   Palmer Stormy Hill AK US
9AK2   Russian Mission Kako AK US
9AK4   Delta Junction Arctic Angel AK US
9C0   Ketchikan Peninsula Point Pullout AK US
9K2 KNK Kokhanok Kokhanok AK US
9Z3   Kodiak Kodiak /Lilly Lake/ AK US
9Z7   Kvichak Kvichak /Diamond J/ AK US
9Z8   Levelock Levelock AK US
A14 PCA Portage Creek Portage Creek AK US
A23 SGW Saginaw Bay Saginaw AK US
A27   Seldovia Seldovia AK US
A29   Sitka Sitka AK US
A43 TKL Taku Harbor Taku Harbor AK US
A57   Yakutat Alsek River AK US
A63 TWA Twin Hills Twin Hills AK US
A67   Yakutat Harlequin Lake AK US
A68   Yakutat Situk AK US
A69   Yakutat Tanis Mesa AK US
A77   Yankee Creek Yankee Creek 2 AK US
A79   Chignik Lake Chignik Lake AK US
AA00   Talkeetna Shump AK US
AA01   Big Lake West Beaver AK US
AA02   Big Lake Horseshoe Lake AK US
AA03   Deadhorse Central Pad AK US
AA11   Wasilla Misty Lake AK US
AA12   Sitka Dove Island Lodge AK US
AA22   Delta Junction Delta Daves AK US
AA27   Nuiqsut Pioneer AK US
AA38   Kuparuk Nikaitchuq Operations Center AK US
AA51   Kuparuk Spy Island Drill-Site AK US
AA85   Palmer Walby Lake AK US
ADK ADK Adak Island Adak AK US
ADQ ADQ Kodiak Kodiak AK US
AFE   Kake Kake AK US
AFM ABL Ambler Ambler AK US
AGN AGN Angoon Angoon AK US
AHP PTD Port Alexander Port Alexander AK US
AJC KCQ Chignik Chignik AK US
AK0   McCarthy Jakes Bar AK US
AK00   Anchor Point Anchor River Airpark AK US
AK02   Bear Creek Bear Creek 1 AK US
AK03   Wainwright Wainwright AS AK US
AK06   McKinley Park Denali AK US
AK07   Nanwalek Dog Fish Bay AK US
AK09   Delta Junction Wingsong Estates AK US
AK15   Deadhorse Alpine Airstrip AK US
AK17   Homer Glacierview Strip AK US
AK18   Homer Camp Point AK US
AK20   Nuiqsut Cd-3 Airstrip AK US
AK21   Dillingham Nushagak AK US
AK23   Dutch Harbor Driftwood Bay Air Force Station AK US
AK26 SOL Solomon Solomon State Field AK US
AK30   Cordova Strawberry Point AK US
AK31   McCarthy Swift Creek AK US
AK32   Nuiqsut Oooguruk Island AK US
AK33 HED Herendeen Bay Herendeen Bay AK US
AK34   Willow Kashwitna Lake AK US
AK35   Delta Junction Buffalo Row AK US
AK40   McGrath Nixon Fork Mine AK US
AK43   Wasilla Jacobsen Lake AK US
AK44   Talkeetna Talkeetna Village Strip AK US
AK49 TWE Taylor Taylor AK US
AK5 KPV Kasilof Encelewski Lake AK US
AK51   Port Alsworth Wilder/Natwick LLC AK US
AK56 KTH Tikchik Tikchik Lodge AK US
AK57   Willow Long Lake AK US
AK60   Jensens Fort Jensen AK US
AK61   Talkeetna Stephan Lake Lodge AK US
AK62 WNC Tuxekan Island Naukati Bay AK US
AK64   Taylor Mountain Mine Taylor Mountain AK US
AK71 LNI Lonely Lonely AS AK US
AK74   Hannum Creek Upper Hannum Creek AK US
AK75   Candle Candle 2 AK US
AK76   Yakutat East Alsek River AK US
AK77   Delta Junction All West AK US
AK78   Deadhorse Badami AK US
AK8   Talkeetna Christiansen Lake AK US
AK81 AOS Amook Bay Amook Bay AK US
AK97 BSW Boswell Bay Boswell Bay AK US
AK98   Buck Creek Buck Creek AK US
AKI AKI Akiak Akiak AK US
AKK AKK Akhiok Akhiok AK US
AKN AKN King Salmon King Salmon AK US
AKP AKP Anaktuvuk Pass Anaktuvuk Pass AK US
AKW   Klawock Klawock AK US
ALZ ALZ Lazy Bay Alitak AK US
ANI ANI Aniak Aniak AK US
ANN ANN Annette Annette Island AK US
ANV ANV Anvik Anvik AK US
AQC KLW Klawock Klawock AK US
AQH KWN Quinhagak Quinhagak AK US
AQT NUI Nuiqsut Nuiqsut AK US
ARC ARC Arctic Village Arctic Village AK US
ATK ATK Atqasuk Atqasuk Edward Burnell Sr Memorial AK US
ATU ATU Attu Casco Cove CGS AK US
AUK AUK Alakanuk Alakanuk AK US
AWI AIN Wainwright Wainwright AK US
BIG BIG Delta Junction Ft Greely Allen AAF AK US
BNF BNF Baranof Warm Spring Bay AK US
BQV BQV Bartlett Cove Bartlett Cove AK US
BRW BRW Barrow Wiley Post-Will Rogers Memorial AK US
BTI BTI Barter Island Lrrs Barter Island LRRS AK US
BTT BTT Bettles Bettles AK US
BVK BKC Buckland Buckland AK US
BYA BYA Boundary Boundary AK US
C05 NCN Chenega Chenega Bay AK US
CDB CDB Cold Bay Cold Bay AK US
CDE   Cape Decision Cape Decision Lighthouse AK US
CDV CDV Cordova Merle K (Mudhole) Smith AK US
CEM CEM Central Central AK US
CFK CYF Chefornak Chefornak AK US
CGA CGA Craig Craig AK US
CHP CHP Circle Hot Springs Circle Hot Springs AK US
CIK CIK Chalkyitsik Chalkyitsik AK US
CJX CKD Crooked Creek Crooked Creek AK US
CKU CKU Cordova Cordova Municipal AK US
CKX CKX Chicken Chicken AK US
CLP CLP Clarks Point Clarks Point AK US
CRC IRC Circle Circle City AK US
CXC CXC Chitina Chitina AK US
CXF CXF Coldfoot Coldfoot AK US
CYM CYM Chatham Chatham AK US
CYT CYT Yakataga Yakataga AK US
CZF CZF Cape Romanzof (Air Force Station) Cape Romanzof LRRS AK US
CZN CZN Chisana Chisana AK US
CZO CZO Chistochina Chistochina AK US
D66 DJN Delta Junction Delta Junction AK US
D71   Big Lake Beaver Lake AK US
D72   Eagle River D&C Fire Lake Flying Club AK US
D75   Wasilla Blodget Lake AK US
D76   Noorvik Robert /Bob/ Curtis Memorial AK US
DCK DCK Dahl Creek Dahl Creek AK US
DDT   Slana Duffys Tavern AK US
DEE DRG Deering Deering AK US
DGG   Red Dog Mine Red Dog AK US
DLG DLG Dillingham Dillingham AK US
DM2 DIO Diomede Diomede AK US
DUT DUT Unalaska Unalaska AK US
DUY KKH Kongiganak Kongiganak AK US
EAA EAA Eagle Eagle AK US
EHM EHM Cape Newenham (Air Force Station) Cape Newenham LRRS AK US
EII EGX Egegik Egegik AK US
ELV ELV Elfin Cove Elfin Cove AK US
ENM EMK Emmonak Emmonak AK US
EWU   Newtok Newtok AK US
EXI EXI Excursion Inlet Excursion Inlet AK US
FKK   Farewell Lake Farewell Lake AK US
FNR FNR Funter Bay Funter Bay AK US
FSP   Nikolai Nikolai AK US
FWL FWL Farewell Farewell AK US
FYU FYU Fort Yukon Fort Yukon AK US
GAL GAL Galena Edward G. Pitka Sr AK US
GAM GAM Gambell Gambell AK US
GBH GBH Galbraith Lake Galbraith Lake AK US
GGV   Kwigillingok Kwigillingok AK US
GKN GKN Gulkana Gulkana AK US
GLV GLV Golovin Golovin AK US
GNU GNU Goodnews Goodnews AK US
GST GST Gustavus Gustavus AK US
GSZ GMT Granite Mountain Granite Mountain AS AK US
HCA HCA Holy Cross Holy Cross AK US
HLA   Huslia Huslia AK US
HNH HNH Hoonah Hoonah AK US
HOM HOM Homer Homer AK US
HPB HPB Hooper Bay Hooper Bay AK US
HRR HKB Healy Healy River AK US
HUS HUS Hughes Hughes AK US
HWI HWI Hawk Inlet Hawk Inlet AK US
HYG HYG Hydaburg Hydaburg AK US
HYL HYL Hollis Hollis Clark Bay AK US
IAN IAN Kiana Bob Baker Memorial AK US
IBN   Nabesna Devils Mountain Lodge AK US
IGG IGG Igiugig Igiugig AK US
IGT NME Nightmute Nightmute AK US
IIK KPN Kipnuk Kipnuk AK US
IKO IKO Nikolski Nikolski AS AK US
ILI ILI Iliamna Iliamna AK US
INR INR McKinley Park McKinley National Park AK US
IWK WAA Wales Wales AK US
JZZ KGK Koliganek Koliganek AK US
K29 CIL Council Council AK US
K40   Anvik Anvik AK US
K55   Thompson Pass Thompson Pass AK US
KAL KAL Kaltag Kaltag AK US
KBE KBE Bell Island Bell Island Hot Springs AK US
KCC KCC Coffman Cove Coffman Cove AK US
KCL KCL Chignik Lagoon Chignik Lagoon AK US
KCN KCN Chernofski Harbor Chernofski Harbor AK US
KCR KCR Colorado Creek Colorado Creek AK US
KDK KDK Kodiak Kodiak Municipal AK US
KEB KEB Nanwalek Nanwalek AK US
KEK KEK Ekwok Ekwok AK US
KFP KFP False Pass False Pass AK US
KGX KGX Grayling Grayling AK US
KGZ KGZ Glacier Creek Glacier Creek AK US
KIB KIB Ivanof Bay Ivanof Bay AK US
KKA KKA Koyuk Koyuk Alfred Adams AK US
KKB KKB Kitoi Bay Kitoi Bay AK US
KKI KKI Akiachak Akiachak AK US
KKL KKL Karluk Lake Karluk Lake AK US
KMY KMY Moser Bay Moser Bay AK US
KNW KNW New Stuyahok New Stuyahok AK US
KOY KOY Olga Bay Olga Bay AK US
KPB KPB Point Baker Point Baker AK US
KPC KPC Port Clarence Port Clarence CGS AK US
KPR KPR Port Williams Port Williams AK US
KPY KPY Port Bailey Port Bailey AK US
KQA KQA Akutan Akutan AK US
KSM KSM St Mary'S St Mary's AK US
KTB KTB Thorne Bay Thorne Bay AK US
KTS KTS Brevig Mission Brevig Mission AK US
KVC KVC King Cove King Cove AK US
KVL KVL Kivalina Kivalina AK US
KWF KWF Waterfall Waterfall AK US
KWP KWP West Point West Point Village AK US
KXA KXA Kasaan Kasaan AK US
KYK KYK Karluk Karluk AK US
KYU KYU Koyukuk Koyukuk AK US
KZB KZB   Zachar Bay AK US
L20   Yukon Charley Rivers Coal Creek AK US
L85   Soldotna Mackeys Lakes AK US
L93   Valdez Robe Lake AK US
L95   Big Lake Jones Landing AK US
LHD   Anchorage Lake Hood AK US
LKK LKK Kulik Lake Kulik Lake AK US
LUR LUR Cape Lisburne (Air Force Station) Cape Lisburne LRRS AK US
MBA   Manokotak Manokotak AK US
MCG MCG McGrath McGrath AK US
MDM   Marshall Marshall Don Hunter Sr AK US
MDO MDO Middleton Island Middleton Island AK US
MFN   Willow Minuteman Lake AK US
MHM MHM Minchumina Minchumina AK US
MLY MLY Manley Hot Springs Manley Hot Springs AK US
MOS MOS Elim Moses Point AK US
MOU MOU Mountain Village Mountain Village AK US
MTM MTM Metlakatla Metlakatla AK US
MYK MYK May Creek May Creek AK US
MYU MYU Mekoryuk Mekoryuk AK US
NIN NIN Ninilchik Ninilchik AK US
NUL NUL Nulato Nulato AK US
OBU OBU Kobuk Kobuk AK US
OOH   Hoonah Hoonah AK US
OOK OOK Toksook Bay Toksook Bay AK US
ORI ORI Port Lions Port Lions AK US
ORT ORT Northway Northway AK US
OTZ OTZ Kotzebue Ralph Wien Memorial AK US
OUL   Nelson Lagoon Nelson Lagoon AK US
PBV STG St. George St George AK US
PEC PEC Pelican Pelican AK US
PEV   Perryville Perryville AK US
PGM PGM Port Graham Port Graham AK US
PHO PHO Point Hope Point Hope AK US
PIZ PIZ Point Lay Point Lay LRRS AK US
PNP PIP Pilot Point Pilot Point AK US
PPC PPC Prospect Creek Prospect Creek AK US
PSG PSG Petersburg Petersburg James A Johnson AK US
PTH PTH Port Heiden Port Heiden AK US
PTU PTU Platinum Platinum AK US
PWR PWR Port Walter Port Walter AK US
PXK   Paxson Paxson AK US
PYL PYL Perry Island Perry Island AK US
RDV RDV Red Devil Red Devil AK US
RMP RMP Rampart Rampart AK US
SCC SCC Deadhorse Deadhorse AK US
SCM SCM Scammon Bay Scammon Bay AK US
SDP SDP Sand Point Sand Point AK US
SGY SGY Skagway Skagway AK US
SHG SHG Shungnak Shungnak AK US
SHH SHH Shishmaref Shishmaref AK US
SHX SHX Shageluk Shageluk AK US
SIT SIT Sitka Sitka Rocky Gutierrez AK US
SLQ SLQ Sleetmute Sleetmute AK US
SMK SMK St Michael St Michael AK US
SMU SMU Sheep Mountain Sheep Mountain AK US
SNP SNP St Paul Island St Paul Island AK US
SOV SOV Seldovia Seldovia AK US
SRV SRV Stony River Stony River 2 AK US
SVA SVA Savoonga Savoonga AK US
SVS SVS Stevens Village Stevens Village AK US
SVW SVW Sparrevohn (Air Force Station) Sparrevohn LRRS AK US
SWD SWD Seward Seward AK US
SXP SXP Sheldon Point Sheldon Point AK US
SYA SYA Shemya Eareckson AS AK US
SYB SYB   Seal Bay AK US
T44   Kodiak Trident Basin AK US
T66   Wasilla Visnaw Lake AK US
TAL TAL Tanana Ralph M Calhoun Memorial AK US
TCT TCT Takotna Takotna AK US
TER   Teller Teller AK US
TKA TKA Talkeetna Talkeetna AK US
TKE TKE Tenakee Springs Tenakee AK US
TKL TKL Taku Lodge Taku Lodge AK US
TLJ TLJ Takotna Tatalina LRRS AK US
TLT TLT Tuluksak Tuluksak AK US
TNC TNC Tin City Tin City LRRS AK US
TNW   Farewell Lake Tin Creek AK US
TOG TOG Togiak Village Togiak AK US
TPO TPO Port Alsworth Port Alsworth AK US
TSG TSG Tanacross Tanacross AK US
TTW   Cantwell Cantwell AK US
UBW UUK Kuparuk Ugnu-Kuparuk AK US
UGB UGB Pilot Point Ugashik Bay AK US
UGI UGI   Uganik AK US
UMM UMM Summit Summit AK US
UMT UMT Umiat Umiat AK US
UNK UNK Unalakleet Unalakleet AK US
UTO UTO Utopia Creek Indian Mountain LRRS AK US
VAK VAK Chevak Chevak AK US
VDZ VDZ Valdez Valdez Pioneer Field AK US
VEE VEE Venetie Venetie AK US
WBB WBB Stebbins Stebbins AK US
WBQ WBQ Beaver Beaver AK US
WCR WCR Chandalar Lake Chandalar Lake AK US
WLK WLK Selawik Selawik AK US
WMO WMO White Mountain White Mountain AK US
WRG WRG Wrangell Wrangell AK US
WSB WSB Steamboat Bay Steamboat Bay AK US
WSJ WSJ San Juan San Juan /Uganik/ AK US
WSM WSM Wiseman Wiseman AK US
WSN WSN South Naknek South Naknek Nr 2 AK US
WTK WTK Noatak Noatak AK US
WTL WTL Tuntutuliak Tuntutuliak AK US
WWT WWT Newtok Newtok AK US
YAK YAK Yakutat Yakutat AK US
Z09 KUK Kasigluk Kasigluk AK US
Z14   Tazlina Tazlina AK US
Z17   Ophir Ophir AK US
Z20   Tuntutuliak Tuntutuliak AK US
Z25   Aleknagik Tripod AK US
Z33   Aleknagik Aleknagik AK US
Z43   Annette Tamgas Harbor AK US
Z47   Basin Creek Basin Creek AK US
Z48 BCC Bear Creek Bear Creek 3 AK US
Z52   Bear Lake Johnsons Landing AK US
Z55   Lake Louise Lake Louise AK US
Z58   Bethel Hangar Lake AK US
Z59 JBT Bethel Bethel AK US
Z71 CZP Cape Pole Cape Pole AK US
Z78 KBW Chignik Chignik Bay AK US
Z81   Salmon Lake Salmon Lake AK US
Z86   Clearwater Clearwater AK US
Z87   Cold Bay Blinn Lake AK US
Z90   Kantishna Stampede AK US
Z91 KBC Birch Creek Birch Creek AK US
Z93   Copper Center Copper Center 2 AK US
01AL   Clanton Ware Island AL US
09A   Butler Butler-Choctaw County AL US
0J0   Abbeville Abbeville Municipal AL US
12AL   Fort Rucker/Kirklands Crossroads Goldberg Stagefield AHP AL US
3A7   Eutaw Eutaw Municipal AL US
46AL   Sylacauga Sly Pig's Base AL US
5AL   Fairhope Fish River AL US
7A0   Greensboro Greensboro Municipal AL US
AIV AIV Aliceville George Downer AL US
AL13   Cottonton Meadwestvaco (Mwv) Prg AL US
AL14   Demopolis Bryan W. Whitfield Memorial Hospital AL US
AL43   Geiger Henley Ranch AL US
AL46   Florence Shoals Creek AL US
AL48   Thomasville Southwest Alabama Medical Center AL US
AL58   Spanish Fort Lower Delta AL US
AL75   Gulf Shores Gulf State Park AL US
AL96   Gulf Shores Bon Secour AL US
DYA   Demopolis Demopolis Municipal AL US
HAB HAB Hamilton Marion County-Rankin Fite AL US
HL2   Stockton Hubbard Landing AL US
M55   Vernon Lamar County AL US
01AR   De Queen Community Hospital of DeQueen AR US
0AR7   Watson Yancopin AR US
0AR8   Nashville Howard Memorial Hospital AR US
1AR7   Hope Medical Park Hospital AR US
24AR   Lundell Griffin Ag AR US
28AR   Charlotte Henley Aerodrome AR US
2AR2   Sage Davidson Field AR US
2AR3   Mountain View Stone County Medical Center AR US
2AR6   Mineral Springs Glenn Winchester AR US
2AR7   Prescott Head Airfield AR US
42A   Melbourne Melbourne Municipal - John E Miller Field AR US
43AR   Newport Haigwood Landing Strip AR US
4AR6   Caddo Gap Williams Ranch AR US
4F7   Prescott Kizer Field AR US
4F8   Stephens Wilson AR US
4M2   Booneville Booneville Municipal AR US
4M9   Corning Corning Municipal AR US
5AR1   Tillar Tillar AR US
5M8   Gurdon Gurdon Lowe Field AR US
6M2   Horseshoe Bend Horseshoe Bend AR US
7M1   McGehee McGehee Municipal AR US
7M6   Paris /Subiaco/ Paris Municipal AR US
7M7   Piggott Piggott Municipal AR US
7M8   Rector Rector AR US
AR19   Paris Wesson-Davis Field AR US
AR20   Walnut Ridge Lawrence Memorial AR US
AR24   Batesville White River Medical Center AR US
AR42   Camden Ouachita County Medical Center AR US
AR53   Pocahontas Five Rivers Medical Center AR US
AR63   McGehee McGehee Desha County Hospital AR US
AR66   Murfreesboro Pike County Hospital AR US
AR70   Warren Bradley County Medical Center AR US
AR73   Piggott Piggott Community Hospital AR US
AR79   Tillar Flying G Ranch AR US
AR85   Monticello Drew Memorial Hospital AR US
AR92   Newport Harris Hospital and Clinic AR US
AR93   Pollard Ark-Mo AR US
ARG ARG Walnut Ridge Walnut Ridge Regional AR US
BVX BVX Batesville Batesville Regional AR US
CDH CDH Camden Harrell Field AR US
CVK CKK Ash Flat Sharp County Regional AR US
DEQ   De Queen J Lynn Helms Sevier County AR US
ELD ELD El Dorado South Arkansas Regional at Goodwin Field AR US
HOT HOT Hot Springs Memorial Field AR US
HRO HRO Harrison Boone County AR US
JBR JBR Jonesboro Jonesboro Municipal AR US
LLQ   Monticello Monticello Municipal/Ellis Field AR US
M18   Hope Hope Municipal AR US
M19   Newport Newport Municipal AR US
M27   Waldron Waldron Municipal AR US
M70   Pocahontas Pocahontas Municipal AR US
M77   Nashville Howard County AR US
MEZ   Mena Mena Intermountain Municipal AR US
PGR PGR Paragould Kirk Field AR US
FAQ   Fitiuta Village Fitiuta AS US
HI36 TAV Tau Village Tau AS US
PPG PPG Pago Pago Pago Pago International AS US
Z08 OFU Ofu Village Ofu AS US
01AZ   Camp Verde YAT AZ US
05AZ   Yuma Yuma Regional Medical Center AZ US
0AZ2   Salome Western Sky Airpark AZ US
0V7 MVM Kayenta Kayenta AZ US
15AZ   Quartzsite Quail Mesa Ranch AZ US
16AZ   Skull Valley Yav'Pe Ma'Ta AZ US
19AZ   Camp Verde Montezuma AZ US
1AZ3   Safford Arizona State Prison - Safford AZ US
1G4 1G4 Peach Springs Grand Canyon West AZ US
21AZ   Show Low White Mountain Lake AZ US
25AZ   Portal Mystery Well Ranch AZ US
26AZ   Aguila Flying Dare's Ranch AZ US
2AZ1   Salome Indian Hills Airpark AZ US
2AZ9   McNeal Tribal Air AZ US
2CA9   Yuma Proving Ground(Yuma) Castle Dome AHP AZ US
33AZ   Camp Wood Yolo Ranch AZ US
38AZ   Kayenta Peabody Bedard Field AZ US
3AZ8   Solomon High Mesa Airpark AZ US
44A   San Luis Rolle Airfield AZ US
48AZ   Rimrock Rimrock AZ US
50AZ   Rocky Ridge Rocky Ridge AZ US
51AZ   Prescott Valley Yavapai Regional Medical Center East AZ US
54AZ   Somerton Somerton AZ US
59AZ   Chino Valley Robin AZ US
5AZ8   Sedona Sedona Medical Campus AZ US
5AZ9   Fort Thomas Regeneration AZ US
60AZ   Wenden Wood's Airstrip AZ US
61AZ   Show Low White Mountain AZ US
62AZ   Bouse Jalapeno Ranch AZ US
6AZ2   Heber Wisky Ranch/Chevlon AZ US
6AZ5   Pearce Ash Creek AZ US
6AZ6   Bisbee Copper Queen Hospital AZ US
72AZ   Prescott Valley Adams Place AZ US
7AZ4   Pearce Rancho Relaxo AZ US
8AZ5   Portal Lizzy Lizard AZ US
AZ00   Dateland Morton Field AZ US
AZ01   Wenden Outback Ranch Airstrip AZ US
AZ06   Dateland Dateland Airfield AZ US
AZ17   Douglas Circle H Ranch AZ US
AZ22   Cottonwood Marcus J Lawrence Medical Center AZ US
AZ40   Salome Sheepy Hollow Ranch AZ US
AZ44   Safford Mount Graham Regional Medical Center AZ US
AZ46   Chino Valley H&H Ranch Airstrip AZ US
AZ70   Prescott Valley Versatile AZ US
AZ75   Show Low Summit Healthcare Regional Medical Center AZ US
AZ82   Overgaard Mogollon Airpark AZ US
AZ86   Coyote Springs Coyote Run AZ US
AZC   Colorado City Colorado City Municipal AZ US
CFT CFT Clifton/Morenci Greenlee County AZ US
D68   Springerville Springerville Municipal AZ US
DGL DGL Douglas Douglas Municipal AZ US
DUG DUG Douglas Bisbee Bisbee Douglas International AZ US
E24 WTR Whiteriver Whiteriver AZ US
E37   Pima Flying J Ranch AZ US
E51 BGT Bagdad Bagdad AZ US
E91   Chinle Chinle Municipal AZ US
IGM IGM Kingman Kingman AZ US
INW INW Winslow Winslow-Lindbergh Regional AZ US
LGF LGF Yuma Proving Ground(Yuma) Laguna AAF (Yuma Proving Ground) AZ US
NYL   Yuma Yuma MCAS/Yuma International AZ US
P01   Ajo Eric Marcus Municipal AZ US
P03   Douglas Cochise College AZ US
P04 BSQ Bisbee Bisbee Municipal AZ US
P10   Polacca Polacca AZ US
P14   Holbrook Holbrook Municipal AZ US
P52 CTW Cottonwood Cottonwood AZ US
PGA PGA Page Page Municipal AZ US
PRC PRC Prescott Ernest A. Love Field AZ US
RQE   Window Rock Window Rock AZ US
SAD SAD Safford Safford Regional AZ US
SEZ SDX Sedona Sedona AZ US
SJN SJN St Johns St Johns Industrial Air Park AZ US
SOW SOW Show Low Show Low Regional AZ US
TYL TYZ Taylor Taylor AZ US
Z95   Cibecue Cibecue AZ US
00CA   Barstow Goldstone /Gts/ CA US
08CL   Jamestown Kistler Ranch CA US
0CL8   Ridgecrest Tera CA US
0O0   Los Banos San Luis Reservoir CA US
0O4   Corning Corning Municipal CA US
0Q5   Shelter Cove Shelter Cove CA US
1O6   Dunsmuir Dunsmuir Municipal-Mott CA US
1Q2   Susanville Spaulding CA US
20CA   Blythe Clayton CA US
22CA   Sausalito Commodore Center CA US
23CN   El Centro Douthitt Strip CA US
2CL4   Redding American Display CA US
2O7   Independence Independence CA US
34CL   Burney Burney Service Center CA US
41CA   Forest Glen Silver Creek Ranch CA US
44CA   Blythe W R Byron CA US
45CL   Zenia Hell'Er High Water CA US
45CN   Groveland Hermitage CA US
49CN   Red Bluff Rancho Tehama CA US
4CL7   Bishop Inyo County Sheriff Search & Rescue CA US
52CN   Paynes Creek Ponderosa Sky Ranch CA US
56CL   Blythe CYR Aviation CA US
5CA9   Kelseyville Konocti - Clear Lake CA US
5Q2   Chester USFS Chester CA US
68CA   Cottonwood Lake California Air Park CA US
6CL2   Eagleville White Pine CA US
6CL9   Jamestown Peoria CA US
72CL   Desert Center Iron Mountain Pumping Plant CA US
76CA   Long Barn Bald Mountain CA US
76CN   El Centro El Centro Regional Medical Center CA US
7CA3   Redding Mercy Medical Center CA US
7CL4   Bridgeport MCMWTC CA US
80CL   Blythe Blythe Service Center CA US
82CL   Fort Bragg Fort Bragg CA US
99CN   Susanville Banner Lassen Medical Center CA US
9CA2   Brawley Pioneers Memorial Hospital CA US
9CA6   Bishop North Valley CA US
9CL3   Likely Likely CA US
A24   Alturas California Pines CA US
A26   Adin Adin CA US
A28   Fort Bidwell Fort Bidwell CA US
AAT   Alturas Alturas Municipal CA US
ACV ACV Arcata/Eureka Arcata CA US
AVX AVX Avalon Catalina CA US
BIH BIH Bishop Eastern Sierra Regional CA US
BLH BLH Blythe Blythe CA US
BWC BWC Brawley Brawley Municipal CA US
BYS BYS Fort Irwin/Barstow Bicycle Lake AAF CA US
C39   Folsom Folsom Lake CA US
CA01   Burney Burney Sheriff's Station CA US
CA04   Cottonwood Flying N Ranch CA US
CA06   Alturas Bates Field CA US
CA27   San Francisco Alcatraz CA US
CA53   Redding Tews Field CA US
CA60   Vina Deer Creek Ranch CA US
CA77   Ridgecrest Ridgecrest Community Hospital CA US
CA97   Santa Barbara Christy Airstrip CA US
CEC CEC Crescent City Jack McNamara Field CA US
CIC CIC Chico Chico Municipal CA US
CL15   Ridgecrest SCE Ridgecrest Service Center CA US
CL88   Alturas Wesinger Ranch CA US
CN01   Fort Bragg Mendocino Coast District Hospital CA US
CN10   Bridgeport Mono County Medical CA US
CN20   Kelseyville Ferndale Resort CA US
CN23   Yermo Harvard CA US
CN26   Belden Rodgers Flat CA US
CN42   Manton Double Creek Ranch CA US
CN46   Redding The McConnell Foundation CA US
CN98   Palo Verde Walter's Camp CA US
CXL CXL Calexico Calexico International CA US
D63   Dinsmore Dinsmore CA US
E20   Napa Lake Berryessa CA US
E45   Groveland Pine Mountain Lake CA US
EKA EKA Eureka Murray Field CA US
F62   Hayfork Hayfork CA US
FOT   Fortuna Rohnerville CA US
H47   Hyampom Hyampom CA US
IPL IPL Imperial Imperial County CA US
L04   Holtville Holtville CA US
L06 DTH Death Valley National Park Furnace Creek CA US
L09   Death Valley National Park Stovepipe Wells CA US
L11   Avalon Pebbly Beach CA US
L72 TRH Trona Trona CA US
MCE MCE Merced Merced Regional//Macready Field CA US
NJK NJK El Centro El Centro NAF CA US
NSI   San Nicolas Island San Nicolas Island NOLF CA US
NUC NUC San Clemente Island San Clemente Island NALF/Frederick Sherman Field CA US
O05   Chester Rogers Field CA US
O06   Oroville Lake Oroville Landing Area CA US
O09   Covelo Round Valley CA US
O16   Garberville Garberville CA US
O19   Eureka Kneeland CA US
O21   Hoopa Hoopa CA US
O22 COA Columbia Columbia CA US
O24   Lee Vining Lee Vining CA US
O26   Lone Pine Lone Pine CA US
O33   Eureka Samoa Field CA US
O37   Orland Haigh Field CA US
O39   Ravendale Ravendale CA US
O54   Weaverville Lonnie Pool Field/Weaverville CA US
O55   Bieber Southard Field CA US
O57   Bridgeport Bryant Field CA US
O59   Cedarville Cedarville CA US
O81   Tulelake Tulelake Municipal CA US
O85   Redding Benton Field CA US
O86   Trinity Center Trinity Center CA US
O89   Fall River Mills Fall River Mills CA US
RBL RBL Red Bluff Red Bluff Municipal CA US
RDD RDD Redding Redding Municipal CA US
S51   Klamath Glen Andy Mc Beth CA US
S74   Stockton Lost Isle CA US
SZN SZN Santa Barbara Santa Cruz Island CA US
T42   Ruth Ruth CA US
02CO   Monte Vista McCullough CO US
04V   Saguache Saguache Municipal CO US
05V   Blanca Blanca CO US
06CO   Branson Jecan CO US
07V   La Veta Cuchara Valley at La Veta CO US
0CD5   Trinidad Pinon Canyon CO US
0CD8   Lamar Prowers Medical Center CO US
0CO9   Monte Vista Van Treese CO US
17V   Haxtun Haxtun Municipal CO US
1CD5   Del Norte Rio Grande Hospital CO US
1V8   Center Leach CO US
23CD   Burlington Aviation Acres CO US
25CO   Red Feather Lakes Crystal Lakes CO US
2CO2   Blanca Las Arenas Earth and Sky Observatory CO US
2V5   Wray Wray Municipal CO US
2V6   Yuma Yuma Municipal CO US
31CO   Wray Whomble CO US
33CO   San Luis Melby Ranch Airstrip CO US
3CO2   Sterling Mertens CO US
3CO3   Sterling Sterling Regional Medical Center CO US
3CO4   Stonewall Tercio Ranch Airstrip CO US
4CO3   Walsh Griffin Field CO US
4V1   Walsenburg Spanish Peaks Airfield CO US
53CO   Two Buttes Rons Field CO US
5CO0   Cheyenne Wells Windy Plains CO US
5CO9   Wray WCDH CO US
5V6   Akron Gebauer CO US
6CO3   La Junta Wine Glass International CO US
72CO   Kirk Idler Bro's CO US
7V8   Julesburg Julesburg Municipal CO US
7V9   Las Animas City of Las Animas - Bent County CO US
8CD0   Yuma Yuma District Hospital CO US
8CO6   La Junta Arkansas Valley Regional Medical Center CO US
8CO8   Yuma Koenig CO US
8V1   Del Norte Astronaut Kent Rominger CO US
8V7   Springfield Springfield Municipal CO US
9CO5   Brandon Scherler Private Airstrip CO US
9V7   Eads Eads Municipal CO US
AKO AKO Akron Colorado Plains Regional CO US
ALS ALS Alamosa San Luis Valley Regional/Bergman Field CO US
CD03   Lamar Tinnes CO US
CD16   Branson Branson CO US
CD36   Egnar Egnar CO US
CD55   Norwood Norwood Junction CO US
CD69   South Fork Morning Shadows Ranch CO US
CEZ CEZ Cortez Cortez Municipal CO US
CO00   Flagler Flagler Aerial Spraying Inc CO US
CO14   Alamosa Alamosa Outpost CO US
CO22   Bethune Hildebrandt CO US
CO64   Trinidad Mount San Rafael CO US
CO73   Hartman Air-Sprayers Nr 2 CO US
CO84   Kirk Idlers Field CO US
CO92   Fort Garland Trinchera Ranch Airstrip CO US
HEQ   Holyoke Holyoke CO US
ITR   Burlington Kit Carson County CO US
K08   Holly Holly CO US
LAA LAA Lamar Lamar Municipal CO US
LHX   La Junta La Junta Municipal CO US
MVI   Monte Vista Monte Vista Municipal CO US
STK STK Sterling Sterling Municipal CO US
TAD TAD Trinidad Perry Stokes CO US
08CT   Winsted Seavair's Landing CT US
CT16   Essex Fetske CT US
CT78   Lyme Lord Creek CT US
CT87   Enfield Bootlegger's CT US
0FA9   Altamonte Springs Paradise Landing FL US
0FD6   Sebastian Fulton FL US
0FL2   Geneva Alligator Drink FL US
0FL5   Belle Isle Lake Conway South FL US
0FL8   Jacksonville Gary Gale FL US
12FL   Orlando Timberlachen FL US
1FL0   Auburndale Garner Landing FL US
1FL5   West Bay West Bay Creek FL US
24FA   Oklawaha Lake Weir FL US
29FA   Fort Myers Caloosa Downtown FL US
34FA   Rockledge Gezik FL US
3FA8   Tavares Searey Central FL US
3FD9   Altamonte Springs Prairie Lake Private Res Sp Mooring Facility FL US
42FL   Marathon Plantation Key FL US
43FD   Kissimmee Cole's FL US
4FD4   Panama City Bay Seaplanes FL US
4FD5   Panama City Grand Lagoon FL US
62FD   Orange Park Doctors Lake FL US
80FA   Kenansville Lake Marian FL US
89FL   Orlando Lake Hiawassee FL US
8FA0   Lakeland Lake Gibson FL US
91FL   Orlando Lake Conway North FL US
98FD   Oviedo Lake Jessup FL US
98FL   Orlando/Buena Vista Sand Lake FL US
9FD0   Lake Wales Sage Seadrome FL US
9FL3   Sebring Lake Josephine FL US
F57   Winter Haven Jack Browns FL US
FA05   Islamorada Holiday Isle FL US
FA1   Tavares Tavares FL US
FA13   Cocoa Treasure Lagoon FL US
FA17   Kissimmee Kissimmee FL US
FA43   Carrabelle Dog Island FL US
FA73   Haines City Oak Harbor FL US
FA78   St Cloud Robinestte FL US
FD12   Kissimmee Toho FL US
FD23   Miami Fisher Island FL US
FD46   Frostproof Goddard Seadrome FL US
FD78   Groveland Kennedy FL US
FD79   Belleview Jordan FL US
FD80   Old Town Manatee FL US
FD98   Winter Springs Ferguson FL US
FL04   Caryville Pate Lake FL US
FL42   Winter Haven King Seaaero FL US
FL55   Sanford Sanford FL US
FL72   Tampa Mezrah FL US
FL90   Fort Myers Salty Approach FL US
X44 MPB Miami Miami FL US
PNI PNI Pohnpei Island Pohnpei International FM US
T11 YAP Yap Island Yap International FM US
TKK TKK Weno Island Chuuk International FM US
TT02   Ulithi (Municipality) Ulithi FM US
TTK   Kosrae Island Kosrae FM US
01GA   Columbus Medical Center GA US
05GA JAO Richland Raju GA US
08GA   Darien Sapelo Island GA US
0GE1   Irwinville Crystal Lake Airpark GA US
12GE   Riceboro Harvest Lake GA US
16J   Dawson Dawson Municipal GA US
1GA1   Columbus Pratt and Whitney Aircraft GA US
1GA7   Americus Phoebe Sumter GA US
1GA8   Nashville South One Ten GA US
1GE4   Fort Valley Beckley Farms GA US
23GE   Dublin Lt Landing GA US
25J   Cuthbert Lower Chattahoochee Regional GA US
2GA3   Pinehurst Wrights Field GA US
2GE2   Fayetteville Georgia Baptist Urgent Care GA US
2GE6   Albany Virgil GA US
3GA8   Soperton Cauley's Airstrip GA US
44GA   Pineview S&S Flying Service GA US
47GA   Pinehurst Everidge GA US
48A   Cochran Cochran GA US
48GA   Dublin Fairview Park Hospital GA US
4GE3   Montrose Whitehall GA US
4J2   Nashville Berrien County GA US
4J8   Soperton Treutlen County GA US
51A   Hawkinsville Hawkinsville-Pulaski County GA US
53A   Montezuma Dr. C P Savage Sr. GA US
5A2   Warner Robins Warner Robins Air Park GA US
5GA6   Lilly Roney Farms GA US
5GE1   Fort Valley Peachtree Landings GA US
63GE   Lumpkin Westbrook GA US
66GA   Blakely Sawyer Farm GA US
72GA   Shellman Bluff Barbour Island GA US
75J   Ashburn Turner County GA US
79GA   Fort Gaines Coates GA US
7A9   Plains Peterson Field GA US
7GA4   Danville Danville Airpark GA US
82A   Buena Vista Marion County GA US
8GA3   Leesburg Leesburg Spraying GA US
94GA   Unadilla Snow Hill Airstrip GA US
9GA3   Dawson Young Field GA US
9GA5   Americus Lowell Field GA US
9GA7   Fitzgerald Fitzgerald Jr Woman's Hospital GA US
ABY ABY Albany Southwest Georgia Regional GA US
ACJ   Americus Jimmy Carter Regional GA US
AJR   Cornelia Habersham County GA US
AMG   Alma Bacon County GA US
AZE   Hazlehurst Hazlehurst GA US
BIJ   Blakely Early County GA US
CKF   Cordele Crisp County-Cordele GA US
CSG CSG Columbus Columbus GA US
DBN DBN Dublin W H 'Bud' Barron GA US
DQH   Douglas Douglas Municipal GA US
EZM   Eastman Heart of Georgia Regional GA US
FZG   Fitzgerald Fitzgerald Municipal GA US
GA17   Byromville Flint River Nursery GA US
GA20   Cumberland Island National Seashore Stafford GA US
GA48   Edison Mclendon GA US
GA63   Byromville Byromville Aerodrome GA US
GA81   Ft Valley Cameron Field GA US
GA99   Fort Valley Miami Valley Farm GA US
GE00   Evans Morris GA US
GE01   Naylor Christians Folly GA US
GE12   Ashburn Richter Airpark GA US
GE14   Ocilla Elite Helicopters GA US
GE26   Dublin Duke Strip 2 GA US
GE27   Byron Smith Field GA US
LSF LSF Fort Benning(Columbus) Lawson AAF (Fort Benning) GA US
MQW MQW McRae Telfair-Wheeler GA US
PXE   Perry Perry-Houston County GA US
SYV SYV Sylvester Sylvester GA US
TMA TMA Tifton Henry Tift Myers GA US
VAD VAD Valdosta Moody AFB GA US
WRB WRB Warner Robins Robins AFB GA US
HFS   Tern Island French Frigate Shoals HI US
MUE MUE Kamuela Waimea-Kohala HI US
0F3 RTL Spirit Lake Spirit Lake Municipal IA US
0K7 HUD Humboldt Humboldt Municipal IA US
1IA3   Spencer Spencer Municipal Hospital IA US
27IA   Keosauqua Oldfield Aero IA US
2IA9   Crystal Lake South 80 Field IA US
3IA8   Keokuk KAH IA US
4C7   Ackley Ackley Municipal IA US
4D8   Milford Fuller IA US
4IA5   Clarion Wright Medical Center IA US
4K6   Bloomfield Bloomfield Municipal IA US
5IA2   Sioux City Marian Health Center Nr 2 IA US
5IA4   Sioux City Marian Health Center Nr 3 IA US
5IA6   Renwick Flying S Ranch IA US
63IA   Bloomfield Davis County Hospital IA US
6IA1   Sac City Loring Hospital IA US
6IA3   Sioux City Saint Luke's Medical Center IA US
6K9   Keosauqua Keosauqua Municipal IA US
AXA AXG Algona Algona Municipal IA US
CAV   Clarion Clarion Municipal IA US
CKP   Cherokee Cherokee County Regional IA US
EAG   Eagle Grove Eagle Grove Municipal IA US
EGQ   Emmetsburg Emmetsburg Municipal IA US
EOK EOK Keokuk Keokuk Municipal IA US
EST EST Estherville Estherville Municipal IA US
HPT HPT Hampton Hampton Municipal IA US
IA31   Hampton Beeds Lake IA US
IA59   Keokuk Bickel IA US
IA79   Emmetsburg Palo Alto County Hospital IA US
IA83   Livermore Kohlhaas IA US
IA84   Lawton Lawton IA US
IA90   Humboldt Humboldt County Memorial Hospital IA US
IA99   Spirit Lake Dickinson County Memorial Hospital IA US
K98   Allison Allison Municipal IA US
OTM OTM Ottumwa Ottumwa Regional IA US
POH POH Pocahontas Pocahontas Municipal IA US
SKI   Sac City Sac City Municipal IA US
SLB SLB Storm Lake Storm Lake Municipal IA US
SPW SPW Spencer Spencer Municipal IA US
SUX SUX Sioux City Sioux Gateway/Col. Bud Day Field IA US
Y48   Belmond Belmond Municipal IA US
02ID   Cascade Morgan Ranch ID US
03ID   Council Flying Y Ranch ID US
05ID   Grangeville Running Creek Ranch ID US
09ID   Moscow Taylor Ranch Landing Area ID US
0ID1   Filer Ziggy's ID US
0ID2   May Flying Joseph Ranch ID US
0ID4   Shoshone Black Butte Ranch ID US
0ID6   Salmon Steele Memorial ID US
0ID8   Grangeville Pinnacle ID US
0S5   Nezperce Nez Perce Municipal ID US
0U0   Landmark Landmark USFS ID US
0U2   Mackay Copper Basin ID US
0U3   Mahoney Creek Mahoney Creek USFS ID US
0U8   May May ID US
10ID   Muldoon Flat Top Airstrip ID US
12ID   Salmon Flying B Ranch Landing Strip ID US
13ID   Stanley Silva Ranch ID US
16ID   Montpelier Bear Lake Memorial Hospital Helipad ID US
1ID5   Ketchum St Luke's Wood River Medical Center ID US
1ID6   Kimberly Sligars Landing ID US
1ID7   Eden Fairbanks Airfield ID US
1ID8   Gooding Gooding County Memorial Hospital ID US
1S1   Porthill Eckhart International ID US
1S7   Slate Creek Slate Creek ID US
1U4   New Meadows New Meadows ID US
1U6   Oakley Oakley Municipal ID US
1U7   Paris Bear Lake County ID US
21ID   Nordman Phillabaum ID US
24K   McCall Krassel USFS ID US
2ID2   Mackay Linda's Roost ID US
2ID5   McCall Splan ID US
2ID9   Jerome St. Benedicts Helipad ID US
2U7   Stanley Stanley ID US
2U8   Stanley Thomas Creek ID US
34ID   Cavendish Freeman Creek ID US
37ID   Grangeville Hungry Ridge Ranch ID US
3ID2   Weippe The Last Resort ID US
3U0   Three Creek Murphy Hot Springs ID US
3U1   Warren Warren /USFS/ ID US
3U2   Yellow Pine Johnson Creek ID US
44ID   Donnelly Boulder Creek Airstrip ID US
54ID   New Meadows Michaels Landing ID US
54U   Big Creek Big Creek ID US
65S   Bonners Ferry Boundary County ID US
66ID   Grangeville Wind Ridge ID US
75C   Orogrande Orogrande ID US
78U   Lewiston Snake River ID US
79ID   Kooskia Clear Creek Int ID US
80ID   Twin Falls St. Luke's Magic Valley ID US
84ID   Twin Falls Shetler's ID US
85U   Soldier Bar Soldier Bar USFS ID US
8ID8   Salmon Lewis and Clark Airstrip ID US
93ID   Riggins Salmon River Helicopters ID US
99ID   Challis CAHC Emergency ID US
9ID6   Elk City Mallard Creek Ranch ID US
A05   Dixie Dixie USFS ID US
BYI BYI Burley Burley Municipal ID US
C48   Dixie Wilson Bar USFS ID US
C53   Challis Lower Loon Creek ID US
D28   Cavanaugh Bay Tanglefoot ID US
GIC   Grangeville Idaho County ID US
GNG GNG Gooding Gooding Municipal ID US
I08   Big Creek Ranger Station Cabin Creek USFS ID US
I92   Yellow Pine Reed Ranch ID US
ID08   McCall St. Luke's McCall ID US
ID16   Bellevue Sluder Airstrip ID US
ID17   Council Seven Devils ID US
ID28   Dixie Mackay Bar ID US
ID29   Orofino Big Island ID US
ID30   Ketchum Everett II ID US
ID33   Clarkia Stocking Meadows ID US
ID37   Lewiston St Joseph's Regional Medical Center ID US
ID41   Yellow Pine Stibnite ID US
ID46   Ahsahka Dworshak ID US
ID53   Rupert Minidoka Memorial Hospital ID US
ID54   Sandpoint Bottle Bay ID US
ID56   Mackay Star 'S' Ranch ID US
ID59   Lake Fork Flying A Ranch ID US
ID66   Orofino Clearwater Valley Hospital ID US
ID69   Sun Valley Sun Valley Gun Club ID US
ID70   Ketchum/Sun Valley Gulch Trust ID US
ID74   Cascade Sulphur Creek Ranch ID US
ID77   Cambridge Cuddy Meadows ID US
ID82   Picabo Picabo ID US
ID84   Headquarters Cptpa Headquarters ID US
ID85   Elk River Elk River ID US
ID96   Donnelly Bear Air ID US
ID98   Coeur d'Alene Scanlon ID US
JER   Jerome Jerome County ID US
LLJ CHL Challis Challis ID US
LWS LWS Lewiston Lewiston-Nez Perce County ID US
MLD MLD Malad City Malad City ID US
MYL MYL McCall McCall Municipal ID US
S68   Orofino Orofino Municipal ID US
S73   Kamiah Kamiah Municipal ID US
S76   Coeur d'Alene Brooks ID US
S81   Indian Creek Indian Creek USFS ID US
S82   Kooskia Kooskia Municipal ID US
S84   Cottonwood Cottonwood Municipal ID US
S89   Craigmont Craigmont Municipal ID US
S90   Elk City Elk City ID US
S96   Glengary Lake Pend Oreille ID US
SMN SMN Salmon Lemhi County ID US
SUN SUN Hailey Friedman Memorial ID US
TWF TWF Twin Falls Joslin Field - Magic Valley Regional ID US
U00   Leadore Leadore ID US
U03   Buhl Buhl Municipal ID US
U10   Preston Preston ID US
U53   Lake/Island Park/ Henry's Lake ID US
U54   Bernard Bernard USFS ID US
U58   Downey Downey/Hyde Memorial/ ID US
U60   Big Creek Big Creek ID US
U61   Ketchum Twin Bridges ID US
U62   Mackay Mackay ID US
U65   Carey Carey ID US
U72   Challis Upper Loon Creek USFS ID US
U79   Chamberlain Guard Station Chamberlain USFS ID US
U81   Cold Meadows Guard Station Cold Meadows USFS ID US
U82   Council Council Municipal ID US
U84   Donnelly Donald D. Coski Memorial ID US
U91   Grasmere Grasmere ID US
U93   Hailey Magic Reservoir ID US
U94   Hazelton Hazelton Municipal ID US
U99   Kimama Laidlaw Corrals ID US
08IS   Du Quoin Hemmer RLA IL US
0IS6   Dongola Dongola IL US
0IS8   Quincy Blessing Hospital IL US
11IS   Effingham St Anthony Memorial Hospital IL US
12LL   Wolf Lake Lambdins Field IL US
14IS   Du Quoin Marshall Browning Hospital IL US
16IS   Goreville Kellums IL US
1H2   Effingham Effingham County Memorial IL US
1H8   Casey Casey Municipal IL US
21IL   Mattoon Sarah Bush Lincoln Health Center IL US
2T2   Watson Percival Springs IL US
31IL   Tamms Tamms Correctional Center IL US
32IL   Tamms Village of Tamms IL US
39LL   Hamilton Sullivan IL US
3IS9   Grand Tower Grand Tower IL US
4IL4   St Elmo Kuebler RLA IL US
4IL8   Murphysboro Rendleman IL US
4IS0   Anna Joan Graves Edwards IL US
4IS1   Carthage Plain Crazy IL US
55IS   Grandview Glatthaar IL US
58IS   Marion VA Medical Center IL US
5IL0   Herrin Herrin Hospital IL US
5IL6   Marion Heartland Regional Medical Center IL US
5IS1   Carbondale Memorial Hospital of Carbondale IL US
6IL5   Dongola Keil IL US
6LL0   Neoga Williamson IL US
6LL1   Neoga Cumberland Air Park RLA IL US
77IL   Effingham Arch - Effingham IL US
88IS   Quincy Blickhan Landing Area IL US
8IL7   McHenry Dutch Creek IL US
8IL9   Hennepin Little Sister IL US
92IL   Cairo Hunter Raffety Elevators Inc IL US
94IS   Royalton Adams Private IL US
95IS   Warsaw Jan Knipe IL US
9LL0   Payson Krutmeier IL US
9LL3   Ashmore John R Reed IL US
CIR CIR Cairo Cairo Regional IL US
I04   Moline Quad-City IL US
IL16   Cobden Houseman IL US
IL19   Ullin Shawnee Community College IL US
IL61   Grantsburg Vienna Correctional Center IL US
IL71   Hurst Dury Estates IL US
IS03   Fox Lake Fox Lake IL US
IS13   Dudley Bussart IL US
IS23   South Elgin Turner IL US
IS38   Murphysboro St Joseph Memorial Hospital IL US
IS48   Ullin Il State Police District 22 IL US
IS51   Carthage Schilson Field IL US
IS79   Crystal Lake Jackson IL US
IS99   Wolf Lake Ware-Wolf Lake IL US
LL29   Pana Pana Community Hospital IL US
M30   Metropolis Metropolis Municipal IL US
MDH MDH Carbondale/Murphysboro Southern Illinois IL US
MTO MTO Mattoon/Charleston Coles County Memorial IL US
MWA MWA Marion Williamson County Regional IL US
SQI SQI Sterling/Rockfalls Whiteside County-Jos H Bittorf Field IL US
UIN UIN Quincy Quincy Regional-Baldwin Field IL US
01B   Warsaw Tippecanoe IN US
01D   Syracuse Lake Wawasee IN US
01E   Angola Lake James IN US
01F   Hamilton Hamilton Lake IN US
01H   Culver Lake Maxinkuckee IN US
01L   Winona Bass Lake IN US
02D   Winona Lake Winona Lake IN US
04IN   Angola Lake Gage IN US
06I   French Lick Patoka Reservoir Landing Area IN US
07I   Bloomington Lake Monroe IN US
12I   Brookville Brookville Reservoir IN US
43I   Peru Mississinewa Reservoir Landing Area IN US
57P   Clear Lake Clear Lake IN US
C67   Angola Lake Pleasant IN US
II26   Remington Ashby IN US
IN59   Newburgh Jerry W. Humphrey IN US
Q58   Angola Crooked Lake IN US
08KS   Bennington Alderson KS US
0H1   Wakeeney Trego Wakeeney KS US
0KS0   Osage City J V Ranch KS US
0KS8   Parsons Pearce Field KS US
0P1   Prairie View Van Pak KS US
15KS   Emporia Sickler Airstrip KS US
18K   Fowler Fowler KS US
19KS   Chanute Schultz Field KS US
19S   Sublette Sublette Municipal KS US
1F5   Hoxie Hoxie-Sheridan County KS US
1K6   Ellinwood Ellinwood Municipal KS US
1K7   Fredonia Fredonia KS US
1K9   Satanta Satanta Municipal KS US
1KS3   Riley Leo's Place KS US
1KS4   Enterprise Prichard Airstrip KS US
1KS6   Salina Silers Plane Valley KS US
1KS7   Satanta Hitch Feeders II Inc. KS US
1KS8   Scott City Buehler KS US
25KS   Kirwin Wyrill Farming KS US
27KS   Goodland Bellamy Farm KS US
2K7   Neodesha Neodesha Municipal KS US
2KS3   Wilson Wilson KS US
2KS5   Plains City Plains Municipal KS US
2KS8   Sylvan Grove Vonada KS US
30K   Ingalls Ingalls Municipal KS US
32KS   Healy Wilkens KS US
33K   Kinsley Kinsley Municipal KS US
36K   Lakin Lakin KS US
36KS   Galesburg White Farms KS US
38K   Lucas Lucas KS US
3JC   Junction City Freeman Field KS US
3K3   Syracuse Syracuse-Hamilton County Municipal KS US
3K7   Leoti Mark Hoard Memorial KS US
3K8   Coldwater Comanche County KS US
3KS4   Ulysses Eveleigh Farms KS US
3KS6   Manhattan Mercy Regional Health Center KS US
3KS8   Altamont Reed-Wilsonton KS US
43KS   Manhattan Smith KS US
45K   Minneapolis Minneapolis City County KS US
48K   Ness City Ness City Municipal KS US
49KS   Manhattan N & N KS US
4KS6   Hartford Thomsen Field KS US
4KS8   Bird City Bursch Private KS US
55KS   Tipton Ringneck Ranch KS US
57K   Pleasanton Gilmore KS US
58KS   Salina Burger's Valley KS US
5K0   Bird City Bressler Field KS US
5K2   Tribune Tribune Municipal KS US
5KS4   Kanorado Hall Farms KS US
5KS8   McDonald Jack Poore KS US
5KS9   McDonald Black KS US
62K   Seneca Seneca Municipal KS US
65KS   Downs Griffith Field KS US
67KS   Montezuma Montezuma Coop KS US
69K   Wamego Wamego Municipal KS US
6KS0   Belleville Republic County Hospital KS US
6KS1   Quinter Quinter Air Strip KS US
6KS2   Selden Stevenson Private KS US
6KS4   Sharon Springs Bussen KS US
6KS8   Emporia Mary's Place KS US
73KS   Hays Philip Ranch KS US
74KS   Moran Ensminger KS US
75KS   Minneola Esplund Farm KS US
7KS5   Humboldt Croisant KS US
7KS8   Oberlin Shaw Aerial Spraying KS US
82KS   Mapleton Greg Post Farms KS US
83KS   Wamego Miller Aeroplane Field KS US
86KS   Gove Coberly KS US
87KS   Holyrood Holyrood Municipal KS US
89KS   Chanute Neosho Memorial Regional Hospital KS US
8K0   Bucklin Bucklin KS US
8K8   Cimarron Cimarron Municipal KS US
8KS0   Ulysses Morgan Farms KS US
8KS4   Hays Rans KS US
8KS5   Parsons Blue Sky KS US
8KS8   Chapman Prairie Cottage KS US
94KS   Macksville Smith Field KS US
98KS   Montezuma Rexford KS US
9K7   Ellsworth Ellsworth Municipal KS US
9KS4   Ionia Rose Pork Inc KS US
9KS6   Gove Lundgren Angus Ranch KS US
9KS7   Harris Miller KS US
ADT ADT Atwood Atwood-Rawlins County City-County KS US
CBK CBK Colby Shalz Field KS US
CNK CNK Concordia Blosser Municipal KS US
CNU CNU Chanute Chanute Martin Johnson KS US
CYW   Clay Center Clay Center Municipal KS US
DDC DDC Dodge City Dodge City Regional KS US
EHA   Elkhart Elkhart-Morton County KS US
EMP EMP Emporia Emporia Municipal KS US
FOE FOE Topeka Forbes Field KS US
FRI FRI Fort Riley(Junction City) Marshall AAF KS US
FSK FSK Fort Scott Fort Scott Municipal KS US
GBD GBD Great Bend Great Bend Municipal KS US
GCK GCK Garden City Garden City Regional KS US
GLD GLD Goodland Renner Field /Goodland Municipal/ KS US
HLC HLC Hill City Hill City Municipal KS US
HQG   Hugoton Hugoton Municipal KS US
HRU   Herington Herington Regional KS US
HYS HYS Hays Hays Regional KS US
JHN   Johnson Stanton County Municipal KS US
K17   Montezuma Montezuma Municipal KS US
K38   Washington Washington County Memorial KS US
K58   Ashland Harold Krier Field KS US
K61   Beloit Moritz Memorial KS US
K63   Council Grove Council Grove Municipal KS US
K65   Dighton Dighton KS US
K71   Lincoln Lincoln Municipal KS US
K75   Osborne Osborne Municipal KS US
K78   Abilene Abilene Municipal KS US
K79   Jetmore Jetmore Municipal KS US
K82   Smith Center Smith Center Municipal KS US
K88   Iola Allen County KS US
K94   La Crosse Rush County KS US
LBL LBL Liberal Liberal Mid-America Regional KS US
LQR   Larned Larned-Pawnee County KS US
MEJ MEJ Meade Meade Municipal KS US
MHK MHK Manhattan Manhattan Regional KS US
NRN   Norton Norton Municipal KS US
OEL   Oakley Oakley Municipal KS US
OIN   Oberlin Oberlin Municipal KS US
PHG   Phillipsburg Phillipsburg Municipal KS US
PPF PPF Parsons Tri-City KS US
RCP   Stockton Rooks County Regional KS US
RPB   Belleville Belleville Municipal KS US
RSL RSL Russell Russell Municipal KS US
SLN SLN Salina Salina Regional KS US
SN00   Salina Jen Bird Air Park KS US
SN03   Lenora Lenora Municipal KS US
SN04   Emporia Roberts Memorial KS US
SN12   Meade Jenkinson KS US
SN25   Big Bow Lucas KS US
SN28   Brookville Belcher KS US
SN29   Burdett Rucker Burdett KS US
SN33   Clay Center Callaway Airpark KS US
SN41   Girard Ziggy Carline KS US
SN47   Eskridge Converse Farm KS US
SN49   Randall McCollough Airfield KS US
SN55   Friend R J C Farms Inc KS US
SN56   Fort Scott Mercy Hospital KS US
SN63   Haviland Gail Ballard KS US
SN67   Great Bend Button KS US
SN69   Hammond Emmerson KS US
SN72   Harris Graham Farms KS US
SN73   Salina Salina Regional Health Center KS US
SN74   Hays Hays Medical Center KS US
SN77   Johnson Johns KS US
SN80   Girard Girard District Hospital KS US
SN92   Manhattan Sunshine Ranch KS US
SN93   Miller Dickson /Private/ KS US
SN94   Minneola Amy KS US
SN97   Moscow Brollier KS US
SN98   Satanta Anton Flying Uv KS US
SN99   Olsburg Laflin Ranch KS US
SYF   St. Francis Cheyenne County Municipal KS US
TKO   Mankato Mankato KS US
TQK   Scott City Scott City Municipal KS US
UKL   Burlington Coffey County KS US
ULS   Ulysses Ulysses KS US
01KY   Paducah Lourdes Hospital KY US
0KY4   Jamestown Russell County Ambulance Service KY US
0KY7   Clinton Clinton-Hickman County KY US
0KY8   Manchester Sky KY US
18KY   Benton Marshall County Hospital KY US
1M7   Fulton Fulton KY US
1M9   Cadiz Lake Barkley State Park KY US
25KY   Paducah Western Baptist Hospital KY US
28KY   Murray Brandon Airdrome KY US
30KY   Monticello Wayne County Hospital KY US
42KY   Benton Pirates Cove KY US
44KY   Chavies Duff KY US
45KY   Albany Clinton County Hospital KY US
4KY0   Hardin J & C Antique Airfield KY US
54KY   Murray Turner Field KY US
55KY   Murray Hutson KY US
5KY2   Bardwell Larkins Farm KY US
5KY5   Cadiz Lowe KY US
5KY7   Albany Dale Hollow Regional (Petro Field) KY US
6KY7   Hickman Alexander Field KY US
74KY   Cunningham Terry Field KY US
7KY0   Murray Murray Calloway County Hospital KY US
7KY6   Albany Grider Hilldock - Dillon KY US
8KY4   Burkesville Cumberland County Hospital KY US
8KY8   Fulton Parkway Regional Hospital KY US
CEY CEY Murray Kyle-Oakley Field KY US
CPF   Hazard Wendell H Ford KY US
EKQ   Monticello Wayne County KY US
I96   Columbia Columbia-Adair Company KY US
K24   Jamestown Russell County KY US
M25   Mayfield Mayfield Graves County KY US
M34   Gilbertsville Kentucky Dam State Park KY US
PAH PAH Paducah Barkley Regional KY US
0LA0   Hackberry West Hackberry LA US
11LA   Venice Tiger Pass LA US
12LA   Sulphur KML LA US
13LA   Cameron Evergreen LA US
1LS5   Cameron Cameron Airstrip LA US
23LS   Cameron Midstream Cameron East LA US
24LA   Cameron Era Helicopters Cameron Base LA US
24LS   Cameron Midstream Cameron West LA US
25LS   Creole Rotorcraft Leasing Co LLC Dba Rlc LA US
29LS   Lake Charles L Auberge Du Lac Hotel LA US
30LA   Venice Venice Base Heliport & SPB LA US
32LA   Cameron A B Dock Services LA US
4LA0   Port Sulphur Port Sulphur LA US
5LA6   Venice E-8 Tank Battery LA US
5R8   DeQuincy DeQuincy Industrial Airpark LA US
72LA   Sulphur Sulphur Mines LA US
75LA   Johnson Bayou Station 44 LA US
7LA5   Cameron Petroleum Helicopters Cameron LA US
7LA7   Venice Romere Pass LA US
81LA   Cameron Mobil Cameron LA US
8LA1   Venice Chevron USA Inc. LA US
8LA5   Venice Chevron Southpass Tank Battery W-2 LA US
GNI   Grand Isle Grand Isle LA US
LA38   Slidell Pelican LA US
LA64   Amelia Bayou Boeuf LA US
LA78   Cameron CAGC Dock LA US
LA98   Venice West Bay LA US
LS10   Westlake Reynolds LA US
LS37   Sulphur West Calcasieu Cameron Hospital LA US
LS75   Cameron Cameron Shore Base LA US
UXL   Sulphur Southland Field LA US
ACK ACK Nantucket Memorial Nantucket MA US
02MA   Gosnold Cuttyhunk MA US
10MA   Ware Beaver Lake MA US
15MA   Gosnold Canapitsit MA US
19MA   Nantucket Waine MA US
1B2   Edgartown Katama Airpark MA US
27MA   Berkley Wamsetto MA US
2MA7   North Attleborough Falls Pond MA US
5MA8   Southwick South Pond MA US
6MA0   Amesbury Lake Gardner MA US
6MA8   New Bedford Acushnet River MA US
6MA9   Cuttyhunk Cuttyhunk Harbor MA US
7MA2   East Freetown Craig Cove MA US
MA12   Marstons Mills Marston Mills MA US
MA25   Brewster Long Pond MA US
MA40   Gardner Diesel Dogs MA US
MA44   Oak Bluffs Trade Wind MA US
MA55   Muskeget Island Muskeget Island MA US
MA6   Halifax Monponsett Pond MA US
MA65   Rochester Island Air Service MA US
MA72   Tuckernuck Island Tuckernuck MA US
MA74   Tyngsboro Larson's MA US
MA78   Plymouth Russell Mill Pond MA US
MVY MVY Vineyard Haven Marthas Vineyard MA US
01MD   Annapolis Annapolis MD US
1W3   Cumberland Mexico Farms MD US
23MD   Chestertown Breezecroft MD US
2G4 OBT Oakland Garrett County MD US
2MD0   Marion Anderson Farm MD US
2MD4   Salisbury Ennis Aerodrome MD US
2MD8   Oakland Greater Gortner MD US
3MD2   Oakland Garrett County Memorial Hospital MD US
42MD   Oakland Herrington Field MD US
48MD   Princess Anne Le Champ MD US
4MD1   Berlin Bunting's Field MD US
4MD2   Oakland Ward's MD US
4MD3   Bishopville Carey Field MD US
5MD5   Princess Anne Flying W MD US
5MD7   Princess Anne Bluemel Field MD US
6MD8   Pittsville Delmarvair MD US
7MD7   Pocomoke Boomers Field MD US
CBE CBE Cumberland Heights Greater Cumberland Regional MD US
M06   Havre de Grace Havre de Grace MD US
MD00   Pocomoke City Fair's MD US
MD49   Salisbury Peninsula Regional Medical Center MD US
MD57   Pocomoke City Beverly MD US
MD65   Cumberland Western Maryland Health System MD US
MD81   Edgewater South River MD US
OXB OCE Ocean City Ocean City Municipal MD US
SBY SBY Salisbury Salisbury-Ocean City Wicomico Regional MD US
01ME   Portage Lake Saint Peter's ME US
03M   East Winthrop Lakeside Marina ME US
05B   Van Buren Van Buren ME US
06B   Bangor Lucky Landing Marina and SPB ME US
0ME7   North Windham Sebago Lake Basin ME US
13ME   Rockwood Socatean Bay ME US
17ME   Van Buren Bresett's Mountainside ME US
1ME   Chesuncook Chesuncook Lake House ME US
21M   Greenville Junction Currier's ME US
29ME   China Teconnet ME US
35ME   Matinicus Island Matinicus Island ME US
39B   Chesuncook Nugent Chamberlain Lake ME US
3ME7   Peru Destiny Cove ME US
3ME8   Naples Mast Cove ME US
4ME4   Fryeburg Lovewell Pond ME US
52B   Greenville Greenville ME US
57B   Islesboro Islesboro ME US
59B   Jackman Newton Field ME US
5ME   Naples Brandy Pond ME US
60B   Jackman Moose River ME US
65B   Lubec Lubec Municipal ME US
68JY   Denmark Hancock Pond ME US
70B   Millinocket Millinocket ME US
70ME   Lyman (Town of) Swn Pond Splash in Go ME US
74ME   New Castle Labrador Landing ME US
75B   Mount Vernon Seven G S ME US
76B   Naples Long Lake ME US
77ME   North Livermore Long Pond ME US
78B   Norcross/Millinocket/ Buckhorn Camps ME US
83B   Presque Isle Northern Maine Regional ME US
85B   Patten Shin Pond ME US
87B   Portage Lake Portage Lake Municipal ME US
8B0   Rangeley Steven A. Bean Municipal ME US
92B   Sinclair Long Lake ME US
AUG AUG Augusta Augusta State ME US
BHB BHB Bar Harbor Hancock County-Bar Harbor ME US
CAR CAR Caribou Caribou Municipal ME US
EPM   Eastport Eastport Municipal ME US
FVE WFK Frenchville Northern Aroostook Regional ME US
HUL HUL Houlton Houlton International ME US
M00   Augusta Augusta ME US
M57   Rangeley Rangeley Lake ME US
ME00   Fort Fairfield Fort Fairfield ME US
ME01   East Raymond Crescent Lake ME US
ME04   Clayton Lake Ilco Landing Area ME US
ME05   Portage Allen St Peter Memorial ME US
ME07   Bar Harbor Acadian ME US
ME09   Raymond Panther Pond ME US
ME11   Hartford Cooper ME US
ME12   Livermore Brettuns Pond ME US
ME16 LIZ Limestone Loring International ME US
ME18   Chesuncook Chesuncook Forestry District ME US
ME19   Clayton Lake Clayton Lake Strip ME US
ME25   Fort Kent Sunrise Farms ME US
ME27   Glenburn Double A ME US
ME28   Cumberland Forest Lake ME US
ME3   Ashland Bradford Camps ME US
ME30   Greenville Greenville Forestry ME US
ME40   Mars Hill Mars Hill ME US
ME41   North Haven Witherspoons Landing Strip, Inc. ME US
ME5   Swans Island Banks ME US
ME51   Standish Douglass ME US
ME55   Vinalhaven Vinalhaven ME US
ME57   North Berwick Bauneg Beg ME US
ME67   Van Buren Morrill Airpark ME US
ME71   Weld Webb Lake ME US
ME72   Pittston Farm Seboomook Forestry District Headquarters ME US
ME80   Gray Dry Pond ME US
ME85   Dover-Foxcroft Riverside ME US
ME86   Ashland Libby Camps ME US
ME88   Perry Morrison's ME US
ME90   Waterboro Center Little Ossipee Lake ME US
PQI PQI Presque Isle Northern Maine Regional Airport at Presque Isle ME US
RKD RKD Rockland Knox County Regional ME US
03N   Utirik Island Utirik MH US
1Q9 MIJ Mili Island Mili MH US
3N0 NDK Namorik Atoll Namorik MH US
3N1   Taora Is Maloelap Atoll Maloelap MH US
KWA KWA Kwajalein Bucholz AAF(Kwajalein Kmr)(Atol) MH US
MAJ MAJ Majuro Atoll Marshall Islands International MH US
N18 TIC Arno Atoll Tinak MH US
N20   Arno Atoll Ine MH US
N36   Wotje Atoll Wotje MH US
N55   Jabor Jaluit Atoll Jaluit MH US
PKMA   Enewetak Enewetak Aux AF MH US
Q30   Mejit Atoll Mejit MH US
Q51   Kili Island Kili MH US
ROI   Roi Namur Dyess AAF MH US
0MI4   Gwinn Lesterson Field MI US
0MI6   Hulbert Young's MI US
1MI0   Drummond Island Ashman Island MI US
1MI1   Mass Nikkila Farms MI US
1MI8   Hubbard Vlachos Acres MI US
1MI9   Marquette Southfork MI US
2M7   Cheboygan Hoffman's Black Mountain Aerodrome MI US
2P4   Baraga Baraga MI US
39MI   Crystal Falls Huber MI US
3L7   Lincoln Milwrick Flying M MI US
3MI2   Northport South Fox Island MI US
3MI9   Rapid River Ness Landing MI US
43MI   Gladstone West Gladstone MI US
45MI   Barbeau Franklin's MI US
50D   Crystal Falls Iron County MI US
50MI   Greenville Burgess Lake MI US
51MI   Pontiac Cass Lake-Cove Island MI US
53M   Alpena Silver City Airpark MI US
5Y0   Harrisville Harrisville MI US
5Y1   Hessel Albert J Lindberg MI US
5Y7   Munising Hanley Field MI US
6Y1   Bois Blanc Island Bois Blanc Island MI US
6Y8   Beaver Island Welke MI US
6Y9   Sidnaw Prickett-Grooms Field MI US
72MI   Watersmeet Northwoods MI US
79MI   Chassell Pike River Landing MI US
83D   St. Ignace Mackinac County MI US
8MI7   Steuben Bass Lake MI US
ANJ INR Sault Ste. Marie Sault Ste Marie Municipal/Sanderson Field MI US
APN APN Alpena Alpena County Regional MI US
CIU CIU Sault Ste. Marie Chippewa County International MI US
CMX CMX Hancock Houghton County Memorial MI US
D22   Drummond Island Yacht Haven MI US
DRM   Drummond Island Drummond Island MI US
ERY   Newberry Luce County MI US
ESC ESC Escanaba Delta County MI US
HD6   Harsens Island Harsens Island MI US
IMT IMT Iron Mountain Kingsford Ford MI US
ISQ ISQ Manistique Schoolcraft County MI US
IWD IWD Ironwood Gogebic-Iron County MI US
M61   Ishpeming Edward F Johnson MI US
MBL MBL Manistee Manistee County-Blacker MI US
MCD MCD Mackinac Island Mackinac Island MI US
MI03   Curtis Read MI US
MI16   Ironwood Grand View Health System Campus MI US
MI92   Iron Mountain Lilienthal MI US
MI98   Fibre Dowd Field MI US
OGM   Ontonagon Ontonagon County - Schuster Field MI US
PZQ   Rogers City Presque Isle County MI US
SAW SAW Marquette Sawyer International MI US
SJX   Beaver Island Beaver Island MI US
SLH   Cheboygan Cheboygan County MI US
Y73   Iron River Stambaugh MI US
Y95   Hillman Hillman MI US
Y96   Onaway Leo E. Goetz County MI US
Y98   Grand Marais Grand Marais MI US
Z92   Harsens Island Harsens Island MI US
01MN   Cook Barnes MN US
04MN   Kelliher Helblad MN US
05Y   Henning Henning Municipal MN US
06Y   Herman Herman Municipal MN US
08MN   Chisholm/Hibbing Christenson Point MN US
09I   International Falls International Falls MN US
09Y   Inver Grove Hgts Wipline MN US
0G5   Grand Marais Grand Marais/Cook County MN US
0MN0   St. Paul Park Winner's Landing MN US
0MN2   Sandstone Grindstone Lake MN US
0MN3   Jenkins Lower Hay Lake MN US
0MN4   Nisswa Paul's MN US
10MN   Ironton Lookout Lake MN US
13Y   Littlefork Littlefork Municipal/Hanover MN US
14Y   Long Prairie Todd Field MN US
18MN   Motley Hines Farm MN US
1MN2   Akeley Hay Acres MN US
1MN3   Bigfork Northern Itasca Health Care Center MN US
1MN7   Crosby Cuyuna Regional Medical Center MN US
1MN9   Jackson Jackson Medical Center MN US
21MN   Orono/Lake Minnetonka Amundson MN US
22MN   Plymouth Eastmans Medicine Lake MN US
22Y   Motley Morey's MN US
23Y   Murdock Murdock Municipal MN US
24MN   Garden City Bergemann MN US
25MN   Deerwood Shirt Lake MN US
2MN1   Gluek Winter Strip MN US
2MN3   Montevideo Chippewa County Hospital MN US
2MN7   North Prairie Fussy MN US
2MY2   Amboy Zarn MN US
31MN   Minneapolis Peterson MN US
38MN   Bemidji Chandler Personal Use MN US
3MN0   Annandale Shadduck MN US
40MN   Bingham Lake Turner Field MN US
43Y   Northome Northome Municipal MN US
48Y   Pinecreek Piney Pinecreek Border MN US
4MN5   Graceville Kapaun-Wilson Field MN US
4MN7   Amboy Burk MN US
4MN8   Pequot Lakes Myers Field MN US
4MN9   Menahga Huntersville Field MN US
50MN   Ortonville Ortonville Hospital MN US
52Y   Remer Remer Municipal MN US
56MN   Morton Lothert's Farm Strip MN US
57MN   Ray Namakan MN US
58MN   Warroad Northwest Angle MN US
59MN   Roosevelt Cox-Coyour Memorial Air Field MN US
5C3   Nary Nary National-Shefland Field MN US
5MN6   Grand Papids Northbound MN US
5MN7   Deerwood Lindey's Landing MN US
5MN8   Dumont Rick Mathias Private MN US
60MN   Seaforth Fuhr Flying Svc MN US
66MN   Clara City Howard's MN US
67MN   Atwater Pagel's Field MN US
6D1   Brooten Brooten Municipal MN US
6MN2   Hancock Brown's Private MN US
6MN4   Lindstrom North Center Lake MN US
6MN5   French Lake Gale's MN US
6MN6   Waconia Goose Lake MN US
71MN   Forest Lake Mattison's MN US
7MN2   Tower Eagles Nest MN US
7MN4   Garrison Mille Lacs Lake MN US
7Y3   Backus Backus Municipal MN US
7Y4   Bagley Bagley Municipal MN US
7Y9   Big Falls Big Falls Municipal MN US
81MN   Jeffers Ewen Landing Field MN US
83MN   Outing Ponderosa MN US
87MN   Roosevelt Erickson MN US
8MN3   Breezy Point (Pelican Lakes) Breezy Point MN US
8MN4   Deerwood Sethney Personal MN US
8Y4   Lino Lakes Surfside MN US
8Y5   Clarissa Clarissa Municipal MN US
91MN   Canby Sanford Canby Medical Center MN US
95MN   Minnetrista Whaletail Lake MN US
96M   Bemidji Moberg Air Base MN US
98MN   Bemidji Up Yonder MN US
9M0   Duluth North Country MN US
9MN0   Hibbing Carey Lake MN US
9MN2   Grand Rapids Wabana MN US
9MN7   St. James St James Medical Center MN US
9Y0   Bowstring Bowstring MN US
9Y2   East Gull Lake East Gull Lake MN US
9Y5   Eveleth Sky Harbor MN US
ADC   Wadena Wadena Municipal MN US
AQP   Appleton Appleton Municipal MN US
AXN AXN Alexandria Chandler Field MN US
BBB BBB Benson Benson Municipal MN US
BDE BDE Baudette Baudette International MN US
BDH   Willmar Willmar Municipal-John L Rice Field MN US
BJI BJI Bemidji Bemidji Regional MN US
BRD BRD Brainerd Brainerd Lakes Regional MN US
CDD   Crane Lake Scotts MN US
CKC GRM Grand Marais Grand Marais/Cook County MN US
CNB   Canby Myers Field MN US
D32   Starbuck Starbuck Municipal MN US
D39   Sauk Centre Sauk Centre Municipal MN US
D42   Springfield Springfield Municipal MN US
DXX   Madison Lac qui Parle County MN US
ETH   Wheaton Wheaton Municipal MN US
FFM FFM Fergus Falls Fergus Falls Municipal-Einar Mickelson Field MN US
FOZ   Bigfork Bigfork Municipal MN US
FRM FRM Fairmont Fairmont Municipal MN US
GDB   Granite Falls Granite Falls Municipal/Lenzen-Roe Memorial Field MN US
GHW   Glenwood Glenwood Municipal MN US
INL INL International Falls Falls International MN US
JYG   St. James St James Municipal MN US
LXL   Little Falls Little Falls/Morrison County-Lindbergh Field MN US
M14   Deerwood Mal's Serpent Lake MN US
M49   Waubun Jolly Fisherman MN US
M69   Deerwood Birch Lake MN US
MJQ MJQ Jackson Jackson Municipal MN US
MKT MKT Mankato Mankato Regional MN US
MN00   Hackensack Webb Lake MN US
MN02   Excelsior Lake Minnewashta MN US
MN03   Bigfork Bolduc MN US
MN05   Bemidji Jordan MN US
MN09   Apple Valley Crystal Lake MN US
MN11   Benson Lorenz MN US
MN12   Laporte Robco MN US
MN13   Bemidji Moberg Air Base MN US
MN14   Blue Earth United Hospital District MN US
MN17   Brainerd Jackson Field MN US
MN18   Brainerd Barrett MN US
MN21   Chanhassen Village Rileys Landing MN US
MN26   Wadena Tri-County MN US
MN30   Maple Grove Busch's Fish Lake MN US
MN35   Duluth Wild Rice Lake MN US
MN44   Garfield Angen Field MN US
MN54   Grand Marais Gunflint MN US
MN60   Herman Itzen Air Strip MN US
MN70   Springfield Mayo Clinic Health System - Springfield MN US
MN73   Marcell Snell's MN US
MN75   McGregor Krezowski MN US
MN76   Prior Lake Marty's Tranquility Base MN US
MN78   Bemidji Turtle Lake MN US
MN80   Mound The Pass MN US
MN83   International Falls International Falls Memorial MN US
MN85   Onamia Swiderski Field MN US
MN86   Park Rapids Sky Manor Aero Estates MN US
MN94   Onamia Mille Lacs MN US
MOX MOX Morris Morris Municipal - Charlie Schmidt Field MN US
MVE MVE Montevideo Montevideo-Chippewa County MN US
MWM MWM Windom Windom Municipal MN US
MY00   Truman Sieg's Farm MN US
MY04   Taunton Koch's Personal Field MN US
MY15   Pierz Kastanek MN US
MY21   Shoreview Kollar's Shoreview Marine MN US
MY24   Park Rapids Falk Private MN US
MY33   New Brighton Rosacker's Nr 1 MN US
MY34   Prior Lake Jorgensen's Landing MN US
MY38   Tower Irons Point MN US
MY44   Willmar Rice Memorial Hospital MN US
MY49   Bear River Anderson MN US
MY54   Bemidji Cloverleaf-East Bemidji MN US
MY57   Holdingford Fedor MN US
MY62   Jenkins Ultraflyte, Inc MN US
MY66   Onamia North Star Ranch MN US
MY68   Wheaton Johnsons Aero Repair MN US
MY76   Tower Johnson's Sea Landing MN US
MY80   Ceylon Rosenberg MN US
MY83   Longville Safe Air MN US
MY86   Rockford Johnson MN US
MY88   Park Rapids Cary MN US
MY91   Alexandria Douglas County Hospital MN US
MY93   Perham North Air MN US
MY96   Faribault Quist MN US
ORB   Orr Orr Regional MN US
OVL   Olivia Olivia Regional MN US
PEX   Paynesville Paynesville Municipal MN US
PKD PKD Park Rapids Park Rapids Municipal-Konshok Field MN US
PWC   Pine River Pine River Regional MN US
ROX ROX Roseau Roseau Municipal/Rudy Billberg Field MN US
RRT RRT Warroad Warroad International Memorial MN US
RWF RWF Redwood Falls Redwood Falls Municipal MN US
RYM   Camp Ripley Ray S Miller AAF MN US
SAZ   Staples Staples Municipal MN US
SBU   Blue Earth Blue Earth Municipal MN US
VVV   Ortonville Ortonville Municipal-Martinson Field MN US
VWU   Waskish Waskish Municipal MN US
XVG   Longville Longville Municipal MN US
Y49   Walker Walker Municipal MN US
Y58   Sleepy Eye Sleepy Eye Municipal MN US
03D   Memphis Memphis Memorial MO US
0H7   Kahoka Kahoka Municipal MO US
0MO0   Clinton Ferros Ranch-Aero MO US
0MO5   Edina Joe D Lewis MO US
0MU3   Hannibal Hannibal Regional Hospital MO US
0MU4   Marceline Slaughter MO US
0MU8   Millersville Prince MO US
0R2   Lincoln Lincoln Municipal MO US
0T3   Marble Hill Ira Biffle Airfield MO US
12MO   Windsor Ferguson Farms MO US
13MO   Lenox Domeyer MO US
15MO   Queen City Applegate MO US
19T   Osage Beach Tan Tar A Resort MO US
1H3   Linn Linn State Technical College MO US
1MO2   Windsor Windsoar MO US
1MO6   Grandin Double S Ranch MO US
1MO7   Gorin Hines MO US
1MO8   Gravois Mills Sherlock Field MO US
1MU3   Unionville Putnam County Memorial Hospital MO US
1MU7   Jackson Mooseberry MO US
2M5   Stockton Stockton Lake MO US
32MO   Fredericktown Phillips MO US
34M   Campbell Campbell Municipal MO US
34MO   Hannibal Cyanamid-Hannibal MO US
36MO   Rolla Harrison Private MO US
3MO4   Portageville Penman MO US
3VS VRS Versailles Roy Otten Memorial Airfield MO US
42M   Thayer Thayer Memorial MO US
48MO   California Lions Emergency Evac MO US
4MO2   Lancaster Newcomb Hereford Ranch MO US
4MO3   La Plata Schneider Field MO US
53MO   Zalma Help MO US
57MO   Sikeston Fabick Two MO US
5MO1   Moberly Irons MO US
5MO4   Ellington Advanced Healthcare Medical Center MO US
5MO9   New Boston Oak Ridge Farms MO US
61MO   Grainville Carl Ensor MO US
68MO   Dexter Dexter Hospital LLC MO US
69MO   Higbee Hess-McKeown MO US
6K2   Shelbyville Shelby County MO US
6M6   Monticello Lewis County Regional MO US
6MU9   Licking Craddock Field MO US
73MU   Fulton Sky-Go Farms MO US
75K   Bethany Bethany Memorial MO US
75MU   Marceline Pershing Regional Health Center -Marceline MO US
75U   Warsaw Harry S Truman Dam & Reservoir MO US
79MO   Williamsville Faries Field MO US
7MO1   Perry Wood Acres MO US
7MO2   Philadelphia Bevill MO US
86MO   Sedalia Bothwell Regional Health Center MO US
90MO   Clinton Golden Valley Memorial Hospital MO US
91MO   Columbia Boone Hospital Center MO US
96MU   St. James Green Airfield MO US
9K5   Slater Slater Memorial MO US
9MO2   Marshall Fitzgibbon Hospital MO US
9MO9   Sumner Eagle Lodge MO US
CGI CGI Cape Girardeau Cape Girardeau Regional MO US
CHQ   Charleston Mississippi County MO US
COU COU Columbia Columbia Regional MO US
DMO DMO Sedalia Sedalia Regional MO US
DXE   Dexter Dexter Municipal MO US
EIW   New Madrid County Memorial MO US
FTT   Fulton Elton Hensley Memorial MO US
GLY   Clinton Clinton Memorial MO US
H79   Eldon Eldon Model Airpark MO US
H88   Fredericktown A. Paul Vance Fredericktown Regional MO US
HAE HAE Hannibal Hannibal Regional MO US
IRK IRK Kirksville Kirksville Regional MO US
JEF JEF Jefferson City Jefferson City Memorial MO US
K07   Rolla Rolla Downtown MO US
K33   Salem Salem Memorial MO US
K43   Unionville Unionville Municipal MO US
K52   Monroe City Capt. Ben Smith Airfield - Monroe City MO US
K89   Macon Macon-Fower Memorial MO US
M05   Caruthersville Caruthersville Memorial MO US
M28   Hayti Mid Continent MO US
M85   Gideon Gideon Memorial MO US
MAW MAW Malden Malden Regional MO US
MBY MBY Moberly Omar N Bradley MO US
MHL MHL Marshall Marshall Memorial Municipal MO US
MNF   Mountain View Mountain View MO US
MO08   Sedalia Homan Field MO US
MO09   Lewistown Sharpe Farms MO US
MO11   Perry Barron Aviation MO US
MO19   Centertown American Legion-Village of Centertown MO US
MO23   California Phillips Field MO US
MO30   Gravois Mills Harbour MO US
MO40   Salem Salem Memorial Hospital MO US
MO47   Mexico Air Ambulance MO US
MO5   Van Buren Bollinger-Crass Memorial MO US
MO50   Cape Girardeau St Francis Medical Center MO US
MO53   Bethany Meadows MO US
MO54   Dudley Dudley MO US
MO57   East Prairie Henderson Mounds E B G MO US
MO58   Fairdealing Waldemer Flying W Ranch MO US
MO62   Sheridan Hibbs Farm MO US
MO67   Poplar Bluff Hayes Field MO US
MO72   Van Buren Flying 'J' Ranch MO US
MO73   Williamsville Rolling Shoals Farm MO US
MO74   Columbia Cedar Creek MO US
MO75   Montrose Brownsberger MO US
MO78   Belle Stickle Cattle Farms MO US
MO8   Brookfield North Central Missouri Regional MO US
MO81   Bismarck Dove Airstrip MO US
MO82   Gorin Howard MO US
MO83   Green City Widmark MO US
MO84   Viburnum Viburnum MO US
MO96   Centerville Ray Johnson Inc MO US
MU00   Paris Samuel L. Clemens Memorial MO US
MU04   Malden Broadwater MO US
MU10   Cape Girardeau Southeast Health MO US
MU15   Fredericktown Madison Medical Center MO US
MU23   Columbia White Cloud Flying Field MO US
MU25   Houston Piney Bend MO US
MU29   Poplar Bluff Three Rivers Healthcare Hospital MO US
MU32   Columbia Sugar Branch MO US
MU33   Hurdland Harrison MO US
MU34   Round Spring Haven Wood MO US
MU37   Columbia University Hospitals & Clinics MO US
MU38   Milan Cowgill-Roemer MO US
MU40   Paris Lake Village MO US
MU45   Sikeston Missouri Delta Medical Center MO US
MU47   Cairo Nemo Coal Company MO US
MU49   Huntsville Riley Brancus Ranch MO US
MU50   Moberly Riley House MO US
MU53   Kennett Twin Rivers Regional Medical Center MO US
MU54   Brookfield General John J Pershing Memorial Hospital MO US
MU64   Jefferson City Capital Region Medical Center MO US
MU77   Fayette Aero Britton MO US
MU87   Jefferson City St Mary's Health Center MO US
MU92   Kirksville Northeast Regional Medical Center MO US
MU96   Columbia Refueling Pad MO US
MYJ   Mexico Mexico Memorial MO US
OMU9   Pilot Grove Kollmeyer MO US
POF POF Poplar Bluff Poplar Bluff Municipal MO US
PYN   Piedmont Piedmont Municipal MO US
RAW   Warsaw Warsaw Municipal MO US
SIK SIK Sikeston Sikeston Memorial Municipal MO US
TBN TBN Fort Leonard Wood (U.S. Army) Waynesville-St. Robert Regional Forney Field MO US
TKX KNT Kennett Kennett Memorial MO US
TRX TRX Trenton Trenton Municipal MO US
VER   Boonville Jesse Viertel Memorial MO US
VIH VIH Rolla/Vichy Rolla National MO US
X33   Doniphan Doniphan Municipal MO US
TT01   Shomu-Shon Pagan Airstrip MP US
01M   Belmont Tishomingo County MS US
02MS   Rochdale Watts Field MS US
04M   Pittsboro Calhoun County MS US
06M   Eupora Eupora MS US
0MS0   Meridian Topton Air Estates MS US
0MS8   Benoit Catfish Point MS US
0MS9   Houston Shenandoah Valley Farms MS US
15M   Iuka Iuka MS US
16MS   Iuka Iuka Hospital MS US
1MS0   Shaw Tapley MS US
1MS8   Shuqualak Columbus AFB Aux Field MS US
20M   Macon Macon Municipal MS US
23M   Quitman Clarke County MS US
25MS   Columbus Baptist Memorial Hospital-Golden Triangle MS US
2MS8   Grenada Spencer Field MS US
2MS9   Houston Kimmel MS US
3MS8   Scooba Fairview Farms MS US
42MS   Starkville Och Regional Medical Center MS US
4MS4   Shannon Spearman Field MS US
5A4   Okolona Okolona Municipal-Richard Stovall Field MS US
5A6   Winona Winona-Montgomery County MS US
5MS8   Okolona Ball MS US
8M1   Booneville/Baldwyn Booneville/Baldwyn MS US
93MS   Shelby Shelby Air Service MS US
9M4   Ackerman Ackerman Choctaw County MS US
CBM CBM Columbus Columbus AFB MS US
GLH GLH Greenville Mid Delta Regional MS US
GNF   Grenada Grenada Municipal MS US
GTR GTR Columbus/W Point/Starkville Golden Triangle Regional MS US
GWO GWO Greenwood Greenwood-Leflore MS US
IDL   Indianola Indianola Municipal MS US
LMS LMS Louisville Louisville Winston County MS US
M37   Drew Ruleville-Drew MS US
M40   Aberdeen/Amory Monroe County MS US
M44   Houston Houston Municipal MS US
M51   Starkville Oktibbeha MS US
M83   West Point McCharen Field MS US
MS01   Cleveland Bolivar County Hospital MS US
MS03   Shelby Christmas MS US
MS04   Steens Hopper Field MS US
MS05   Greenville Delta Regional Medical Center MS US
MS09   Alligator Glidwell Flying Service MS US
MS15   Greenville Country Club MS US
MS16   Greenwood Greenwood-Leflore Hospital MS US
MS21   Inverness Lester Field MS US
MS30   Greenville Abide Airpark MS US
MS32   Meridian Andersons Hospital MS US
MS37   Benoit West Bolivar Flying Service MS US
MS38   Swan Lake Flautt MS US
MS41   Tutwiler Flying Y Service MS US
MS56   Amory GMH MS US
MS63   Smithville Rye Field MS US
MS68   Mantachie Lamb's Field MS US
MS76   Calhoun City Wade Field MS US
MS77   Inverness Lang Flying Service MS US
MS80   Bruce Hasting Airpark MS US
MS95   Merigold Dorr Field MS US
NJW   Meridian Joe Williams NOLF MS US
NMM   Meridian Meridian NAS /McCain Field/ MS US
RNV   Cleveland Cleveland Municipal MS US
STF   Starkville George M Bryan MS US
TUP TUP Tupelo Tupelo Regional MS US
UBS UBS Columbus Columbus-Lowndes County MS US
00F   Broadus Broadus MT US
04MT   Cohagen Pluhar MT US
06MT   Ethridge Torgerson MT US
07MT   Glasgow Glasgow Industrial MT US
08MT   Grassrange Matovich MT US
10MT   Haxby Hoolie MT US
12MT   Hingham Lincolns Field MT US
13MT   Kremlin Sorenson MT US
14MT   Gildford Sandy Rock MT US
15MT   Lustre Saubak MT US
18MT   Jackson Fish Ranch MT US
1MT5   Miles City Holy Rosary MT US
1S3   Forsyth Tillitt Field MT US
20MT   Lambert Prevost MT US
25MT   Glasgow Blatter MT US
26MT   Hingham Hutchinson MT US
37S   Fort Peck Fort Peck MT US
3U4   Ashland St Labre Mission MT US
45MT   Hingham Pester MT US
48S   Harlem Harlem MT US
4U4   Chinook Hebbelman MT US
4U6   Circle Circle Town County MT US
4U9   Dell Dell Flight Strip MT US
5U6   Fairview Fairview MT US
6U5   Hinsdale Hinsdale MT US
6U6   Hogeland Hogeland MT US
7S2   Winnett Winnett MT US
7S4   Wisdom Wisdom MT US
7S8   Sweetgrass Ross International MT US
7U8   Richey Richey MT US
8U1   Sand Springs Sand Springs Strip MT US
8U3   Scobey Scobey Border Station /East Poplar International/ MT US
8U5   Sunburst Sunburst MT US
8U6   Terry Terry MT US
97M   Ekalaka Ekalaka MT US
9S2   Scobey Scobey MT US
9S7   Winifred Winifred MT US
9U0   Turner Turner MT US
BB0   Winifred Black Butte North MT US
BHK   Baker Baker Municipal MT US
BW8   Winifred Bullwhacker MT US
CTB CTB Cut Bank Cut Bank International MT US
CW0   Winifred Cow Creek MT US
GDV GDV Glendive Dawson Community MT US
GGW GGW Glasgow Wokal Field/Glasgow International MT US
H28   Port Of Del Bonita Whetstone International MT US
HVR HVR Havre Havre City-County MT US
JDN JDN Jordan Jordan MT US
LC0   Winifred Left Coulee MT US
LWT LWT Lewistown Lewistown Municipal MT US
M35   Seeley Lake Lindey's Landing West MT US
M46   Colstrip Colstrip MT US
M75   Malta Malta MT US
MLS MLS Miles City Frank Wiley Field MT US
MT04   Lustre Olfert MT US
MT05   Ekalaka Laird Ranch MT US
MT08   Zortman Zortman MT US
MT09   Opheim Floyd Ranch MT US
MT11   Tampico Etchart Field MT US
MT29   Miles City Sunday Creek Airpark MT US
MT3   Winifred Knox Ridge MT US
MT31   Lewistown Central Montana Hospital and Nursing Home MT US
MT38   Poplar Swank MT US
MT45   Ekalaka Castleberry MT US
MT47   Lakeview Metzel Creek MT US
MT50   Alzada Lanning Ranch MT US
MT51   Frazer Zerbe MT US
MT58   Haxby / Fort Peck Nelson MT US
MT74   Ekalaka Sikorski Ranch MT US
MT79   Roy Sand Creek Wildlife Station MT US
MT80   Wolf Point Vine MT US
MT87   Peerless Oglesby Farms Inc MT US
MT92   Thompson Falls Dave's Landing MT US
OLF OLF Wolf Point L M Clayton MT US
PO1   Poplar Poplar Municipal MT US
PWD PWD Plentywood Sher-Wood MT US
S00   Opheim Opheim MT US
S71   Chinook Edgar G Obie MT US
S85   Culbertson Big Sky Field MT US
SBX SBX Shelby Shelby MT US
SDY SDY Sidney Sidney-Richland Municipal MT US
U09   Harlem Fort Belknap Agency MT US
WH0   Winifred Woodhawk MT US
WYS WYS West Yellowstone Yellowstone MT US
00NR   Rodanthe Rodanthe Dare County NC US
2NC7   Scotland Neck Scotland Neck East NC US
HSE HNC Hatteras Billy Mitchell NC US
NC18   Ahoskie Rat Landing NC US
W95   Ocracoke Ocracoke Island NC US
06D   Rolla Rolla Municipal ND US
0NA5   Maddock Sorlie ND US
0NA9   Golva Boyd's Turf ND US
0ND0   Flora Gilbertson Field ND US
10ND   Halliday Smith Strip ND US
14ND   Reeder Hagen Private ND US
20U   Beach Beach ND US
27ND   Alamo Overland-Lohse Field ND US
2D5   Oakes Oakes Municipal ND US
37ND   Dunn Center Sunset Strip ND US
3NA6   Hamberg Risovi Ranch Strip ND US
3NA7   Kensal J. R. ND US
3P3   Mott Mott Municipal ND US
46D   Carrington Carrington Municipal ND US
4E7   Ellendale Ellendale Municipal ND US
4F9   LaMoure LaMoure Rott Municipal ND US
4NA0   Williston Lindvig Airstrip ND US
4NA1   Williston Ring Rock Ranch ND US
4NA6   Grenora Nicks Landing ND US
51D   Edgeley Edgeley Municipal ND US
55ND   Killdeer Pete's Port ND US
5ND0   Buford Stiehl ND US
6D3   Maddock Maddock Municipal ND US
6NA0   Columbus Strom Private ND US
6ND2   Fullerton Larson ND US
7ND1   Dickinson Wolberg's Private ND US
7ND8   Langdon Forest ND US
80ND   Crosby Troy Field ND US
8J7   New Rockford Tomlinson Field ND US
8NA5   Montpelier Liechty Farm ND US
8NA7   Devils Lake Camp Grafton ND US
8ND0   Sarles Amble - Tiger North Farms ND US
8ND7   Courtenay Sprague ND US
96D   Walhalla Walhalla Municipal ND US
9D7   Cando Cando Municipal ND US
9Y1   Killdeer Weydahl Field ND US
ASY ASY Ashley Ashley Municipal ND US
BPP BWM Bowman Bowman Municipal ND US
D03   Kulm Kulm Municipal Airport ND US
D24   Fessenden Fessenden-Streibel Municipal ND US
D31   Leeds Leeds Municipal ND US
D49   Columbus Columbus Municipal ND US
D50   Crosby Crosby Municipal ND US
D55   Langdon Robertson Field ND US
DIK DIK Dickinson Dickinson - Theodore Roosevelt Regional ND US
DVL DVL Devils Lake Devils Lake Regional ND US
HEI   Hettinger Hettinger Municipal ND US
ISN ISN Williston Sloulin Field International ND US
JMS JMS Jamestown Jamestown Regional ND US
NA06   Sheyenne Bouret Ranch ND US
NA10   Starkweather Anderson Private ND US
NA18   Williston Hought Airstrip ND US
NA22   Rhame Vernon Miller Private ND US
NA32   Eldridge Johnson Airstrip ND US
NA38   Maddock Sabbe Brothers Landing Strip ND US
NA63   Grenora Storseth Airstrip ND US
NA70   Sheyenne Smith Airstrip ND US
NA75   Bremen Lill Strip ND US
NA84   Eldridge L. Seckerson Airstrip ND US
NA98   Scranton Dilse Private Airstrip ND US
ND26   Alexander Gajewski Field ND US
ND28   Cando Towner County Medical Center ND US
ND29   Belfield Swenson ND US
ND38   Maddock Rices Airpark ND US
ND62   Taylor Brands ND US
ND86   Grendra Peterson ND US
ND89   Clementsville Mutschler Field ND US
ND90   Cogswell/Brampton/ Dahl Private ND US
S25   Watford City Watford City Municipal ND US
01NE   Wellfleet Detour NE US
04NE   Sarben McConnell Field NE US
05NE   Spalding McKay NE US
08NE   Laurel Laurel Municipal NE US
09K   Sargent Sargent Municipal NE US
0F4   Loup City Loup City Municipal NE US
0NE0   Ashby Merrihew NE US
0NE1   Ashby Runner Landing Area NE US
0NE4   Franklin Franklin County Memorial Hospital NE US
0V3   Minden Pioneer Village Field NE US
11NE   Harrison Kaan NE US
12K   Superior Superior Municipal NE US
12NE   Scottsbluff Reisig Brothers NE US
13NE   Culbertson Hock NE US
15NE   Upland Sindt NE US
19NE   Mc Cook/Culbertson Hoyt NE US
1NE0   Brownlee Higgins Bros NE US
1NE1   Callaway Paul Ridder Ranch NE US
1NE2   Callaway Witthuhn NE US
1NE6   Dalton Miller Airstrip NE US
1V2   Hyannis Grant County NE US
24NE   Lakeside Orr NE US
25NE   Melbeta Corr NE US
27NE   Grant Hendricks Field NE US
29NE   Wallace Bartmess NE US
2NE0   Elwood Johnson Lake NE US
2NE4   Gordon Spring Lake NE US
2NE5   Gothenburg Fiese Airstrip NE US
2NE6   Grainton Coppersmith NE US
2NE7   Grant Kumor NE US
30NE   Campbell RS Ag-Land NE US
32NE   Dunning McGinn Ranch NE US
33NE   Hay Springs Orr Ranch NE US
34NE   Hershey Evans Ranch NE US
35NE   Ogallala Shelburnes NE US
36NE   Wausa Frevert Airstrip NE US
37V AHF Arapahoe Arapahoe Municipal NE US
3NE2   Hemingford Phillips Private NE US
3NE3   Holdrege Wells NE US
3NE6   Jamison Burkinshaw Field NE US
3NE7   Lakeside Pawlet Ranch NE US
40NE   Bartlett Landgren Ranch NE US
42V   Benkelman Jones NE US
43NE   Riverdale Onion Crest Airpark NE US
46NE   Madrid Jantzen NE US
47V   Curtis Curtis Municipal NE US
4D9   Alma Alma Municipal NE US
4NE0   Madrid Regier Brothers NE US
4NE1   Milburn McMillan Ranch NE US
4NE3   North Platte Simon NE US
4NE8   Palisade Malone M-Bar Ranch NE US
4NE9   Paxton Holzfaster's NE US
4V6   Hay Springs Hay Springs Municipal NE US
4V9   Neligh Antelope County NE US
52NE   Morrill Svitak NE US
56NE   Ravenna Noble Field NE US
57NE   Merriman Cole Memorial NE US
59NE   Boelus Nelson NE US
5NE3   Stapleton Diamond Bar Jones NE US
5NE4   Sutherland Snyder Ranch NE US
5NE5   Sutherland Trego NE US
5NE9   Venango Dodson Brothers NE US
60NE   Chadron Chadron Community Hospital NE US
64V   Wallace Wallace Municipal NE US
66NE   Madrid Cornelius Farm NE US
6K3   Creighton Creighton Municipal NE US
6NE0   Wallace Van Boening NE US
6NE7   Bartley Lee Field NE US
6NE8   Benkelman Hoppy's NE US
76NE   Kearney Good Samaritan NE US
79NE   Cambridge Cambridge Memorial Hospital NE US
7K8   So Sioux City Martin Field NE US
7NE5   Paxton Lierley Farms NE US
7V7   Red Cloud Red Cloud Municipal NE US
81NE   Hildreth Bunger Field NE US
84Y   Bloomfield Bloomfield Municipal NE US
85NE   Hardy Meyers Freedom Flight Hardy NE US
8NE3   Champion Smith Field NE US
8NE5   Ericson X1 Ranch NE US
8NE6   Franklin Franklin's Plainview NE US
8V2   Atkinson Stuart-Atkinson Municipal NE US
99Y   Greeley Greeley Municipal NE US
9NE1   Brule El-Co NE US
9NE3   Hyannis Davis Ranch NE US
9NE4   Lindsay Johnston Field NE US
9NE8   Stapleton Brosius Field NE US
9V2   Trenton Trenton Municipal NE US
9V5   Rushville Modisett NE US
AIA AIA Alliance Alliance Municipal NE US
ANW ANW Ainsworth Ainsworth Regional NE US
BBW BBW Broken Bow Broken Bow Municipal/Keith Glaze Field NE US
BFF BFF Scottsbluff Western Nebraska Regional/William B. Heilig Field NE US
BUB BUB Burwell Cram Field NE US
BVN   Albion Albion Municipal NE US
CDR CDR Chadron Chadron Municipal NE US
CNP   Chappell Billy G Ray Field NE US
CSB   Cambridge Cambridge Municipal NE US
CZD   Cozad Cozad Municipal NE US
EAR EAR Kearney Kearney Regional NE US
GGF   Grant Grant Municipal NE US
GRI GRI Grand Island Central Nebraska Regional NE US
GRN GRN Gordon Gordon Municipal NE US
GTE   Gothenburg Quinn Field NE US
H63   Alma Harlan County Lake NE US
HDE HDE Holdrege Brewster Field NE US
HSI HSI Hastings Hastings Municipal NE US
IBM   Kimball Kimball Municipal/Robert E Arraj Field NE US
IML IML Imperial Imperial Municipal NE US
LBF LBF North Platte North Platte Regional Airport Lee Bird Field NE US
LCG   Wayne Wayne Municipal/ Stan Morris Field NE US
LXN LXN Lexington Jim Kelly Field NE US
MCK MCK McCook McCook Ben Nelson Regional NE US
MHN MHN Mullen Hooker County NE US
NE01   Guide Rock Schutte NE US
NE06   Lynch Woolf Brothers NE US
NE08   Lamar Larrabee NE US
NE09   Norfolk Simpson NE US
NE14   Ogallala Ogallala Community Hospital NE US
NE15   Maywood Frontier Field NE US
NE16   Gothenburg Gothenburg Memorial Hospital NE US
NE19   Broadwater Ag Air NE US
NE25   North Platte Orr Field NE US
NE29   Minden Cavanaugh NE US
NE30   Holdrege Olson Field NE US
NE31   Battle Creek B.C. Air NE US
NE32   Alliance Box Butte General Hospital Med-I-Port NE US
NE34   Sidney Fehringer Aerodrome NE US
NE38   Prosser Aknux NE US
NE41   Scottsbluff Regional West Medical Center NE US
NE44   Elgin Koinzan NE US
NE62   Madison Ochsner NE US
NE68   Norfolk Faith Regional Health Services West Campus NE US
NE76   Grand Island St Francis Medical Center NE US
NE87   Superior Rempe Private NE US
NE90   Hastings Mary Lanning Memorial Hospital NE US
ODX   Ord Evelyn Sharp Field NE US
OFK OFK Norfolk Norfolk Regional/Karl Stefan Memorial Field NE US
OGA OGA Ogallala Searle Field NE US
OKS OKS Oshkosh Garden County NE US
ONL ONL O'Neill The O'Neill Municipal-John L Baker Field NE US
RBE   Bassett Rock County NE US
SNY SNY Sidney Sidney Municipal/Lloyd W. Carr Field NE US
TIF   Thedford Thomas County NE US
VTN VTN Valentine Miller Field NE US
02NH   Dummer (Town of) Iroquois Landing NH US
07NH   Washington Diving Rock NH US
16NH   Meredith Bossey's NH US
35NH   Windham Cobbetts Pond NH US
48NH   Wolfeboro Winter Harbor NH US
4C4   Colebrook Gifford Field NH US
B18   Alton Bay Alton Bay NH US
BML BML Berlin Berlin Regional NH US
EEN EEN Keene Dillant-Hopkins NH US
ERR ERR Errol Errol NH US
HIE HIE Whitefield Mount Washington Regional NH US
NH68   New Durham Merrymeeting Lake NH US
NH71   Tuftonboro Loons Nest NH US
16NJ   Island Heights Hummel NJ US
21JY   Harvey Cedars Soaring Sun NJ US
2N7   Little Ferry Little Ferry NJ US
58NJ   Atlantic City Harrah's Landing NJ US
95NJ   Toms River Middle Sedge Island NJ US
JY35   Brick Allen's NJ US
NJ00   Ridgefield Park Ridgefield Park NJ US
01NM   Artesia Champion Ranch NM US
03NM   Raton Miner's Colfax Medical Center NM US
0E8   Crownpoint Crownpoint NM US
0NM7   Reserve Negrito Airstrip NM US
13NM   Silver City Beaverhead Airstrip NM US
13Q   Apache Creek Jewett Mesa NM US
18T   Tatum Tatum NM US
1NM0   Silver City Me-Own NM US
25NM   Pie Town Dream Catcher Ranch NM US
2NM9   Corona High Desert Ranch NM US
30NM   Sedan Crusader NM US
4AZ2   Capitan Block Ranch NM US
59NM   Clovis Lockmiller & Sons NM US
62NM   Carlsbad Seven Rivers NM US
65NM   Forrest Curtis and Curtis NM US
68NM   Hope Flying H Ranch NM US
72NM   La Luz Otero Mill NM US
7NM1   Alamogordo Mesa Verde Ranch Strip NM US
80E   Oscura Oscura AAF Aux NM US
81NM   Picacho Diamond A Ranch NM US
82NM   Picacho Skeen Ranch NM US
84NM   Pie Town Nalda Ranch NM US
85NM   Playas Playas Medical Building NM US
94E   Silver City Whiskey Creek NM US
95E   Socorro Stallion AAF NM US
98NM   Wagon Mound S & S Ranch NM US
ALM ALM Alamogordo Alamogordo-White Sands Regional NM US
ATS ATS Artesia Artesia Municipal NM US
AXX AXX Angel Fire Angel Fire NM US
C12   Cimarron Cimarron NM US
C54   Quemado Catron County NM US
CAO CAO Clayton Clayton Municipal Airpark NM US
CNM CNM Carlsbad Cavern City Air Terminal NM US
CVN CVN Clovis Clovis Municipal NM US
CVS CVS Clovis Cannon AFB NM US
DMN DMN Deming Deming Municipal NM US
E06   Lovington Lea County-Zip Franklin Memorial NM US
E61   Conchas Dam Conchas Lake NM US
E89   Conchas Dam Conchas Lake NM US
E94   Glenwood Glenwood-Catron County NM US
F37   Carrizozo Carrizozo Municipal NM US
FSU FSU Fort Sumner Fort Sumner Municipal NM US
GUP GUP Gallup Gallup Municipal NM US
HOB HOB Hobbs Lea County Regional NM US
LSB LSB Lordsburg Lordsburg Municipal NM US
LVS LVS Las Vegas Las Vegas Municipal NM US
N01   Mosquero Mosquero Emergency Services NM US
N02   Red River Red River NM US
N17   Vaughn Vaughn Municipal NM US
N24   Questa Questa Municipal Nr 2 NM US
N29   Magdalena Magdalena NM US
NM10   Albert Tequesquite Ranch NM US
NM15   Roy Clavel Ranch NM US
NM17   Roy Ray Ranch NM US
NM19 RUI Ruidoso Ruidoso NM US
NM20   Roswell Benedict Airpark NM US
NM22   Truth or Consequences Sierra Vista Hospital NM US
NM23   Mescalero IHS Hospital NM US
NM25   Corona Lincoln Station NM US
NM26   Deming Luna Landing NM US
NM27   Gallup Sanostee NM US
NM28   Tularosa Beckett Farm NM US
NM29   Rosebud Rosebud NM US
NM31   Pie Town Elk Valley NM US
NM32   Bell Ranch Bell Ranch Waggoner NM US
NM33   Bell Ranch Bell Ranch Headquarters NM US
NM34   Alamogordo Keelin NM US
NM37   Truth or Consequences Adobe Ranch Private NM US
NM38   Fort Sumner Double V Ranch NM US
NM41   Pie Town Happy Mountain NM US
NM42   Clovis Aero Tech Inc NM US
NM43   Hachita Southwell H.Q. NM US
NM45   Artesia Pay Jay Nr 1 NM US
NM46   Artesia Pay Jay Nr 2 NM US
NM47   Artesia 2 X 4 Ranch NM US
NM51   Chloride Chloride NM US
NM52   Nara Visa Camco Ranch NM US
NM53   Las Vegas San Miguel Ranch NM US
NM55   Glenwood Whitewater Mesa Ranch NM US
NM56   Ramah Mystic Bluffs NM US
NM58   Truth or Consequences Emergency Operations Center NM US
NM64   Animas Gray Ranch NM US
NM65   Taos Taos County Hospital NM US
NM66   Pie Town Poco Loco NM US
NM69   Mimbres Casas Adobes Airpark NM US
NM70   Rodeo Rodeo NM US
NM73   McAlister Akin and Akin NM US
NM76   Anton Chico Park Springs NM US
NM80   Quemado Quemado NM US
NM83   Hobbs Industrial Airpark NM US
NM84   Capitan G Bar F Ranch NM US
NM85   Silver City Gila Regional NM US
NM86   Playas Playas Air Strip NM US
NM87   Roswell Jenkins NM US
NM90   Rodeo Amigos Del Cielo NM US
NM91   Fence Lake High Lonesome NM US
NM93   Roswell Lovelace Regional Hospital - Roswell NM US
NM94   Lovington Nor Lea County General Hospital NM US
PRZ PRZ Portales Portales Municipal NM US
ROW ROW Roswell Roswell International Air Center NM US
RTN RTN Raton Raton Municipal/Crews Field NM US
S42   Springer Springer Municipal NM US
SKX TSM Taos Taos Regional NM US
SRR   Ruidoso Sierra Blanca Regional NM US
SVC SVC Silver City Grant County NM US
SXU   Santa Rosa Santa Rosa Route 66 NM US
T16   Reserve Reserve NM US
TCC TCC Tucumcari Tucumcari Municipal NM US
TCS TCS Truth or Consequences Truth Or Consequences Municipal NM US
ZUN ZUN Zuni Pueblo Black Rock NM US
01U   Duckwater Duckwater NV US
02NV   Winnemucca Paiute Meadows NV US
03NV   Ruby Valley Llama Ranch NV US
05U EUE Eureka Eureka NV US
06U KPT Jackpot Jackpot/Hayden Field NV US
08U   North Fork Stevens-Crosby NV US
0L4   Goldfield Lida Junction NV US
10U   Owyhee Owyhee NV US
1A8   Empire Empire NV US
1L1   Panaca Lincoln County NV US
22NV   Winnemucca Humboldt General Hospital EMS NV US
2Q9   Dyer Dyer NV US
3Q0   Mina Mina NV US
7CL8   Ely/Pioche Geyser Ranch NV US
88NV   Gerlach Black Rock City NV US
9U7   Currant Currant Ranch NV US
BAM BAM Battle Mountain Battle Mountain NV US
BTY BTY Beatty Beatty NV US
E85   Denio Denio Junction NV US
EKO EKO Elko Elko Regional NV US
ELY ELY Ely Ely /Yelland Field/ NV US
GAB GAB Gabbs Gabbs NV US
HTH HTH Hawthorne Hawthorne Industrial NV US
L23   Mercury Pahute Mesa Airstrip NV US
L92   Alamo Alamo Landing Field NV US
LWL LWL Wells Wells Municipal/Harriet Field NV US
N15   Kingston Kingston NV US
NV02   Austin O'Toole Ranch NV US
NV04   Deeth Marys River Ranch NV US
NV05   Gerlach Soldier Meadow Nr 2 NV US
NV06   Gerlach Soldier Meadow Nr 1 NV US
NV07   Wells Two Star Ranch NV US
NV08   Mountain City Petan Ranch NV US
NV11   Mercury Yucca Airstrip NV US
NV12   Tuscarora I-L Ranch NV US
NV14   Montello Juniper NV US
NV22   Elko Red Rock Ranch NV US
NV27   Dyer Circle L Ranch NV US
NV30   Fallon Dixie Valley NV US
NV31   Round Mountain Barker Creek Ranch Airstrip NV US
NV35   Austin Hudson NV US
NV64   Battle Mountain Swanson Ranch 3 NV US
NV67   Montello Pilot Creek Ranches NV US
NV68   Orovada Pine Grove NV US
NV83   Round Mountain Hadley NV US
TMT   Austin Austin NV US
TNX XSD Tonopah Tonopah Test Range NV US
TPH TPH Tonopah Tonopah NV US
U74   Crescent Valley Crescent Valley NV US
WMC WMC Winnemucca Winnemucca Municipal NV US
00NK   Beekmantown Cliche Cove NY US
0B8 FID Fishers Island Elizabeth Field NY US
1E8   Degrasse Moores NY US
2NK0   Bolten Landing Northwest Waterbird NY US
2NK5   Alexandria Bay NCH NY US
49NY   Shelter Island Westmoreland NY US
4NY2   College Point EDO NY US
62NY   Gouverneur Adirondack Helicopters NY US
68NK   Morristown Thibert Field NY US
6N6   New York Evers NY US
6N7   New York New York Skyports Inc NY US
6NY6   Kauneonga Lake Firemans White Lake NY US
7N3   Port Washington Sands Point NY US
89NY   Alexandria Bay Maxson Airfield NY US
96NY   Carmel Massaro NY US
ART ART Watertown Watertown International NY US
K03   Long Lake Long Lake:Sagamore SPB & Marina NY US
K21 RSX Rouses Point Rouses Point NY US
MSS MSS Massena Massena International-Richards Field NY US
NK13   Wynantskill Snyder's Lake NY US
NK15   Inlet Seventh Lake NY US
NK16   Gouverneur Hendricks Field NY US
NK30   Brooklyn Private Sealanes-Jamaica Bay NY US
NK59   Copake Copake Lake NY US
NK60   Lake Pleasant Bostrup's Landing NY US
NY07   Canton Hurlbut Field NY US
NY45   Southold Robins Island South NY US
NY61   Blue Mountain Lake Eagle Nest NY US
NY83   Essex Essex Boatworks NY US
NY9   Long Lake Long Lake /Helms/ NY US
OGS OGS Ogdensburg Ogdensburg International NY US
2C9   Toledo Toledo Seaplane Base OH US
3T7   Middle Bass Island Middle Bass Island OH US
3W2   Put-in-Bay Put-in-Bay OH US
3W9   Middle Bass Island Middle Bass-East Point OH US
3X5   North Bass Island North Bass Island OH US
58OH   Put-in-Bay Rattlesnake Island OH US
89D   Kelleys Island Kelleys Island Land Field OH US
89OH   Findlay Blanchard Valey Regional Health Center OH US
9OH6   Findlay Weaver OH US
9OH7   Findlay Lutz OH US
9OH8   Findlay Ferrell OH US
FDY FDY Findlay Findlay OH US
O12   St. Marys Grand Lake St Marys OH US
OA04   Arcadia Rutter OH US
OI76   North Lima Bieber's OH US
OI78   Fostoria Diebleys OH US
07OK   Snyder Pleasant Valley OK US
08F   Coalgate City of Coalgate OK US
08OK   Wilburton Parks OK US
0F9   Tishomingo Tishomingo Airpark OK US
0OK4   Coalgate Rock Creek Farm OK US
0OK7   Shattuck Shattuck Hospital OK US
13OK   McAlester McAlester Regional Hospital OK US
17K   Boise City Boise City OK US
1F0 AHD Ardmore Ardmore Downtown Executive OK US
1F1   Overbrook Lake Murray State Park OK US
1F4   Madill Madill Municipal OK US
1K5   Waynoka Waynoka Municipal OK US
1O1   Grandfield Grandfield Municipal OK US
1O8   Tipton Tipton Municipal OK US
1OK4   Idabel McCurtain Memorial Hospital OK US
1OK5   Lone Wolf Hohman OK US
1S4   Seiling Seiling OK US
22OK   Springer Smith Field OK US
2K4   Mangum Scott Field OK US
2OK1   Milburn Mercury Ranch OK US
35OL   Mooreland Henderson Farm OK US
3O4   Sayre Sayre Municipal OK US
3O5   Walters Walters Municipal OK US
4O1   Snyder Snyder OK US
4O4   Idabel McCurtain County Regional OK US
4O5   Cherokee Cherokee Municipal OK US
4O6   Afton Cherokee OK US
5O1   Vici Vici Municipal OK US
5OK2   Non Christopher M. Rippee Memorial OK US
66OK   Durant Mc Laughlin Farm OK US
6F1   Talihina Talihina Municipal OK US
6K4   Fairview Fairview Municipal OK US
6OK7   Atoka Cochran Ranch OK US
7OK2   Mangum Scott OK US
80F ATE Antlers Antlers Municipal OK US
81OK   Granite Twin Lakes Ranch OK US
88OL   Calvin Pace Field OK US
90F   Broken Bow Broken Bow OK US
91OK   Altus Stewart OK US
92F   Chattanooga Chattanooga Sky Harbor OK US
93F   Cheyenne Mignon Laird Municipal OK US
96OK   Buffalo Mike's Place OK US
ADM ADM Ardmore Ardmore Municipal OK US
AQR   Atoka Atoka Municipal OK US
AVK   Alva Alva Regional OK US
AXS AXS Altus Altus/Quartz Mountain Regional OK US
BFK BFK Buffalo Buffalo Municipal OK US
CSM CSM Clinton Clinton-Sherman OK US
DUA DUA Durant Durant Regional - Eaker Field OK US
ELK ELK Elk City Elk City Regional Business OK US
F09   Olustee Olustee Municipal OK US
F31   Kingston Lake Texoma State Park OK US
F32   Healdton Healdton Municipal OK US
FDR FDR Frederick Frederick Regional OK US
GUY GUY Guymon Guymon Municipal OK MX
GZL   Stigler Stigler Regional OK US
H05   Wilburton Wilburton Municipal OK US
HBR HBR Hobart Hobart Regional OK US
HHW HUJ Hugo Stan Stamper Municipal OK US
K44   Beaver Beaver Municipal OK US
K49   Texhoma Municipal OK US
K77   Freedom Freedom Municipal OK US
MDF MDF Mooreland Mooreland Municipal OK US
MLC MLC McAlester McAlester Regional OK US
O13   Erick Haddock Field OK US
O35   Hollis Hollis Municipal OK US
O45   Hooker Hooker Municipal OK US
O51   Laverne Laverne Municipal OK US
OK09   Ardmore Mercy Memorial Health Center OK US
OK11   Comanche KSA Orchards OK US
OK12   Walters Jones Farm Field OK US
OK14   Alva Woodlake OK US
OK17   Ardmore Bass Aero OK US
OK23   Ardmore Taliaferro Field OK US
OK24   Lone Grove Colby Field OK US
OK28   Ravia McDaniel Aviation OK US
OK35   Talihina Choctaw Indian Hospital OK US
OK39   Forgan Judy Ranch OK US
OK43   Alva Logsdon Ranch OK US
OK54   Alva May Ranch OK US
OK59   Poteau Wolf Mountain OK US
OK62   Ardmore Strader Ranch OK US
OK66   Kremlin F.W. Zaloudek OK US
OK74   Ashland Flying H OK US
OK79   Temple Temple Airport Inc OK US
OK82   Altus Scottys Field OK US
OK83   Altus Sheffield-Smith Airstrip OK US
OK85   Ardmore Goddard Ranch OK US
OK90   Calera Boatner Field OK US
OL08   Cheyenne L.J. Pankey OK US
OL11   Durant Medical Center of Southeastern Oklahoma OK US
PNC PNC Ponca City Ponca City Regional OK US
RKR RKR Poteau Robert S Kerr OK US
WDG WDG Enid Enid Woodring Regional OK US
WWR WWR Woodward West Woodward OK US
03OR   Troy Powwatka Ridge OR US
05OR   Enterprise Six Ranch OR US
08OR   Silver Lake Saxon Sycan OR US
0OR6   Rome Rome Service Airport OR US
12S   Monument Monument Municipal OR US
1JY2   Silver Lake Mahogany Mountain OR US
1O0   Florence Lake Woahink OR US
22OG   Lakeview Withrotor OR US
22S   Paisley Paisley OR US
25U   Imnaha Memaloose OR US
26U   McDermitt McDermitt State OR US
2OG3   Lake Oswego Wiley's OR US
2OG4   Fields El Rancho OR US
2OR6   Ironside Lockhart OR US
35S   Wasco Wasco State OR US
37OR   Starkey Vey Sheep Ranch OR US
3OR9   Juntura Murphy Ranch OR US
3S9   Condon Condon State Pauling Field OR US
45OR   Coquille Benham OR US
45S   Silver Lake Silver Lake F S Strip OR US
47OR   Adel MC Ranch OR US
49OR   Dayville Land's Inn Ranch OR US
4S7   Malin Malin OR US
5S6   Sixes Cape Blanco State OR US
6OR9   Enterprise Reds Wallowa Horse Ranch OR US
71OR   Seneca Cerny OR US
78OR   Crowley Crowley Ranch Airstrip OR US
7OR0   Cove Minam Lodge OR US
7OR1   Crane Arnold Airstrip OR US
7OR8   Seneca Inshallah International OR US
80OR   Bly Wilderness OR US
81OR   Burns Wagontire OR US
85OR   Bly Allen's Airstrip OR US
87OR   Beatty Moondance Ranch OR US
8S4   Enterprise Enterprise Municipal OR US
90OR   Lakeview Lake District Hospital OR US
93OR   Baker St Alphonsus Medical Center-Baker City OR US
96OR   Ukiah Cable Creek Ranch OR US
97OR   Prairie City Hi Country No 2 OR US
99OR   Wallowa Lazy F Ranch OR US
BKE BKE Baker City Baker City Municipal OR US
BNO BNO Burns Burns Municipal OR US
GCD   John Day Grant County Regional/Ogilvie Field OR US
JSY   Joseph Joseph State OR US
LGD LGD La Grande La Grande/Union County OR US