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Mail SurveySection G General Information

Mail Survey
Section G
General Information

This final section of the questionnaire asks some general questions about you and your household. To completely protect your privacy, the information you provide here, as well as in all the other sections, will be combined with all other survey respondents and published so that no individual person or household can ever be identified.

51. (G1) What is your five-digit ZIP Code?

Five digit zip code - |__|__|__|__|__|

52. (G2) What is your gender?

Please circle only one answer.

  • Male - 1
  • Female - 2

53. (G2a) What is your age?

Please write in your age in years. If this questionnaire was completed for a child younger than one year old, please enter zero (0) as their age.

Age in years - |__|__|__|

54. (G7) What is your current marital status?

Please circle only one answer.

Married - 1
Never Married - 2
Widowed - 3
Separated or divorced - 4

55. (G3) What is your living arrangement? Do you:

Please circle Yes or No for each part of the question.

Yes No
(a) Live alone? 1 2
(b) Live with your spouse or significant other? 1 2
(c) Live with children? 1 2
(d) Live with one or more parents or guardian(s)? 1 2
(e) Live with other persons? 1 2

56. (G4) What is the highest level of education you have completed?

If you are completing this questionnaire for a child who is under 18 and/or still in school, please circle your education level.

Please circle only one answer.

Less than high school graduate - 1
High school graduate or GED - 2
Some college - 3
(Including technical / vocational school or professional business school)
Two-year college degree - 4
(That is, an AA: Associate in Arts degree)
Four-year college degree - 5
(That is, a BA: Bachelor of Arts or BS: Bachelor of Science degree)
Graduate degree - 6
(That is, a Masters, PhD, Lawyer, or Medical Doctor degree)

57. (G5) Have you ever retired from a job or business?

Please circle Yes or No.

  • Yes - 1 Please continue to next question.
  • No - 2 Please go to question 59 on page 23.

58. (G6) Did you retire due to a disability?

Please circle Yes or No.

  • Yes - 1
  • No - 2

59. (G8) During the past year, has your household been without telephone service for a continuous period of a week or more?

Please circle Yes or No.

  • Yes - 1 Continue to next question.
  • No - 2 Please skip now to question 61 on this page.

60. (G9) How long were you without telephone service?

If you were without service for 1 to 7 days, please circle "one week".

Please circle only one answer.

One week - 1
Two weeks - 2
Three weeks - 3
Four weeks - 4
Five weeks or more - 5

61. (G10) Does your household have access to the Internet?

Please circle Yes or No.

  • Yes - 1
  • No - 2

62. (G11) Are you of Hispanic, Latino, or Spanish origin?

Please circle Yes or No.

  • Yes - 1
  • No - 2

63. (G12) What is your race?

Please circle all that apply.

White - 1
African American or Black- 2
Asian - 3
American Indian, Alaskan Native - 4
Native Hawaiian, or other Pacific Islander? - 5

64. (G13) Are your living quarters:

Please circle only one answer.

Owned or being bought by you or
someone in your household, - 1
Rented for cash, or - 2
Occupied without payment of cash rent? - 3

65. (G14) What was the total combined income for all persons in your household during the past 12 months?

Please include income from jobs, Social Security, retirement income, public assistance, and all other sources.

Please circle only one answer.

Less than $15,000, - 1
Between $15,000 to $50,000, or - 2
Over $50,000 - 3

You have now completed the questionnaire. Thank you so much for your help with this important national transportation survey!

Please return your completed survey questionnaire in the enclosed postage-paid envelope.