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Table 3-3   Distribution of extended interviews by extended disposition code (MAINRSLT)*

Table 3-3Distribution of extended interviews by extended disposition code (MAINRSLT)*

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MAINRSLT Label Completed extended interview? Number of cases
CA Complete Interview-Person w/o disabilities selected YES 2,698
CD Complete Interview-Person w/disabilities selected YES 2,321
Subtotal Completed extended 5,019
LH Language problemhearing/speech NO 2
LM Language problem reached maximum calls NO 3
LP Final language problem NO 3
MC Maximum calls NO 17
ML Maximum calls-language problem NO 14
MR Maximum calls- refusal NO 21
MT Maximum calls-across all telephones NO 124
ND Subject deceased NO 2
NF Not found NO 9
NP Not available in field period NO 13
NS Subject sick NO 6
NW Non-working NO 23
OE Enumeration error NO 113
R3 Final refusal for re-released RBs NO 6
RB Final refusal NO 365
RM Refusal reached maximum call limit NO 13
RX Re-released RB reached maximum call limit NO 2
Total     5,755

* Nine extended interviews were excluded because the cases were not residential.

Source: 2002 Transportation Availability and Use Study