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Volpe Straight from the Source

Straight from the Source: Risk-Based Security and Enhanced Behavior Detection/Analysis

George N. Naccara
Federal Security Director
Logan International Airport
Transportation Security Administration
U.S. Department of Homeland Security

Straight from the Source: Moving Freight in Metropolitan Areas: The Newest Urban Transportation Problem

Genevieve Giuliano, Ph.D.
Ferraro Chair in Effective Local Government
Senior Associate Dean of Research and Technology
School of Policy, Planning, and Development
University of Southern California Director
METRANS Transportation Center

Straight from the Source: Discoveries in D.C. and Delft: Reflections on the Future of Transportation Research and Education

Professor Robert Bertini
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Portland State University

Robert BertiniTransportation is the backbone of our society and our economy and we face significant challenges and opportunities including:

Straight from the Source: Considering Transportation as a Complex Sociotechnical System

Dr. Joseph M. SussmanDr. Joseph M. Sussman
JR East Professor
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and the Engineering Systems Division
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Straight from the Source: Measuring Walkability: The Health Question

Ann ForsythAnn Forsyth
Professor of Urban Planning
Director of the Masters in Urban Planning Program
Harvard University

Does the design of a neighborhood affect the level of a person's physical activity? Do people who live in more compact areas get more physical activity than those who live in sprawling neighborhoods?