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Passengers and Freight

  • Border Crossing/Entry Data (BTS)
    Persons, vehicles and containers entering the US from Canada and Mexico (monthly)
  • Highway Statistics (FHWA)
    Vehicles, drivers, miles of roadway, fuel, finance, and vehicle miles
  • Traffic Volume Trends (FHWA)
    Monthly vehicle miles traveled
  • National Household Travel Survey (FHWA)
    2009 Survey of daily travel behavior, including trip purpose, mode, trip length, household data, etc.
  • Freight Facts and Figures 2011 (FHWA)
    Volume and value of freight shipments, the extent of the network, employment and productivity, and related safety, energy use, and environmental effects.
  • Our Nation's Highways 2011 (FHWA)
    Annual report on highway funding, infrastructure, traffic, etc.
  • Urban Mobility Report (TTI)
    Congestion study showing time, fuel and money wasted while stuck in traffic. Covers 439 urban areas across the US, from the Texas Transportation Institute