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BTS Economy Tables

Section A - Transportation and the Total Economy
Section B - Transportation and Consumer Expenditures
Section C - Transportation Revenues, Employment, and Productivity
Section D - Government Finance

BTS State Transportation Statistics (See Chapter F of annual reports)

Data for BTS tables are obtained from sources listed below the tables.  For additional data or updates, please contact the source agency.

Transportation Services Index

Gross Domestic Product (GDP) by Industry  (Bureau of Economic Analysis’ (BEA) data transportation sector)

Economic Satellite Accounts:
Travel and Tourism

Consumer Spending on Autos and Motor Vehicles (See Section 7 of BEA summary and detail tables)

Employed persons by detailed industry, sex, race, and Hispanic or Latino ethnicity  (See Table 18, Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Multifactor Productivity  (Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Transportation and Warehousing sector, Workforce Statistics; Earnings and Hours; Fatalities, Injuries, Illnesses; Prices; Workplace Trends (Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Transportation and Warehousing sector (U.S. Census Bureau, Economic Census 2007)
Economic Fact Sheet
Statistics by sector

Airline Employment (BTS)