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K: Kilometers (MTMC1)

Kanawha River Ratchet: Term for placing toothpick or bar between doubled-up line to bring two barges together by twisting bar around and around. Very dangerous to use. (TNDOT1)

KDP: Key Decision Point (USCG5)

Keelboat: A long, flat bottomed boat with a keel used to haul freight and passengers before the appearance of steamboats on the western rivers. (TNDOT1)

Kerosene: (See also Fuel, Gasoline) A petroleum distillate that boils at a temperature between 300 and 550 degrees Fahrenheit, that has a flash point higher than 100 degrees Fahrenheit by ASTM Method D 56, that has a gravity range from 40 to 46 degrees API, and that has a burning point in the range of 150 degrees to 175 degrees Fahrenheit. Kerosene is used in space heaters, cook stoves, and water heaters and is suitable for use as an illuminate when burned in wick lamps. (DOE2) (DOE5) (DOE6)

Kerosene-Type Jet Fuel: A quality kerosene product with an average gravity of 40.7 degrees API, and a 10 percent distillation temperature of 400 degrees Fahrenheit. It is covered by American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM) Specification D1655 and Military Specification MIL-T-5624L (Grades JP-5 and JP-8). A relatively low-freezing point distillate of the kerosene type; it is used primarily for commercial turbojet and turboprop aircraft engines. (DOE5) (DOE6)

Kevel: Colloquial term used for a large steel cleat secured to the deck of a boat or a barge, used for securing, mooring and towing lines. It is provided with two prongs called "horn." Also spelled "cavil", "cavel", "caval." (TNDOT1)

KG: Kilogram (49CFR171)

KHZ: Kilohertz (FAA19)

Kick Down: Shift down to lower gear. (ATA1)

Kick Line: A line used to hold towboat while stern is being backed in so that head will swing out into the stream. (TNDOT1)

Kick the Donuts: Check the tires. (ATA1)

Kidney Buster: Hard riding truck. (ATA1)

Kilometer: See also Mile.

Kilowatt (KW): (See also Electricity, Gigawatt, Megawatt) One thousand watts. (DOE5)

Kilowatt Electric (KWE): One thousand watts of electric capacity. (DOE5)

Kilowatt Hour (KWH): One thousand watt/hours. (DOE5)

King-Pin Saddle-Mount: (See also Lower Half of Saddle-Mount, Saddle-Mount, and Upper Half of Saddle-Mount) That device which is used to connect the "upper-half" to the "lower-half" [of a " saddle-mount"] in such manner as to permit relative movement in a horizontal plane between the towed and towing vehicles. (49CFR393)

Kiss and Ride: A place where commuters are driven and dropped off at a station to board a public transportation vehicle. (APTA1)

KM: Kilometer (BTS2)

Knocked Down: Unassembled freight or merchandise. (ATA1)

Knockout: To release towboat from tow. (TNDOT1)

Knockout Single: To uncouple the towboat and lay alongside the barges for single lockage. Also called single set over. (TNDOT1)

Knot: The unit of speed equivalent to one nautical mile, or 6,080.20 feet per hour or 1.85 kilometers per hour. (TNDOT1)

KOA: Keahole - Kona International Airport (FAA11)

Kort Nozzles: Cylindrical devices which surround the towboat propellers to increase the maneuverability and efficiency of the towboat. (TNDOT1)

KW: Kilowatt (DOE7)

KWE: Kilowatt Electric (DOE7)

KWH: Kilowatt Hour (DOE7)

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