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Business Flying: The use of aircraft by pilots (not receiving direct salary or compensation for piloting) in connection with their occupation or in the furtherance of a private business. (NTSB2)

Business Transportation: Use of an aircraft not for compensation or hire by individuals for the purpose of transportation required by businesses in which they are engaged. (FAA2) (FAA9) (FAA10) (FAA14)

Busway: Exclusive freeway lane for buses and carpools. (APTA1)

Busway: A roadway reserved for buses only. It may be a grade separated or controlled access roadway. (FTA1)

Button: 1) A heavy steel casting found mostly on lock walls, designed to hold the eye of a line or wire. It is also used as deck fittings on towboat and on barges. 2) A short mushroom-shaped bitt or a short timberhead. (TNDOT1)

Button Her Up: Tie down the load on a truck or trailer. (ATA1)

BWI: Baltimore - Washington International Airport (FAA11)

BYBB: Backyard Boat Builders (USCG1)


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