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Combination (i.e., multimodal) freight comprises cargo moved by more than one mode (excluding air-truck), including parcel, postal, and courier services.

Multimodal's share of all commercial freight activity in the United States for 2002:

Although in 2002 the value of multimodal shipments had only grow about 11 percent over 1993 levels, those moved by parcel, postal, or courier services grew the most. These typically high-value, small-size shipments increased over 80 percent by value, averaging about $39,000 per ton. Overall, multimodal combination shipments averaged $5,000 per ton in 2002. Truck and rail combinations moved 173 million tons in 2002, an increase of 47 percent over 1993's 118 million tons. And truck and rail ton-miles grew 50 percent, from 160 to 240 billion ton-miles.