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Trucking continued to dominate the U.S. commercial freight industry in 2002.

Trucking's share of all commercial freight activity in the United States for 2002:

Trucking, both for-hire and private, continued its dominance of the freight industry in 2002 in value, weight, and ton-miles. From 1993 to 2002, value increased to $6.7 trillion—up from $4.7 trillion. And trucks moved about 58 percent of the total freight tonnage in 2002, up from 54 percent in 1993. During this time period, truck ton-miles grew by 56 percent as rail ton-miles increased by 30 percent and water declined by 7 percent (see table). A decade earlier trucks moved about 26 percent of ton-miles, rail about 27 percent, water about 24 percent and pipeline about 16 percent.