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South Korean Transportation Officials Turn to TSI for Safety and Security Training

South Korean Transportation Officials Turn to TSI for Safety and Security Training

Workers from Korean Railroad Corp. (KRC)

When Byeong Ho Ahn, Director of South Korea's Department of Transportation and Safety, and some of his staff attended a few classes at RITA's Transportation Safety Institute (TSI) in 2005, he was so impressed by the high quality of the training and the professionalism of its instructors that he told TSI he wanted to bring the whole 4-week experience home with him.

Responsible for all railway safety manager and inspector training for the Korean Railroad Corp. (KRC), Byeong Ho pursued an arrangement between the Ministry of Construction and Transportation of the Republic of Korea and the U.S. Department of Transportation to enable his top staff to complete courses in Transit Rail System Safety, Transit Rail Incident Investigation, Transit System Security, and Effectively Managing Transit Emergencies. TSI's first training there took place in Seoul in late 2006, followed by another session in Daejon, South Korea , in the spring of 2007. Competition for the highly publicized TSI training was tough, as several hundred applicants vied for the limited number of slots available, including a number of high-ranking officials of the government rail organization.

TSI takes pride in its ability to customize its training to meet any customer's needs. The arrangement between the South Korean ministry and TSI is just one example of the unique and flexible approach TSI offers every day as a cost recovery organization within RITA.

Based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, TSI was established in 1971 to help DOT modal administrations accomplish their mission-essential training requirements. Now a part of RITA, TSI is committed to developing and providing premier, worldwide safety, security, and environmental training, products, and/or services for both the public and private sectors in the areas of transit, aviation, pipeline, motor carrier, highway safety, hazardous material, and risk management.

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