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your national transportation library

your national transportation library

Online Resources

TranStats is an online database for disseminating intermodal transportation data in a format suitable for analysis. The free public website at allows users to search for transportation data sets, explore data, and download specific data from tables. It is most useful for Bureau of Transportation Statistics' data on airlines, border crossings, and ferries.

National Transportation Library (NTL) Integrated Search System provides an in-tandem search of the NTL Digital Repository (full-text digital resources and digitized documents) and TRIS Online, a cooperative product of TRB and the NTL. The NTL Digital Repository includes statistical, technical, research, and policy documents provided by federal, state, local, tribal, and other government agencies and can be searched full text. The NTL Integrated Search System can be found at

Transportation Libraries Catalog (TLCat) is a combined library catalog for over 35 transportation libraries representing federal, state DOT, association, and university library collections throughout the country. With one search, users can locate resources locally and nationally. To borrow materials found in the catalog, contact your local library. TLCat is available free from the NTL at

If, after you have completed your online search you cannot find exactly what you need or need further assistance finding information, please contact NTL's reference staff at for prompt service.