Table 8 Post-9/11 Legislation Relevant to Maritime Transportation System Security

Table 8
Post-9/11 Legislation Relevant to Maritime Transportation System Security

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Legislation Purpose
Aviation and Transportation Security Act (2001) Gave the federal government broad authority in transportation security for all modes.
Maritime Transportation Security Act (2002) Required the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to create the National Maritime Security Plan. This plan outlines the coordinated action and incident-response plans between federal, state, and local governments to respond to security incidents involving maritime assets and infrastructure. The act also required, among other things, the establishment of transportation worker identification cards, maritime safety and security teams, port security grants, and enhancements to maritime intelligence and matters dealing with foreign ports and international cooperation.
Critical Infrastructure Information Act (2002) Created the framework that allows private-sector entities and others to voluntarily submit information regarding critical infrastructure/key resources in their possession to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, with the assurance that this information will not be publicly available.
The Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act (2004) Required the development of the National Strategy for Transportation Security. This strategy is a classified document, but it is known that this document provides the framework for the federal government, working with state, local, and tribal governments and private industry, to secure the national transportation system and to prepare to respond to terrorist threats or attacks to transportation infrastructure.
Security and Accountability for Every Port Act (2006) Required the secretary of homeland security, in coordination with relevant federal, state, local, and tribal government authorities and the private sector and international community, to develop and implement a strategic plan to "enhance the security of the international supply chain."

SOURCE: U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Draft Strategy to Enhance International Supply Chain Security, July 2007.