Flight Delay Cause May Be Reported Soon

Flight Delay Cause May Be Reported Soon

The Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS) is reviewing comments from the public and interested parties on a proposal that would require the nation’s largest airlines to file a monthly report detailing causes of flight delays and cancellations.

The 10 largest airlines now file a monthly on-time performance report with BTS on the numbers of delays and cancellations. These reports are summarized in DOT’s monthly Air Travel Consumer Report, available at www.dot.gov/airconsumer. Additional information on causes of delays and cancellations would provide more information for aviation system managers and for consumers making travel decisions.

BTS, in cooperation with the Office of the Secretary of Transportation, proposed a rule on flight delay causes late last year that recommends three categories of delays and cancellations:

  • Air Carrier Responsibility—delays or cancellations for which the air carrier has responsibility and control, such as aircraft cleaning, aircraft damage, or awaiting the arrival of connecting passengers or crew.
  • Extreme Weather.
  • National Aviation System (NAS)— delays and cancellations attributable
    to a broad set of conditions such as weather (nonextreme), airport security and passenger screening problems, airport operations, heavy traffic volume, or air traffic control.

A flight is counted as “on time” if it arrives less than 15 minutes after the scheduled time shown in the carrier’s computerized reservations system. Flights delayed 15 minutes or more, canceled, or diverted are recorded as late.

To view a copy of the proposed rule and the comments, go to the Docket Management System website, http://dms.dot.gov/, and follow the instructions for viewing Docket No. OST 2000-8164.