The Woman of September 11

The Woman of September 11

Employees from the Bureau of Transportation Statistics have led a Department of Transportation-wide effort to make a memorial quilt for the 74 women killed on September 11 in the Pentagon and on American Airlines Flight 77, which crashed into the building.

The quilt is intended to express heartfelt sympathy to the victims and their families. Quilters felt the task helped put their own lives in perspective.

The result is “Hearts and Hands Across the Potomac” an 84-square quilt that will be presented to Pentagon officials and families of the victims.

Stacy Murphy and Kim Webb of BTS organized the quilt project. Women from every agency within DOT participated by making nine-by-nine inch tribute squares using materials provided by the BTS women. Much of the work took place in a March 26 quilting session.

The squares have been sewn together in the following weeks by Kim Hill, Thea Graham, Peg Young, and Susan Lapham. It has a flag in the middle and a gold star containing the name of every woman who died at the Pentagon and on Flight 77.

Secretary of Transportation Norman Y. Mineta will present the quilt at an August 27th ceremony to be held from 10:30 to 12 noon in room 2230 of the Nassif building.