Table B-11 - Estimated Measures of Reliability for Shipment Characteristics by Three-Digit Commodity for State of Origin: 2002

Table B-11 - Estimated Measures of Reliability for Shipment Characteristics by Three-Digit Commodity for State of Origin: 2002

[Estimates are based on data from the Commodity Flow Survey. Because of rounding, estimates may not be additive]

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Code Commodity (3-digit SCTG) Value Tons Ton-miles CV of average miles
per shipment
CV Std. error
of percent
CV Std. error
of percent
CV Std. error
of percent
  All commodities 11.9 34.5 23.4 22.9
10 Live animals and live fish S S S S S S 31.6
21 Wheat S S S S S S 31.6
22 Corn, except sweet
29 Other cereal grains
31 Fresh or chilled potatoes (Irish potatoes), except sweet
32 Fresh or chilled edible vegetables, except potatoes (Irish potatoes) S S S S S S 28.5
33 Fresh, chilled, or dried edible fruit and nuts S S 46.5 S S S
34 Soya beans
35 Oil seeds and nuts, except olives and soya beans
36 Bulbs, live plants, and seeds for sowing, nec S S S S S S 31.6
39 Fresh-cut flowers, plants, and parts of plants, and other agricultural S S S S S S 31.6
41 Cereal straw or husks, forage products, residues and waste from the food S S S S S S 36.9
42 Animal feed preparations
51 Meat including poultry, except preparations S S S S S S S
52 Fish, except live, and seafood, except preparations 22.2 2.6 35.0 0.5 41.9 5.4 14.6
53 Preparations, extracts, and juices of meat, fish, or seafood S S S S S S 28.6
61 Wheat flour, groats, and meal S S S S S S 31.6
62 Malt, starches, inulin, wheat gluten, and milled or otherwise worked S S S S S S 31.6
63 Food preparations of cereals, flour, starch, or milk S S S S S S 31.6
64 Bakery products S S S S S S 31.2
71 Dairy products, except chocolate milk, eggnog, and food preparations of milk S S S S S S S
72 Processed or prepared vegetables, fruit, or nuts, except dried or milled, S S S S S S S
73 Coffee, tea, and spices, except unprocessed coffee and unfermented tea S S S S S S S
74 Animal or vegetable fats and oils and their cleavage products, prepared S S S S S S S
75 Cane, beet, and other sugars in solid form, sugar syrups not containing S S S S S S 32.3
76 Confectionery, cocoa, and cocoa preparations S S S S S S 31.6
77 Edible preparations, necand vinegar S S S S S S S
78 Nonalcoholic beverages, necand ice 39.6 0.6 45.5 0.3 43.6 21.9
81 Malt Beer 32.7 0.3 26.5 30.8 0.3 40.9
82 Wine and other fermented beverages 46.0 S S S S 28.3
83 Spirituous beverages and ethyl alcohol 38.8 39.9 S S 29.7
90 Tobacco products S S S S S S 31.6
100 Monumental or building stone, except dolomite
110 Natural sands, except metal-bearing S S S S S S 42.9
120 Gravel and crushed stone, except dolomite and slate 41.7 0.2 S S S S S
131 Salt S S S S S S 31.6
132 Natural calcium phosphates, natural aluminum-calcium phosphates, and
133 Dolomite S S S S S S 31.6
139 Other nonmetallic minerals S S S S S S 30.6
141 Iron ores and concentrates
149 Other metallic ores and concentrates S S S S S S 31.6
151 Nonagglomerated bituminous coal 41.1 0.2 43.0 2.7 49.6 2.6 26.4
159 Other coal S S S S S S 31.6
171 Gasoline 45.5 2.9 43.3 2.0 S S 22.6
172 Aviation turbine fuel (types A and B) 24.8 3.9 25.0 7.1 35.9 8.6 18.8
180 Fuel oils 19.5 2.1 25.9 3.0 39.8 8.6 S
191 Lubricating oils and greases S S S S S S 30.0
192 Refined petroleum oils and oils obtained from bituminous minerals, nec S S S S S S 31.0
193 Gaseous hydrocarbons S S S S S S S
199 Other products of petroleum refining, and coal products 47.4 1.1 37.9 1.8 S S S
201 Sodium hydroxide (caustic soda) and potassium hydroxide (caustic potash) S S S S S S 28.3
202 Inorganic chemicals, nec 40.7 46.5 S S S
203 Cyclic hydrocarbons S S S S S S 31.6
204 Phenols, phenol-alcohols, aldehydes, cyclic polymers of aldehydes, S S S S S S 29.6
205 Organic chemicals, nec S S S S S S S
210 Pharmaceutical products S S S S S S 29.4
220 Fertilizers and fertilizer materials S S S S S S S
231 Paints and varnishes, tanning or dyeing extracts, tannins and their 48.6 43.3 S S 37.9
232 Essential oils and resinoids, and perfumery, cosmetic, or toilet preparations S S S S S S 42.0
233 Soap, organic surface-active agents, cleaning preparations, polishes and 47.9 46.7 S S S
234 Photographic film, plates, paper, paperboard, or textiles, and chemical S S S S S S 31.6
235 Insecticides, rodenticides, fungicides, herbic
239 Other chemical products and preparations 37.9 40.2 S S S
241 Plastics in primary forms, rubber in primary forms or sheets, and S S S S S S 31.6
242 Manmade fibers and plastics basic shapes and articles 47.6 0.6 40.2 S S 30.3
243 Rubber articles S S S S S S S
250 Logs and other wood in the rough S S S S S S 31.6
261 Wood chips or particles
262 Lumber, wood continuously shaped along any of its edges or faces, and 43.6 0.1 S S S S S
263 Veneer sheets and sheets for plywood, particle board, fiberboard, plywood, 32.9 41.8 S S 31.4
264 Builders joinery and carpentry of wood, except shingles and shakes 40.8 42.5 S S 41.2
269 Other wood products S S S S S S 29.0
271 Pulp of fibrous cellulosic materials
272 Newsprint in large rolls or sheets
273 Uncoated paper and paperboard in large rolls or sheets 38.4 S S S S S
274 Coated, impregnated, treated, or worked paper and paperboard, in large S S S S S S 31.6
280 Paper or paperboard articles 37.5 0.2 34.0 32.1 46.5
291 Printed books, brochures, leaflets, and similar printed products S S S S S S S
292 Newspapers, journals, and periodicals S S S S S S 30.3
293 Advertising material, commercial or trade catalogues, and similar printed 40.5 45.4 42.9 S
299 Other printed products 34.9 S S S S 31.2
301 Textile fibers, yarns, and broadwoven or knitt S S S S S S 31.1
302 Textile clothing and accessories, and headgear, except safety 41.3 S S 39.8 37.9
303 Textiles and textile articles, nec 30.0 37.6 S S 40.3
304 Footwear S S S S S S 31.6
305 Leather and articles, luggage of related materials, and dressed furskins S S S S S S 27.9
311 Hydraulic cements S S S S S S 31.6
312 Ceramic products 47.4 S S S S 48.1
313 Glass and glass products 45.6 0.3 47.2 S S S
319 Other nonmetallic mineral products 35.6 0.5 44.8 2.6 S S 34.2
321 Iron and steel in primary forms, in semifinished forms, or in powders or S S S S S S 35.5
322 Flat-rolled products of iron or steel 30.8 0.1 31.8 S S 25.1
323 Bars, rods, angles, shapes, sections, and wire, of iron or steel 34.4 0.1 31.5 S S 32.1
324 Nonferrous metal, except precious, in unwrought forms, in finished basic 50.0 S S S S S
331 Pipes, tubes, and fittings S S S S S S 26.6
332 Structures and parts, except prefabricated buildings 42.2 S S 46.3 34.6
333 Handtools, cutlery, except of precious metals, interchangeable tools for S S 20.5 41.5 S
339 Other articles of metal 48.6 0.1 S S S S 42.3
341 Internal-combustion piston engines S S S S S S 22.8
342 Turbines, boilers, nuclear reactors, and nonelectric engines and motors, S S S S S S 23.9
343 Pumps, compressors, and fans, and ventilating or recycling hoods 42.0 0.1 45.7 S S 30.2
344 Air-conditioning, refrigerating, or freezing equipment 33.7 32.7 S S 44.8
345 Materials-handling, excavating, boring, and related machinery and equipment 34.8 0.3 37.9 S S 24.8
349 Other machinery S S S S S S 34.8
351 Electric motors, generators, generating sets, rotary converters, S S S S S S S
352 Electric cooking appliances and other electrothermic or electromechanical S S S S S S 31.3
353 Line telephone or telegraph apparatus S S S S S S 40.7
354 Electronic entertainment products, except parts S S S S S S 30.3
355 Computer and office equipment S S S S S S S
356 Prepared unrecorded or prerecorded media S S S S S S 28.3
357 Transmission apparatus for radio or television broadcasting, radio S S S S S S 33.3
358 Electronic components and parts S S S S S S 41.0
359 Other electronic and electrical equipment 24.9 0.9 41.7 0.1 47.9 0.1 26.9
361 Motor vehicles for the transport of less than S S S S S S 31.6
362 Motor vehicles for the transport of goods and road tractors for S S S S S S S
363 Other vehicles S S S S S S S
364 Parts and accessories for motor vehicles, except motorcycles and armored 22.5 0.5 27.0 37.1 0.2 20.1
371 Locomotives and rolling stock, railway track fixtures and fittings,
372 Aircraft and spacecraft S S S S S S 29.8
373 Ships, boats, and floating structures S S S S S S S
381 Optical elements, instruments, and apparatus, except photographic and S S S S S S 32.1
382 Photographic and photocopying machines S S S S S S 41.3
383 Surveying,hydrographic, oceanographic, hydro S S S S S S 31.6
384 Instruments, apparatus, and appliances for medical, surgical, dental, or S S S S S S S
385 Meters and other instruments and apparatus for S S S S S S 30.2
390 Furniture, mattresses and mattress supports, lamps, lighting fittings, and 38.3 0.4 30.8 39.1 31.0
401 Arms and ammunition S S S S S S S
402 Toys, games, and sporting equipment S S S S S S 31.6
409 Miscellaneous manufactured products S S 32.0 43.3 0.1 29.0
411 Metallic waste and scrap
412 Nonmetallic waste and scrap, except from food processing S S S S S S 31.6
439 Mixed freight S S S S 47.7 1.7 37.4
-- Commodity unknown 39.0 0.2 44.9 0.3 S S S

– Represents data cell equal to zero or less than 1 unit of measure.
S Estimate does not meet publication standards because of high sampling variability or poor response quality.
CV Coefficient of variation of number

NOTE: The Introduction and appendixes give information onf confidentiality protection, sampling error, nonsampling error, sample design, and definitions. Links to this information on the Internet may be found at

SOURCE: Bureau of Transportation Statistics (USDOT) and U.S. Census Bureau, 2002 Commodity Flow Survey, Individual State Data, December 2004.