Volume 3 Number 3 Back Cover

BTS | Volume 3 Number 3 - Back Cover

Volume 3 Number 3
Back Cover


Andreas Schafer
Regularities in Travel Demand: An International Perspective

Aemal J. Khattak, Joseph E. Hummer, and Hassan A. Karimi
New and Existing Roadway Inventory Data Acquisition Methods

Kara Maria Kockelman and Yong Zhao
Behavioral Distinctions: The Use of Light-Duty Trucks and Passenger Cars

Pedro Cantos, José M. Pastor, and Lorenzo Serrano
Efficiency Measures and Output Specification: The Case of European Railways

Darren L. Jorgenson, Matthew G. Karlaftis, and Kumares C. Sinha
Vehicle Speed Considerations in Traffic Management: Development of a New Speed Monitoring Program

Marcus Wigan, Nigel Rockliffe, Thorolf Thoresen, and Dimitris Tsolakis
Valuing Long-Haul and Metropolitan Freight Travel Time and Reliability