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Leonard Maclean, Alex Richman, Stif Larsson + Vincent Richman
The Dynamics of Aircraft Degradation and Mechanical Failure

Miriam Scaglione + Andrew Mungall
Air Traffic at Three Swiss Airports: Application of Stamp in Forecasting Future Trends

Scott Dennis
Improved Estimates of Ton-Miles

Adrian V. Cortus, Joseph N. Prashker + Yoram Shiftan
Spatial and Temporal Transferability of Trip Generation Demand Models in Israel

Sudeshna Mitra, Simon Washington, Eric Dumbaugh + Michael D. Meyer
Governors Highway Safety Associations and Transportation Planning: Exploratory Factor Analysis and Structural Equation Modeling

Wenqun Wang, Haibo Chen + Margaret C. Bell
Vehicle Breakdown Duration Modeling

Mohamed Abdel-Aty
Using Generalized Estimating Equations to Account for Correlation in Route Choice Models

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Data Review
Employment in the Airline Industry, a review of Bureau of Transportation Statistics data by Jennifer Brady