New ASA Section on Transportation Statistics Seeks Members

New ASA Section on Transportation Statistics Seeks Members

This notice announces the tentative formation of the Section on Transportation Statistics of the American Statistical Association (ASA). The principal objective of this new section is to serve ASA members with special interests in: 1) developing and applying statistical methods to problems in transportation, 2) analyzing transportation data, 3) collecting transportation data, and 4) formulating mathematical models, whether deterministic or stochastic, which describe and explain underlying mechanisms and modes of action of fundamental processes in transportation. This section will cooperate with the Transportation Research Board and other professional organizations in order to sponsor joint meetings and sessions at professional meetings.

Contacts for the Section are Prem Goel (, Mike Griffith (, Cliff Spiegelman (, and me. Under the ASA Constitution, we need an expression of interest from 100 or more ASA members to form the Section so that we can provide the ASA Council with our initial mailing list of Section members. A draft of the Section charter is available and will be emailed on request. This announcement is for the purpose of adding names to our initial mailing list of founding members and for obtaining suggestions and comments.

All section members must be willing to pay an annual section fee of $5. This charge will appear on your next ASA membership dues statement, in the same way that charges for other section memberships appear. The first 100 persons who respond to this solicitation will be listed as founding members on the new section's website.

If you are willing to become a founding member, please send me an email with the following statement:

I, (insert your name), support the petition to form a new ASA section to be called the Section on Transportation Statistics.

Thank you very much for your help in establishing what we believe will be an active new section with a highly important mission in today's society and economy. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact me.

Promod Chandhok, Ph.D.
Chair, ASA Interest Group on Transportation Statistics
Bureau of Transportation Statistics
Research and Innovative Technology Administration
U.S. Department of Transportation
Washington, DC 20590
The George Washington University
Washington, DC