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VS Chalasani, JM Denstadli, Ø Engebretsen + KW Axhausen
Precision of Geocoded Locations and Network Distance Estimates

David A Hensher + John M Rose
Respondent Behavior in Discrete Choice Modeling with a Focus on the Valuation of Travel Time Savings

Dimitris X Kokotos + Yiannis G Smirlis
A Classification Tree Application to Predict Total Ship Loss

David Chien
U.S. Transportation Models Forecasting Greenhouse Gas Emissions: An Evaluation from a User's Perspective

Stephen D Clark + John McKimm
Estimating Confidence Intervals for Transport Mode Share

Dazhi Sun + Rahim F Benekohal
Analysis of Work Zone Gaps and Rear-End Collision Probability

Peter G Furth
Sampling and Estimation Techniques for Estimating Bus System Passenger-Miles

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Transportation Services Index, a review of Bureau of Transportation Statistics data by Jennifer Brady