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Pat Hu
Introduction to the Special Issue on the 2001 National Household Travel Survey

Nathan Erlbaum
Assesment of 2001 New York State NHTS Add-on Data Using Empirical and Auditable Data Sources

Marco G Scuderi + Kelly J Clifton
Bayesian Approaches to Learning from Data: Using NHTS Data for the Analysis of Land Use and Travel Behavior

Steven Polzin + Xuehao Chu
A Closer Look at Public Transportation Mode Share Trends

Felipe Targa + Kelly J Clifton
Built Environment and Nonmotorized Travel: Evidence from Baltimore City Using the NHTS

Bing Mei, Thomas A Cooney + Niels R Bostrom
Using Bayesian Updating to Enhance 2001 NHTS Kentucky Sample Data for Travel Demand Modeling

Peter R Stropher, Stephen P Greaves + Min Xu
Using National Data to Simulate Metropolitan Area Household Travel Data

Joy Sharp + Elaine Murakami
Travel Surveys: Methodological and Technology-Related Considerations