TABLE 1 Total Travel by Residents, Businesses, and Vehicles

TABLE 1 Total Travel by Residents, Businesses, and Vehicles

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VIUS97 categories VIUS97 VMT NHTS01 categories NHTS01 VMT VIUS97 VMT adjusted to 2001 95% upper CL VMT estimate Notes
Private and commercial truck VMT (000,000) Residential household personal VMT (000,000) Estimated personal VMT (000,000) Estimated commercial VMT (000,000) VMT (000,000)
    Total 95,207.10     131,002.5 Sum + f,g,i
    Auto 62,795.90     67,415.2 a
    Motorcycle 315.1     471.3 a
Total 36,396.6       37,203.9    
Heavy trucks 3,998.7       16,267.5 16,267.5 d,e,h
Light trucks 32,397.9 Light truck 32,081.9 25,449.4 20,936.4    
Pickup 10,663.9 Pickup 9,119.8 8,424.6 6,851.3 15,276.0 b,c,e,h
Panel/van 3,526.8 Not pickup 22,962.0 17,024.8 14,085.1 31,109.9 b,c,e,h
Minivan 7,311.3 Van 9,538.2        
    Other truck 2,108.5        
SUV 9,902.5 SUV 11,315.3        
Station wagon 993.3            
    RV 14.2        

Key: CFS = Commodity Flow Survey; CL = confidence limit; DOT = Department of Transportation; NHTS = National Household Travel Survey; NYS = New York State; RV = recreational vehicle; VIUS = Vehicle Inventory and Use Survey; VMT = vehicle-miles of travel.


a. Assume 95% upper CL estimate of NHTS01 personal VMT.

b. NHTS01/VIUS97 ratios for personal travel for pickup, nonpickup used to grow 2001 commercial component of (VIUS stratum 1,2).

c. Assume VMT contribution of non-NYS pickup + panel/van to be at least equal to NYS value.

d. Assume that VIUS97 stratum 3-4 vehicles are illogical as personal transportation choice and are considered commercial use.

e. Assume VIUS97 heavy-truck VMT estimate for surrounding states is equal to NYS estimate, since CFS shows 70% of all NYS origin movements are less than 50 miles; add to this the Reebie TranSearch 2001 primary truck shipment assigned network VMT in NYS with equal empty backhaul estimate (no estimate for secondary and/or transshipments are then made).

f. NYSDOT operating assistance-based bus transit VMT (000,000), which assumes 10% addition for deadhead miles 257.9

g. NYS school bus VMT (000,000) 204.8

h. Census provisions for state-based relative error computation are not provided. U.S. error is significantly less than that for the NYS sample. Twice the value of the U.S. relative error for truck-miles by operating class were used for NYS tables of annual miles by opclas and samtyp to compute upper 95% CL estimate.

i. Total includes 14.2 million VMT for RV not included in any of the other table rows.


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