Table 4-7 Boating Use, Ownership, and Facilities (Estimated)

Table 4-7
Boating Use, Ownership, and Facilities (Estimated)

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People participating inrecreational boating 69,486,000
Water skiers 5,921,000
All boats in use 16,999,400
Registered (numbered) boats 12,782,143
Outboard boats owned 8,342,300
Inboard boats owned 1,678,240
Sterndrive boats owned 1,742,800
Personal watercraft 1,053,560
Sailboats owned 1,631,100
Misc. craft owned (Canoes, rowboats, dinghies, and other craft registered by the states) 972,200
Other (Estimated canoes, rowboats etc. not registered by the states) 1,579,200
Outboard motors owned 8,759,400
Inboard engines owned (Includes gasoline, diesel, and jet drive marine engines) 2,202,400
Boat trailers owned 7,563,900
Marina, boatyards, yacht clubs, dockominiums, parks, & other 12,000

NOTES: All industry figures are estimates. Ownership figures are based on Coast Guard registrations and estimates of nonregistered boats.

SOURCE: National Marine Manufacturers Association, Chicago, IL, available at as of June 26, 2001.

  • The number of recreational boats exceeds the number of registered or numbered boats because some boats are not required to register with a government body.