Air Travel Price Index

Air Travel Price Index

Level (monthly data, seasonally adjusted)

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The U.S.-Origin ATPI measures change in the cost of itineraries originating in the United States, whether the destinations are domestic or international. The Foreign-Origin ATPI measures change in the cost of itineraries with a foreign origin and a U.S. destination. The Full-Scope ATPI combines the domestic and foreign-origin itineraries.

Air Travel Price Index 2003 Quarter 3 2004 Quarter 3
U.S. - Origin Air Travel Price Index (1995=100) 106 102
Foreign - Origin Air Travel Price Index (1995=100) 93 98
Full - Scope Air Travel Price Index (1995=100) 103 101

2004 data are preliminary.

NOTES: The current value is compared to the value from the same period in the previous year to account for seasonality.

SOURCE: U.S. Department of Transportation, Bureau of Transportation Statistics, Air Travel Price Index data, available at: as of March 2005.