Transportation Employment

Transportation Employment

Monthly data, not seasonally adjusted

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Employment in for-hire transportation industries is a signal of demand in the economy. In the May 2010 edition of Occupational Employment Statistics, 67 percent of employees in for-hire transportation industries are in transportation and material moving positions (Standard Occupational Classification 53). That share is 76 percent for truck transportation, but only 44 percent for air transportation. (Data is not directly comparable to 2009 because of revision of the SOC.)

Transportation Employment Sep-10 Sep-11
Truck Transportation Employees (thousands) 1,271.1 1,306.4
Percent change from same month previous year -0.4 2.8
Air Transportation Employees (thousands) 464.9 475.2
Percent change from same month previous year 0.6 2.2
Transit and Ground Passenger Transportation Employees (thousands) 453.2 448.5
Percent change from same month previous year 6.0 -1.0
Other Transportation Modes Employees (thousands) 324.2 334.8
Percent change from same month previous year 0.6 3.3

NOTES: Other Transportation Modes includes rail, water, and pipeline transportation. Data do not include the sightseeing, support activity, courier, or warehousing industries.

SOURCE: U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Current Employment Statistics, available at as of October 2011.