Table 5-3c Top U.S. Domestic Freight Commodities by Mode: 1993

Table 5-3c
Top U.S. Domestic Freight Commodities by Mode: 1993

(Millions of U.S. short tons)

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Mode of transportation Total
Machinery, excluding electricals 0.51
Chemicals or allied products 0.36
Electrical machinery, equipment or supplies 0.28
Transportation equipment 0.26
Instruments, photographic and optical goods, watches or clocks 0.10
Crude oil 1,019.6
Petroleum products 850.9
Natural gas 554
Coal 631.1
Farm products 174.9
Nonmetallic minerals 144.9
Petroleum or coal products 136.2
Chemicals or allied products 130.3
Nonmetallic minerals 1,504.2
Petroleum or coal products 992.7
Food or kindred products 743.2
Lumber or wood products, excluding furniture 583.1
Chemicals or allied products 310.5
Water transport  
Petroleum and petroleum products 930.6
Crude materials 360.6
Coal 300.4
Food and farm products 269.3
Chemicals and related products 131.6
Intermodal (road and rail combination)  
Transportation equipment 7.6
Chemicals or allied products 2.1
Food or kindred products 1.9
Lumber or wood products, excluding furniture 1.7
Pulp, paper or allied products 1.6


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