Appendix C: Reference Resources

Appendix C: Reference Resources

This appendix provides additional reference materials for many of the data tables. Included in this appendix are: acronyms for data sources; currency exchange rates; state and provincial abbreviations; U.S.-metric conversion ratios; land port names for the Canadian-U.S. and Mexican-U.S. borders; and the two digit commodity codes and descriptions of the Harmonized Schedule for international merchandise trade.

Source Acronyms

This acronym list represents many of the Canadian, Mexican and U.S. government and non-government sources used in this publication, but should not be viewed as exhaustive. This list of acronyms should not be viewed as a comprehensive list of government or non-governmental organizations and associations that maintain and analyze transportation and transportation related data in any of the three countries.

Canadian Identified Sources

Agency Type:

Canadian Government Agencies

Acronym Name of Source
NRCan Natural Resources Canada
SLSMC St. Lawrence Seaway Management Corporation
STC Statistics Canada
TSB Transportation Safety Board of Canada
TC Transport Canada

Non-Governmental Organizations

Acronym Name of Source
CN Canadian National
CPR Canadian Pacific Railway
TAC Transportation Association of Canada

Mexican Identified Sources

Acronym Name of Source
INEGI Instituto Nacional de Estadística, Geografía e Informática (National Institute of Statistics, Geography and Informatics)
DGCNES y P Dirección General de Contabilidad Nacional, Estudios Socioeconómicos y Precios (Directorate General of National Accounts, Socioeconomic Studies and Prices)
DGE Dirección General de Estadística (Directorate General of Statistics)
DCSE Dirección de Censos de Sectores Económicos (Directorate General of Economic Census)
DECP Dirección de Estadísticas de Corto Plazo. (Directorate General of Short Term Statistics)
DEE Dirección de Estadísticas Económicas (Bureau of Economic Statistics)
DGG Dirección General de Geografía (Directorate General of Geography)
SCT Secretaría de Comunicaciones y Transportes (Ministry of Communications and Transportation)
ASA Aeropuertos y Servicios Auxiliares (Airports and Auxiliary Services)
CGPMM Coordinación General de Puertos y Marina Mercante (General Coordination of Ports and Merchant Marine)
DGAC Dirección General de Aeronáutica Civil (General Directorate of Civil Aeronautics)
DGAF Dirección General de Autotransporte Federal (General Directorate of Federal Motor Carriers)
DGP Dirección General de Planeación (Directorate General of Planning)
DGPFC Dirección General de Policía Federal de Caminos y Puertos (General Directorate of Federal Highway and Port Patrol)
FERRONALES/FNM Ferrocarriles Nacionales de México (National Railroads of Mexico)
IMT Instituto Mexicano del Transporte (Mexican Institute of Transport)
BANXICO Banco de México (Bank of Mexico)
CONAE Comisión Nacional para el Ahorro de Energía (National Commission for Energy Conservation)
METRORREY Sistema de Transporte Eléctrico de la ciudad de Monterrey (Electric Public Transport (Transit, Trolley and Light Rail) System for the Monterrey Metropolitan Zone)
PEMEX Petróleos Mexicanos (Mexican Petroleum Company)
SE Secretaría de Energía (Ministry of Energy)
SECOFI Secretaría de Comercio y Fomento Industrial (Ministry of Trade and Industrial Development)
SECTUR Secretaría de Turismo (Ministry of Tourism)
SHCP Secretaría de Hacienda y Crédito Pblico (Ministry of Finance and Public Credit)
SPP Secretaría de Programación y Presupuesto (Ministry of Planning and Budgeting)
STC Sistema de Transporte Colectivo (Metro) (Public Transport (Transit) System for the Mexico City Metropolitan Zone)
STE Sistema de Transporte Eléctrico (Electric Public Transport (Transit, Trolley and Light Rail) System for the Mexico City Metropolitan Zone)
STEZMG Sistema de Transporte Eléctrico de la Zona Metropolitana de Guadalajara (Electric Public Transport (Transit, Trolley and Light Rail) System for the Guadalajara Metropolitan Zone)

United States Identified Sources

Agency Type:

U.S. Government Agencies

Acronym Name of Source
DOC Department of Commerce
Census U.S. Census Bureau
BEA Bureau of Economic Analysis
ITA International Trade Administration
TIO Tourism Industries Office
DOD Department of Defense
USACE U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
DOE Department of Energy
EIA Energy Information Administration
ORNL Oak Ridge National Laboratory
DOL Department of Labor
BLS Bureau of Labor Statistics
DOT Department of Transportation
BTS Bureau of Transportation Statistics
FAA Federal Aviation Administration
FHWA Federal Highway Administration
FRA Federal Railroad Administration
FTA Federal Transit Administration
MARAD Maritime Administration
NHTSA National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
OST Office of the Secretary
RSPA Research and Special Programs Administration
STB Surface Transportation Board
SLSDC St. Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation
USCG United States Coast Guard
EPA Environmental Protection Agency
NTSB National Transportation Safety Board

U.S. Non-Governmental Organizations

Acronym Name of Source
AAR American Association of Railroads
AGA American Gas Association
AMTRAK National Railroad Passenger Corporation (Amtrak)
API American Petroleum Institute
APTA American Public Transit Association
ENO ENO Transportation Foundation
TRB Transportation Research Board

International Organizations

Acronym/Abbreviation Name of Source
GATT General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade
IMF International Monetary Fund
ICAO International Civil Aviation Organization
Lloyd's Register Lloyd's Register of Shipping
OECD Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development
UN United Nations
WB World Bank
WTO World Trade Organization

International Currency Exchange Rates

  1990 1995 1996
Canada (units of Canadian dollars per U.S. dollar) 1.1668 1.3724 1.3635
Mexico (units of Mexican pesos per U.S. dollar) 2.8126 6.4194 7.6009

Source: International Monetary Fund, International Financial Statistics Yearbook 1997, Period Averages of Market Exchange Rates. (Washington, DC: 1998)

State and Provincial Abbreviations

Canadian Provinces, Territories and Abbreviations

Province Abbreviation
Alberta Alta.
British Columbia B.C.
Manitoba Man.
New Brunswick N.B.
Newfoundland Nfld.
Northwest Territories N.W.T.
Nova Scotia N.S.
Nunavut* Nvt.
Ontario Ont.
Prince Edward Island P.E.I.
Quebec Que.
Saskatchewan Sask.
Yukon Territory Y.T.

*Effective April 1, 1999, Nunavut was created as an administrative/geographical region of Canada from partitioning of the Northwest Territories. See the insert map to this publication for the geographical boundaries of Nunavut.

Mexican States and Abbreviations

Mexican State Abbreviation
Aguascalientes Ags.
Baja California B.C.
Baja California Sur B.C.S.
Chihuahua Chih.
Colima Col.
Campeche Camp.
Coahuila Coah.
Chiapas Chis.
Distrito Federal D.F.
Durango Dgo.
Guerrero Gro.
Guanajuato Gto.
Hidalgo Hgo.
Jalisco Jal.
Michoacán Mich.
Morelos Mor.
Edo. México Edo. de Méx.
Nayarit Nay.
Nuevo León N.L.
Oaxaca Oax.
Puebla Pue.
Quintana Roo Q. Roo
Querétaro Qro.
Sinaloa Sin.
San Luis Potosí S.L.P.
Sonora Son.
Tabasco Tab.
Tlaxcala Tlax.
Tamaulipas Tamps.
Veracruz Ver.
Yucatán Yuc.
Zacatecas Zac.

US States and Abbreviations

U.S. State Abbreviation
Alabama AL
Alaska AK
Arizona AZ
Arkansas AR
California CA
Colorado CO
Connecticut CT
Delaware DE
District of Columbia DC
Florida FL
Georgia GA
Hawaii HI
Idaho ID
Illinois IL
Indiana IN
Iowa IO
Kansas KS
Kentucky KY
Louisiana LA
Maine ME
Maryland MD
Massachusetts MA
Michigan MI
Minnesota MN
Mississippi MS
Missouri MO
Montana MT
Nebraska NE
Nevada NV
New Hampshire NH
New Jersey NJ
New Mexico NM
New York NY
North Carolina NC
North Dakota ND
Ohio OH
Oklahoma OK
Oregon OR
Pennsylvania PA
Rhode Island RI
South Carolina SC
South Dakota SD
Tennessee TN
Texas TX
Utah UT
Vermont VT
Virginia VA
Washington WA
West Virginia WV
Wisconsin WI
Wyoming WY

Conversion Ratios for Metric-U.S. Measures

Metric/U.S. Conversion Factors

Type of Measurement U.S. to Metric Metric to U.S.
Length 1 mile = 1.609 kilometers 1 kilometer = 0.6214 mile
Length 1 foot = 0.3048 meters 1 meter = 3.281 feet
Area 1 square mile = 2.590 square kilometers 1 square kilometer = 0.3861 square mile
Weight 1 U.S. short ton = 2,000 pounds = 0.9072 metric tons 1 metric ton = 1,000 kilograms = 1.102 U.S. short tons
Weight 1 pound =453.6 grams 1,000 grams=1 kilogram=2.205 pounds
Volume 1 cubic foot = 0.02832 cubic meters 1 cubic meter = 35.31 cubic feet
Volume 1 gallon = 3.785 liters 1 liter = 0.2642 gallons
Volume 1 BTU = 1055.056 joules 1,000 joules = 0.9478 BTU

1 mile per gallon = 235.2 liters per 100 kilometers
Other conversion factor: 1 barrel = 42 gallons

Land Port Names, Canadian-U.S. Border

(In Geographic Order from West to East Coast. Bold font indicates the name of the Customs port. Regular indented font indicates physical border crossings associated with each Customs port.)

U.S. State Canadian Province Border Crossing Canadian Port Code U.S. Port Code Observations
Alaska Yukon Territory Alcan-Beaver Creek 8902 3104  
Alaska British Columbia Dalton Cache-Prince Rupert 8080 3106  
Alaska British Columbia Skagway-Whitehorse-Fraser 8904 3103  
Washington British Columbia Point Roberts-Boundary Bay 8161 3017  
Washington British Columbia Blaine-Douglas and Pacific Highway   3004  
Washington British Columbia Blaine-Douglas Highway 8133   Passenger Vehicles/Buses/Passengers (Commercial/Traffic Operations Westbound)
Washington British Columbia Blaine-Pacific Highway 8131/8132   Passenger Vehicles/ Buses/Passengers(Commercial/Traffic Operations Westbound)
Washington British Columbia Lynden-Aldergrove 8174 3023  
Washington British Columbia Sumas-Huntington 8171/8173 3009 (Commercial/Traffic Operations Westbound)
Washington British Columbia Nighthawk-Chopaka 8320 3011  
Washington British Columbia Oroville-Osoyoos 8191 3019  
Washington British Columbia Ferry-Midway 8330 3013  
Washington British Columbia Danville-Carson 8161 3012  
Washington British Columbia Frontier-Paterson 8360 3020  
Washington British Columbia Laurier-Cascade 8162 3016  
Washington British Columbia Boundary-Waneta 8400 3015  
Washington British Columbia Metaline Falls-Nelway 8340 3025  
Idaho British Columbia Porthill-Rykerts 8370 3308  
Idaho British Columbia Eastport-Kingsgate 8181 3302  
Montana British Columbia Roosville-Grasmere   3318  
Montana Alberta Piegan-Carway 7053 3316  
Montana Alberta Del Bonita-Del Bonita 7055 3322  
Montana Alberta Sweetgrass-Coutts 7051 3310  
Montana Alberta Whitlash-Aden 7052 3321  
Montana Saskatchewan Turner Climax 6014 3306  
Montana Saskatchewan Morgan-Monchy 6015 3319  
Montana Saskatchewan Opheim-West Poplar 6013 3317  
Montana Saskatchewan Scobey-Coronach 6012 3309  
Montana Saskatchewan Whitetail-Big Beaver 6011 3312  
Montana Saskatchewan Raymond Regway 6070 3301  
North Dakota Saskatchewan Fortuna-Oungre 6100 3417  
North Dakota Saskatchewan Ambrose-Torquay 6103 3410  
North Dakota Saskatchewan Noonan-Estevan 6102 3420  
North Dakota Saskatchewan Portal-North Portal 6021 3403  
North Dakota Saskatchewan Northgate-Northgate 6023 3406  
North Dakota Saskatchewan Sherwood-Carievale 6024 3414  
North Dakota Manitoba Antler-Lyleton 5083 3413  
North Dakota Manitoba Westhope-Coulter 5081 3419  
North Dakota Manitoba Carbury-Goodlands 5082 3421  
North Dakota Manitoba Dunseith-Boissevain 5071 3422  
North Dakota Manitoba St. John-Lena 5073 4502  
North Dakota Manitoba Hansboro-Cartwright 5072 3415  
North Dakota Manitoba Sarles-Crystal City 5091 3409  
North Dakota Manitoba Hannah-Snowflake 5092 3408  
North Dakota Manitoba Maida-Windygate 5093 3416  
North Dakota Manitoba Walhalla-Winkler 5031 3407  
North Dakota Manitoba Neche-Gretna 5030 3404  
North Dakota Manitoba Pembina-Emerson 5021 3401  
Minnesota Manitoba Noyes-Emerson East 5025 3402  
Minnesota Manitoba Pinecreek-Piney 5051 3425  
Minnesota Manitoba Roseau-South Junction 5053 3426  
Minnesota Manitoba Warroad-Sprague 5052 3423  
Minnesota Ontario Baudette-Rainy River 4880 3424  
Minnesota Ontario International Falls-Ranier-Fort Frances 4780 3604 Pedestrians
Minnesota Ontario Grand Portage-Pigeon River 4751 3613  
Michigan Ontario Sault Ste. Marie-Sault Ste. Marie 4410 3803  
Michigan Ontario Port Huron-Sarnia 4401 3802 Passenger Vehicles /Passengers
Michigan Ontario Algonac-Walpole Island 4651 3814  
Michigan Ontario Detroit-Windsor 4530/4520 3801  
Michigan Ontario Ambassador Bridge-Windsor Ambassador Bridge 4530 3801 Passenger Vehicles/ Buses/Passengers
Michigan Ontario Windsor-Detroit Tunnel-Windsor Tunnel 4520 3801 Passenger Vehicles/ Buses/Passengers
New York Ontario Buffalo-Niagara Falls-Fort Erie and Niagara Falls   0901  
New York Ontario Buffalo-Fort Erie 4102/4101 0901 Passenger Vehicles/ Buses/Passengers (Commercial)
New York Ontario Niagara Falls-Niagara Falls   0901 Passenger Vehicles/ Buses/Passengers
New York Ontario Buffalo, Peace Bridge-Fort Erie 4102/4101 0901 (Commercial)
New York Ontario Niagara Falls, Rainbow Bridge-Rainbow Bridge 4272 0901 Passenger Vehicles/ Buses/Passengers
New York Ontario Niagara Falls, Whirlpool Rapids Bridge-Whirlpool Rapids Bridge 4271/4275 0901 Passenger Vehicles/ Buses/Passengers(Commercial)
New York Ontario Lewiston Bridge-Queenston Bridge 4273 0901 Passenger Vehicles/ Buses/Passengers
New York Ontario Cape Vincent-Point Alexandria   0706  
New York Ontario Alexandria Bay-Lansdowne 4560 0708  
New York Ontario Ogdensburg-Prescott 4390 0701  
New York Ontario/Quebec Massena-Cornwall 4090 0704  
New York Quebec Fort Covington-Dundee 3300 0705  
New York Quebec Trout River-Trout River and Jamieson   0715  
New York Quebec Trout River-Trout River 3520 0715  
New York Quebec Trout River-Jamieson 3720 0715  
New York Quebec Chateaugay-Herdman 3020 0711  
New York Quebec Champlain-Rouses Point-Lacolle Routes (15, 221, 223) and Covey Hill   0712  
New York Quebec Champlain-Rouses Point-Lacolle (Route 15) 3513 0712  
New York Quebec Champlain-Rouses Point-Lacolle (Route 221) 3512 0712  
New York Quebec Champlain-Rouses Point-Lacolle (Route 223) 3511 0712  
New York Quebec Champlain-Rouses Point-Covey Hill 3332 0712  
Vermont Quebec Highgate Springs-Alburg-Phillipsburg-Noyan 3370 0212  
Vermont Quebec Richford-Abercorn and East Pinnacle   0203  
Vermont Quebec Richford-Abercorn 3180 0203  
Vermont Quebec Richford-East Pinnacle 3690 0203  
Vermont Quebec North Troy-Highwater 3340   Rail Crossing
Vermont Quebec Derby Line-Rock Island (Route 55 and 143)   0209  
Vermont Quebec Derby Line-Rock Island (Route 55) 3141 0209  
Vermont Quebec Derby Line-Rock Island (Route 143) 3142 0209  
Vermont Quebec Norton-Stanhope 3540 0211  
Vermont Quebec Beecher Falls-East Hereford 3620 0206  
Maine Quebec Jackman-Armstrong 3291 0104  
Maine Quebec Skinner-Boundary     Rail Crossing
Maine New Brunswick Fort Kent-Clair 2160 0110  
Maine New Brunswick Madawaska-Edmundston 2130 0109  
Maine New Brunswick Van Buren-St. Leonard 2180 0108  
Maine New Brunswick Limestone-Gillespie 2370 0118  
Maine New Brunswick Fort Fairfield-Andover 2140 0107  
Maine New Brunswick Bridgewater-Centreville 2150 0127  
Maine New Brunswick Houlton-Woodstock Road 2121 0106  
Maine New Brunswick Vanceboro-St. Croix 2310 0105  
Maine New Brunswick Calais-St. Stephen 2110 0115  
Maine Nova Scotia Portland, Bar Harbour   0101 Ferry crossing
Maine Nova Scotia Bar Harbour-Yarmouth 7750   Pedestrians
Maine Nova Scotia Portland-Yarmouth 7750   Pedestrians

Land Port Names, Mexican-U.S. Border

(In Geographic Order from West to East Coast. Bold font indicates the name of the Customs port. Regular indented font indicates physical border crossings associated with each Customs port.)

U.S. State Mexican State Border Crossing U.S. Port Code Observations
California Baja California San Ysidro-Puerta Mexico (Tijuana) 2504 Passenger Vehicles/ Rail/Pedestrian
California Baja California Otay Mesa-Mesa de Otay 2506 Primarily Freight
California Baja California Tecate-Tecata 2505 Includes Rail
California Baja California Calexico-Mexicali 2503 Includes Rail
California Baja California Calexico-Mexicali I    
California Baja California Calexico East-Nuevo Mexicali 2507 Completed 1997
California Baja California Andrade-Vicente Guerrero 2502  
California Baja California Andrade-Los Algodones    
Arizona Sonora San Luis-San Luis Rio Colorado 2608  
Arizona Sonora Lukeville-Sonoyta 2602  
Arizona Sonora Sasabe-La Garita de la Ladrillera 2606  
Arizona Sonora Sasabe-Sasabe    
Arizona Sonora Nogales-Nogales 2604 Includes Rail
Arizona Sonora Nogales (Dennis DeConcini)-Nogales I   Passenger Vehicles/ Pedestrian Only
Arizona Sonora Nogales I (Morley Gate)-Nogales II    
Arizona Sonora Nogales (Mariposa)-Nogales III   Passenger Vehicles/ Freight Only
Arizona Sonora Naco-Naco 2603  
Arizona Sonora Douglas-Agua Prieta 2601  
New Mexico Chihuahua Santa Teresa-San Jerónimo 2408 Passenger Vehicles and Freight
Texas Chihuahua El Paso-Ciudad Juarez 2402 Includes Rail
Texas Chihuahua Paso del Norte( Santa Fe Street)-Puente Benito Juarez   One Way Northbound, Includes Rail
Texas Chihuahua Good Neighbor Bridge-Buen Vecino Bridge   Also known as Stanton Street Bridge, Friendship Bridge, Puente Rio Bravo, Puente Ciudad Juarez-Stanton Lerdo, Puente Lerdo.One Way Southbound, Includes Rail
Texas Chihuahua Bridge of the Americas-Puente Internacional Córdoba-las Américas   Also known as Puente Rio Bravo, Puente Cordova Bridge, Puente Libre, BOTA.Load limits includes rail, No tolls.
Texas Chihuahua Ysleta-Zaragoza Bridge   Includes Rail
Texas Chihuahua Fabens-Guadalupe Bravo 2404  
Texas Chihuahua Fabens-Caseta-Guadalupe Bravo Bridge   Also known as Puente la Caseta. No tolls
Texas Chihuahua Fort Hancock-El Porvenir   Mainly passenger, Trade data included in Fabens, Texas.
Texas Chihuahua Fort Hancock-El Porvenir Bridge   Passenger vehicles / Pedestrians, No tolls
Texas Chihuahua Presidio-Ojinaga 2403  
Texas Chihuahua Presidio-Ojinaga Bridge   Includes Rail
Coahuila Texas Del Rio-Ciudad Acuña    
Coahuila Texas La Linda Bridge Puente la Linda   Also known as Big Bend Crossing Bridge, Heath Crossing.Two-lane facility with little traffic.
Coahuila Texas Del Rio, Lake Amistad Dam Crossing Presa la Amistad    
Coahuila Texas Del Rio Ciudad Acuña International Bridge   Also known as Del Rio International Bridge, Puente Acuña-Ciudad Del Rio.
Coahuila Texas Eagle Pass-Piedras Negras 2303  
Coahuila Texas Eagle Pass Bridge Piedras Negras I   Also known as Eagle Pass-Piedras Negras International Bridge.
Coahuila Texas Eagle Pass Bridge Piedras Negras II   Passenger vehicles / Pedestrians / Commercial vehicles
Coahuila Texas Eagle Pass Rail Crossing-Piedras Negras Rail Crossing   Rail Only
Nuevo Leon Texas Laredo-Colombia 2304  
Laredo Colombia Solidarity Bridge   Also known as Laredo III, Colombia bridge, Puente Solidaridad, Puente Colombia, Bridge #3.Passenger vehicles / Pedestrians / Commercial vehicles
Tamaulipas Texas Laredo-Nuevo Laredo 2304  
Tamaulipas Texas Laredo-Nuevo Laredo Railroad Crossing   Rail Only
Tamaulipas Texas Gateway to the Americas Bridge Nuevo Laredo I   Also know as Convent Street Bridge, Laredo International Bridge Bridge#1, Old Bridge, Laredo -Nuevo Laredo Bridge 1, Puente Nuevo Laredo, Puente Laredo I, Puente Viejo.(Note: Beginning in April 2000, bridges #1 and #2 only service passenger traffic due to the opening of Bridge #4, World Trade Bridge.)
Tamaulipas Texas Juarez-Lincoln Bridge Nuevo Laredo II   Also known as Bridge #2, Laredo - Nuevo Laredo Bridge 2, Puente Juarez Lincoln.(Note: Beginning in April 2000, bridges #1 and #2 only service passenger traffic due to the opening of Bridge #4, World Trade Bridge.)
Tamaulipas Texas Falcon Heights-Nuevo Ciudad Guerrero    
Tamaulipas Texas Lake Falcon Dam Crossing Puente San Juan   Also known as Falcon Dam, Presa Falcon, Puente Internacional de la Presa.Primarily Passenger vehicles
Tamaulipas Texas World Trade Bridge   Also known as Bridge #4. Opened in April 2000 for commercial truck traffic. Beginning the same time, Bridges #1 and #2 only service passenger traffic.
Tamaulipas Texas Roma Ciudad Miguel Aleman 2310  
Tamaulipas Texas Roma Ciudad Miguel Aleman Bridge   Also known as Starr County International Bridge, Roma Bridge, Puente Roma-Miguel.
Tamaulipas Texas Rio Grande City Ciudad Camargo 2307  
Tamaulipas Texas Rio Grande City Camargo Bridge   Also known as Starr-Camargo Bridge, Puente Camargo.Narrow two-lane bridge. Primarily Passenger vehicles
Tamaulipas Texas Los Ebanos-Gustavo Diaz Ordaz   Passenger Ferry. The construction of Los Ebanos International Bridge is proposed as an alternative for this ferry.
Tamaulipas Texas Hidalgo-Reynosa 2305  
Tamaulipas Texas Mc Allen Hidalgo Reynosa Bridge   Also known as Hidalgo Bridge, Puente Reynosa, Puente Reynosa-McAllen I.Two structures. The old four-lane bridge serves only southbound traffic. The new four lane bridge serves only northbound traffic.
Tamaulipas Texas Pharr Reynosa III International Bridge on the Rise   Passenger vehicles / Freight
Tamaulipas Texas Progreso-Nuevo Progreso 2309  
Tamaulipas Texas Progreso International Bridge Nuevo Progreso   Also Known as B&P Bridge, Puente Las Flores, Puente Internacional Nuevo Progreso- Progreso.
Tamaulipas Texas Brownsville-Matamoros 2301  
Tamaulipas Texas Free Trade Bridge Puente Internacional Libre Comercio   Also known as Indios-Lucio Blanco Bridge, Puente Lucio Blanco-Los Indios.Primarily Passenger Crossing.
Tamaulipas Texas B&M Bridge   Also known as Brownsville I & Matamoros Bridge, B Y M, Puente Viejo.Passenger vehicles / Freight / Includes Rail
Tamaulipas Texas Gateway International Bridge   Also known as El Puente, Puente Nuevo, Brownsville II.
Tamaulipas Texas Los Tomates - Matamoros III Bridge   Also known as Los Tomates Bridge, Expressway 77 Bridge.

Harmonized Tariff Schedule for International Merchandise Trade

Chapter Description
1 Live Animals
2 Meat and Edible Offal
3 Fish and Crustaceans
4 Dairy Products
5 Products of Animal Origin
6 Live Trees and Plants
7 Edible Vegetables and Roots
8 Edible Fruit and Nuts
9 Coffee, Tea and Spices
10 Cereals
11 Malts, Starches and Inulin
12 Oil Seeds and Oleaginous Fruits
13 Lac, Gums, Resins and Saps
14 Vegetable Plaiting Materials
15 Animal or Vegetable Fats and Oils
16 Preparations of Fish and Meat
17 Sugars and Sugar Confectionery
18 Cocoa and Cocoa Preparations
19 Preparations of Cereals and Flour
20 Preparations of Vegetables, Fruits and Nuts
21 Miscellaneous Edible Preparations
22 Beverages, Spirits and Vinegar
23 Food Residues and Waste
24 Tobacco and Manufactured Tobacco
25 Salt, Sulfur, Plaster and Cement
26 Ores, Slag and Ash
27 Mineral Fuels, Oils and Waxes
28 Inorganic Chemicals
29 Organic Chemicals
30 Pharmaceutical Products
31 Fertilizers
32 Tanning or Dyeing Extracts
33 Essential Oils and Resinoids
34 Soap and Organic Surface
35 Albuminoidal Substances, Glues and Enzymes
36 Explosives
37 Photographic Goods
38 Miscellaneous Chemical Products
39 Plastics
40 Rubber and Articles
41 Raw Hides and Skins
42 Articles of Leather and Handbags
43 Furskins and Artificial Fur
44 Wood and Articles
45 Cork and Articles
46 Straw and Basketware
47 Pulp of Wood and Paperboard
48 Paper and Paperboard
49 Printed Books
50 Silk
51 Wool and Animal Hair
52 Cotton
53 Other Vegetable Fibers and Paper Yarn
54 Man-made Filaments
55 Man-made Staple Fibers
56 Wadding, Felt and Nonwovens
57 Carpets and Other Textile Floor Coverings
58 Special Woven Fabrics
59 Impregnated Fabrics
60 Knitted or Crocheted Fabrics
61 Knitted or Crocheted Apparel
62 Not Knitted or Crocheted Apparel
63 Other Made up Textile Articles
64 Footwear
65 Headgear
66 Umbrellas and Walking Sticks
67 Feathers and Down
68 Stone, Plaster, Cement and Asbestos
69 Ceramic Products
70 Glass
71 Pearls, Stones, Metals and Imitation Jewelry
72 Iron and Steel
73 Articles of Iron and Steel
74 Copper and Articles
75 Nickel and Articles
76 Aluminum and Articles
78 Lead and Articles
79 Zinc and Articles
80 Tin and Articles
81 Other Base Metals and Cermets
82 Tools of Base Metal
83 Miscellaneous Articles of Base Metals
84 Nuclear Reactors, Boilers, Machinery and Parts
85 Electrical Machinery, Equipment and Parts
86 Locomotives and Traffic Signals
87 Vehicles Other than Railway
88 Aircraft, Spacecraft and Parts
89 Ships and Boats
90 Measuring and Testing Instruments
91 Clocks, Watches and Parts
92 Musical Instruments and Parts
93 Arms and Ammunition and Parts
94 Furniture, Lamps and Prefabricated Buildings
95 Toys, Games and Sport Equipment
96 Miscellaneous Manufactured Articles
97 Works of Art and Antiques
98 Special Classification Provisions (United States, Only)
99 Special Trade Transactions (Canada, Only)