Table 12-2 Vehicle-Kilometers by Mode

Table 12-2
Vehicle-Kilometers by Mode

(Millions of vehicle-kilometers)

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  Canada Mexico United States
1990 1995 1996 1990 1995 1996 1990 1995 1996
Air N N N N N N 14,200 13,600 13,400
Air carriers N N N 125 358 306 6,400 7,500 7,700
Road N e317,130 N N N N 3,451,900 3,898,800 3,994,700
Personal vehicles N e271,124 N N N N 3,207,400 3,601,700 3,690,100
Passenger cars N e216,360 N N N N 2,266,600 2,314,600 2,362,000
Motorcycles N e1,044 N N N N 15,400 15,800 15,900
Light trucks N e53,720 N N N N 925,400 1,271,400 1,312,100
Bus 1,427 1,677 1,604 N N N 9,200 10,300 10,500
Charter 100 135 157 N N N N N N
Intercity 168 154 130 N N N N N N
Local motor 769 742 716 N N N 3,400 3,500 3,500
School 390 646 600 N N N N N N
Commercial freight vehicles N e44,329 N N N N 235,300 286,800 294,200
Single-unit trucks N N N N N N 83,500 100,900 103,000
Tractor N N N N N N 151,800 185,900 191,200
Rail, train-kilometers 125 140 135 48 39 41 665 789 803
Freight 101 119 113 27 24 26 612 737 754
Intercity passenger 24 21 22 21 15 15 53 51 48
Transit N N N U U U 5,217 5,713 p5,895
Transit rail N N N U U U 1,246 1,303 1,323

KEY: e = Data are estimated. N = Data are nonexistent. p = Data are preliminary. U = Data are unavailable.



Road, all data except bus: The number of total road vehicle kilometers for 1995 is an estimate. See Appendix B for explanation.

Bus: All bus data are from a sample of Canadian companies engaged in scheduled intercity bus, urban transit, school bus and charter and other types of bus service from Statistics Canada's annual Survey of the Passenger Bus and Urban Transit Industry.

Transit: Although vehicle kilometers for transit rail are nonexistent, vehicle kilometers for local motor bus are included under road, buses.


Air: Includes only kilometers traveled by domestic airlines under scheduled operations serving domestic and international flights.

Road: Although no data are collected for vehicle travel on all Mexican roads, the Mexican Institute of Transport (IMT) estimates that the total vehicle-kilometers for all types of passenger cars, trucks and buses using the main interurban road corridors (of which there are 10) is approximately 36 billion vehicle kilometers per year. Main interurban road corridors comprise 25,190 kilometers or approximately 5 percent of the Mexican national highway network. For additional information on main interurban road corridors and Mexico's national road network, see the Secretaría de Comunicaciones y Transportes (SCT) report, Modernization of the Main Highway System (Mexico City, D.F.: 1998.)



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United States

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