Table 9-3 Top North American Air Passenger City Pairs:1996

Table 9-3
Top North American Air Passenger City Pairs:1996

(Number of passengers)

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Top city pairs Number of passengers
Canada-Mexico C
Toronto-MexicoCity/MexicoCity-Toronto C
Montréal-Mexico City/Mexico City-Montréal C
Vancouver-Mexico City/Mexico City-Vancouver C
Canada-United States, total 15,005,834
New York-Toronto/Toronto-New York 1,153,021
Chicago-Toronto/Toronto-Chicago 1,023,494
Los Angeles-Vancouver/Vancouver-Los Angeles 604,953
New York-Montréal/Montréal-New York 510,941
Miami-Toronto/Toronto-Miami 425,852
San Francisco-Vancouver/Vancouver-San Francisco 403,096
Chicago-Montréal/Montréal-Chicago 386,146
Detroit-Toronto/Toronto-Detroit 357,795
Los Angeles-Toronto/Toronto-Los Angeles 339,755
San Francisco-Toronto/Toronto-San Francisco 328,938
Mexico-United States, total 12,089,424
Los Angeles-Mexico City/Mexico City-os Angeles 743,340
Los Angeles-Guadalajara/Guadalajara-Los Angeles 675,267
Miami-Cancún/Cancún-Miami 566,141
Houston-Mexico City/Mexico City-Houston 535,703
Dallas-Mexico City/Mexico City-Dallas 505,333
Miami-Mexico City/Mexico City-Miami 471,219
Dallas-Cancún/Cancún-Dallas 447,445
Chicago-Mexico City/Mexico City-Chicago 385,832
New York-Mexico City/Mexico City-New York 349,582
Houston-Cancún/Cancún-Houston 315,957

KEY: C = Data are confidential.

NOTE: Canada-United States and Mexico-United States: These data represent the total number of passengers, both inbound and outbound traffic, traveling on scheduled and nonscheduled service of all U.S. and non-U.S. airlines. These data include origin and destination passengers and passengers traveling between these cities as part of a longer journey.

SOURCE: Canada-United States and Mexico-United States: U.S. Department of Transportation. Bureau of Transportation Statistics. Office of Airline Information. T-100 Database. Special tabulation. (Washington, DC: 1998).