Table 1 Combinations of modes used

Table 1
Combinations of modes used

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Combinations of modes used  
Private vehicle and  
public transit 18.0%
walking 17.1%
carpooling/vanpooling 8.0%
company car or govt vehicle 7.5%
biking 4.2%
train or light rail 4.4%
two other modes 10.9%
three or more other modes 2.5%
Total 72.6%
Public transit and  
walking 12.7%
carpooling/vanpooling 2.4%
biking 1.2%
taxi 1.4%
train or light rail 1.2%
two other modes 1.9%
three or more other modes 1.9%
Total 22.7%
Combinations excluding private vehicles and public transit 4.7%

SOURCE: US Department of Transportation, Bureau of Transportation Statistics, Omnibus Household Survey. Data from the February, April, June, and August 2003 surveys have been combined. Data cover activities for the month prior to the survey.