Table 3 Distribution of Transportation Fatalities: 2000

Table 3 Distribution of Transportation Fatalities: 2000

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Category Number Percent
Passenger car occupants R20,699 46.7
Light-truck occupants R11,526 26.0
Pedestrians struck by motor vehicles R4,763 10.7
Motorcyclists R2,897 6.5
Large-truck occupants R754 1.7
Recreational boating 701 1.6
Pedalcyclists struck by motor vehicles R693 1.6
General aviation 594 1.3
RR trespassers (excluding grade crossings)a 463 1.0
Unknown and other motor vehicle occupants R450 1.0
Other nonoccupants struck by motor vehiclesb R141 0.3
Air carriers 92 0.2
Waterborne transportation (nonvessel) 87 0.2
Heavy rail transit (e.g., subway) 80 0.2
Air taxi 71 0.2
Grade crossings, not involving motor vehiclesc 64 0.1
Private grade crossings, with motor vehicles 55 0.1
Waterborne transportation (vessel-related) 32 0.1
Light-rail transit 30 0.1
RR employees on duty and contractors 25 0.1
Bus occupants (school, intercity, and transit) 22 0.1
Gas distribution pipelines 22 0.1
RR-related, not otherwise specified 20 0.1
Gas transmission pipelines 15 0.0
Transit buses, not related to accidentsd 8 0.0
Commuter air 5 0.0
Passengers on railroad trains 4 <0.01
Hazardous liquid pipelines 1 <0.01
Totale R44,314 100.0
Other counts, redundant with abovef    
Large-truck occupants and nonoccupants 5,282  
Public grade crossings, with motor vehicles 306  
Commuter rail (included in RR categories) 87  
Transit buses, accident-related 82  
Outside planes in crashes 13  
Demand-responsive transit (accident-related) 8  

a Includes fatalities outside trains.

b Includes all nonoccupant fatalities except pedalcyclists and pedestrians.

c Public grade-crossing fatalities involving motor vehicles are included in counts for motor vehicles.

d Includes homicides and suicides.

e Unless otherwise specified, includes fatalities outside the vehicle.

f In the above, fatalities at grade crossings with motor vehicles are included under relevant motor vehicle modes. Commuter rail fatalities are counted under RR. For transit bus and demand-responsive transit, occupant fatalities are counted under "bus" and nonoccupant fatalities are counted under "pedestrians," "pedalcyclists," or other motor vehicle categories.

Key: R = revised; RR = railroad.

Source: Various sources, as cited in USDOT, Bureau of Transportation Statistics, National Transportation Statistics 2002 (Washington, DC: 2002), table 2-4.