Table 21 U.S. Freight Shipments by Mode: Preliminary 2002

Table 21 U.S. Freight Shipments by Mode: Preliminary 2002

(Commodity Flow Survey Data Only)

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Mode Value Tons Ton-miles
Total 8,483 11,573 3,204
Truck (for-hire and private) 6,200 7,622 1,311
Rail 320 1,817 1,199
Water 91 714 323
Air (includes truck and air) 279 4 6
Pipelinea 162 722 S
Intermodal totalb 1,111 198 215
Parcel, postal, and courier services 1,022 26 21
Truck and rail 63 41 47
Other intermodal combinations 26 131 147
Unknown 319 496 77

a Estimates of pipeline exclude shipments of crude petroleum.

b Includes a combination of parcel, postal, and courier services; truck and rail; and other intermodal combinations, including truck and water and rail and water. Excludes truck and air combination, which is added to air transportation.

KEY: S = Estimate does not meet publication standards due to high sampling variability or poor response quality.

NOTE: The data presented in this table exclude shipments from the following establishments classified in the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) as: farms, forestry, logging, fisheries, construction, publishing, and crude petroleum production; households; governments; and most retail and service businesses. It also excludes most imports and commodities shipped from a foreign location to another foreign destination, passing through the United States.

SOURCE: U.S. Department of Transportation, Bureau of Transportation Statistics and U.S. Department of Commerce, U.S. Census Bureau,2002 Economic Census:Transportation Commodity Flow Survey, Preliminary report, December 2003.