Table 1 The Transportation Network: 2003

Table 1 The Transportation Network: 2003

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Mode Components
Public roads 46,769 miles of Interstate highway
115,032 miles of other National Highway System roads
3,828,046 miles of other roads
Public-use airports 5,286 airports
Airports serving large certificated carriers (2002) 29 large hub areasa (72 airports), 443 million enplaned passengers
33 medium hub areas (38 airports), 103 million enplaned passengers
63 small hub areas (71 airports), 43 million enplaned passengers
651 nonhub areas (664 airports), 16 million enplaned passengers
Miles of railroad operated 98,944 miles by Class I freight railroads in the United Statesb
15,648 miles by regional freight railroads
26,347 miles by local freight railroads
23,000 miles by Amtrak (passenger)c
Urban transit (2002)  
Directional route-milesd Bus: 185,216e
Trolley bus: 468
Commuter rail: 4,440
Heavy rail: 1,572
Light rail: 943
Stations Commuter rail: 919
Heavy rail: 994
Light rail: 625
Navigable channels 26,000 miles of navigable waterways (2002)
Ferry routes 487 (2000)
Commercial waterway facilitiesa (2002)  
Great Lakes 600 deep-draft
154 shallow-draft
Inland 2,361 shallow-draft
Ocean 4,284 deep-draft
1,765 shallow-draft
Locks 275
Oil Crude lines: 64,336 miles of pipe
Product lines: 75,565 miles of pipe
Gas (2002) Transmission: 309,503 miles of pipe
Distribution: 1,079,565 miles of pipe

a See Glossary for definitions. b There are also 570 miles of railroad operated by U.S. Class I freight railroads in Canada and Mexico.

c The Amtrak mileage includes the 745 miles of trackage it owns and route-miles operated on the tracks of the freight railroads. d Directly operated service. Does not include contracted service. e Includes directional route-miles on exclusive right-of-way, controlled right-of-way, and mixed traffic.

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