1-2 Distribution of Transportation Fatalities: 2009

1-2 Distribution of Transportation Fatalities: 2009

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Category Number %
Passenger car occupants 13,095 36.38
Light-truck occupants 10,287 28.58
Motorcycle riders 4,462 12.40
Pedestrians struck by motor vehicles 4,092 11.37
Recreational boating 736 2.04
Pedalcyclists struck by motor vehicles 630 1.75
Other and unknown motor vehicle occupants 563 1.56
Large-truck occupants 503 1.40
General aviation 474 1.32
Railroad trespassers (excl. grade crossings)a 428 1.19
Other nonoccupants struck by motor vehiclesb 150 0.42
Heavy rail transit (subway) 96 0.27
Waterborne transportation (nonvessel-related) 93 0.26
Grade crossings, not involving motor vehiclesc 66 0.18
Transit buses, accident-related fatalities 63 0.18
Waterborne transportation (vessel-related) 57 0.16
Air carriers 52 0.14
Light rail transit 33 0.09
Rail employees on duty and contractorsa 28 0.08
Bus occupants (school, intercity, transit) 26 0.07
Private grade crossings, with motor vehiclesa 19 0.05
Air taxi 17 0.05
Gas distribution pipelines 9 0.03
Demand response transit, accident-related fatalities 5 0.01
Transit buses, fatalities not related to accidentse 4 0.01
Hazardous liquid pipelines 4 0.01
Passengers on railroad trains 3 0.01
Demand response transit, fatalities not related to accidentse 2 0.01
Total, all modesd 35,997 100.00
Other counts, redundant with above    
Crashes involving large truckse 3,380  
Public grade crossings, with motor vehiclesa 161  
Commuter rail 67  

a Includes fatalities outside trains. b Includes all nonoccupant fatalities in motor vehicle crashes, except pedalcyclists and pedestrians. c Public grade crossing fatalities involving motor vehicles are included in motor vehicle counts. d Unless otherwise noted, includes fatalities outside vehicles. e Unless otherwise noted, includes fatalities outside vehicles.

Notes: Fatality data are preliminary for general aviation, air carriers, air taxi, railroad trespassers (excluding grade crossings), passengers on railroad trains, on-duty rail employees and contractors, commuter air, grade crossing not involving motor vehicles, public grade crossing with motor vehicles and private grade crossings with motor vehicles. There were no fatalities related to gas transmission pipeline or commuter air in 2009.

Sources: AirNational Transportation Safety Board, HighwayNational Highway Traffic Safety Administration, RailFederal Railroad Administration, TransitFederal Transit Administration, WaterborneU.S. Coast Guard, Recreational boatingU.S. Coast Guard, Office of Boating Safety, PipelinePipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration as cited in U.S. Department of Transportation, Research and Innovative Technology Administration, Bureau of Transportation Statistics, National Transportation Statistics, table 2-4, available at http://www.bts.gov/publications/national_transportation_statistics/ as of January 2011.