4-6 U.S. Domestic Freight Shipments by Mode: 2007

4-6 U.S. Domestic Freight Shipments by Mode: 2007

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(Commodity Flow Survey data only)

Mode Value
($ billions)
Total 11,685 12,543 3,345
Single modes 9,539 11,698 2,894
Trucka 8,336 8,779 1,342
Rail 436 1,861 1,344
Water 115 404 157
Air (including truck and air) 252 4 5
Pipelineb 400 651 S
Multiple modes 1,867 574 417
Parcel, USPS, or courier 1,562 34 28
Truck and rail 187 226 197
Truck and water 58 146 98
Rail and water 14 55 47
Other multiple modes 45 114 46
Other and unknown modes 279 272 34

a Truck as a single mode includes any shipment that was made by private truck only, by for-hire truck only, or by a combination of private and for-hire truck.

b Estimates for pipeline exclude shipments of crude petroleum.

Key: S = Estimate does not meet publication standards because of high sampling variability or poor response quality.

Notes: The data presented in this table exclude shipments from entities classified in forestry, fishing, utilities, construction, transportation, and most retail and services industries. Farms and government-owned entities (except government-owned liquor stores) were also excluded. Also excluded are most imports and commodities shipped from a foreign location to another foreign destination that pass through the United States. Other and unknown modes refers to shipments using modes not listed above or any shipment for which the mode of transportation could not be determined.

Source: U.S. Department of Transportation, Research and Innovative Technology Administration, Bureau of Transportation Statistics and U.S. Department of Commerce, U.S. Census Bureau, 2007 Economic Census: Transportation Commodity Flow Survey, December 2009.