Continuing Work and a View Toward the Future

Continuing Work and a View Toward the Future

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Several initiatives that BTS began in fiscal year 2007 will continue to advance and expand the Bureaus work.

The National Transportation Library is assuming maintenance of the Transportation Research Thesaurus, implementing the Transportation Libraries Roundtablea monthly web conference on topics relevant to transportation librariesand developing a Collection Views model of their Digital Collection. BTS will also publish a new edition of the Sources of Information in Transportation online bibliography.

BTS will continue to explore techniques for more efficient and less costly data collection, including online survey submission and data automation methods. The collection of airline data will be made more efficient through the use of the internet (i.e., e-filing of reports and data), which promises to expedite data processing and ease the reporting burden on the airlines. The eventual implementation of the International Trade Data System will create an integrated, federal system for the electronic collection, use, and sharing of international trade and transportation data.

The BTS publication, North American Freight Transportation, will be updated in fall 2007 with the latest annual freight data and analysis of United States trade with Canada and Mexico, including transportation by truck, rail, pipeline, air, and water. The first data release of results from the most recent Commodity Flow Survey is scheduled for fall 2008. BTS will also publish a special report documenting monthly and seasonal trend results from an analysis of traffic volumes, speed, and travel time data collected by the FHWA from 20 urban areas.

BTS continues to look for new ways to assess and meet the varied needs of its customers. The Bureau is developing strategies for responding to recognized needs and identifying pressing issues within the transportation community. For example, web site visits and inquiries will be studied to identify topics of increasing interest and importance.

As BTS continues its course of producing relevant, accurate, and timely transportation data and analyses, it will pursue new opportunities for partnering, collaborating, and sharing information within the U.S. Department of Transportation and with external constituencies and stakeholders to meet the nations present and future transportation statistical needs.