Table 1-9: Characteristics of Rail Transit in Florida: 2000

Table 1-9: Characteristics of Rail Transit in Florida: 2000

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Transit agency Directional route-miles Miles of track Number of crossings Number of stations Number of ADA accessible stations
Heavy rail          
Miami-Dade Transit Agency 42.2 53.2 0 21 21
Commuter rail          
Tri-Rail (Miami/Fort Lauderdale/Palm Beach) 142.2 150.9 72 19 19
Automated guideway          
Jacksonville Transportation Authority 4.3 4.3 0 6 0
Miami-Dade Transit Agency 8.5 9.4 0 21 21

KEY: ADA = Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990; Tri-Rail = Tri-County Commuter Rail Authority.

NOTE: Directional route-miles is the mileage in each direction over which public transportation vehicles travel while in revenue service. Directional route-miles are a measure of the facility or roadway, not the service carried on the facility such as the number of routes or vehicle-miles. Directional route-miles are computed with regard to direction of service, but without regard to the number of traffic lanes or rail tracks existing in the right-of-way.

SOURCE: American Public Transportation Association, Public Transportation Fact Book, 2001. Washington, DC: 2001, available at as of June 27, 2002.