Table 1-12: Freight Railroads Operating in Iowa by Class: 2000

Table 1-12: Freight Railroads Operating in Iowa by Class: 2000

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Railroad Miles operated in Iowa1
Class I railroads 2,431
Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Co. 708
Norfolk Southern Corp. 44
Union Pacific Railroad Co. 1,679
Regional railroads 1,547
Chicago, Central, and Pacific Railroad 558
Dakota, Minnesota, & Eastern Railroad Corp. 25
I & M Rail Link, LLC 619
Iowa Interstate Railroad, Ltd. 345
Local railroads 363
Cedar Rapids and Iowa City Railway Co. 60
Cedar River Railroad Co. 83
D & I Railroad Co. 41
Iowa Northern Railway Co. 162
Iowa Traction Railroad Co. 13
Keokuk Junction Railway Co. 1
Toledo, Peoria, & Western Railway Corp. 3
Switching and terminal railroads 48
Appanoose County Community Railroad Inc. 36
Burlington Junction Railway 5
Great Western Railway of Iowa 7

1 Miles operated is in terms of railroad so that a mile of single track is counted the same as a mile of double track. Sidings, turnouts, yard switching mileage, and mileage not operated are excluded. Miles operated under trackage rights provided by another (owning) railroad are included.

NOTE: For definition of railroad types see previous table.

SOURCE: Association of American Railroads, Railroads and States - 2000, Washington, DC: 2002, available at as of Mar. 19, 2002.