Table 1-13: Freight Railroads Operating in New York by Class: 2000

Table 1-13: Freight Railroads Operating in New York by Class: 2000

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Railroad Miles operated in New York1
Class I railroads 2,258
CSX Transportation 1,330
Norfolk Southern Corporation 928
Canadian railroads 839
Canadian National Railway Company 8
Canadian Pacific Railway 831
Regional railroads 534
Buffalo and Pittsburgh Railroad, Inc. 171
Guilford Rail System 53
New York, Susquehanna, and Western Railway 282
Providence and Worcester Railroad Company 28
Local railroads 1,068
Arcade and Attica Railroad 15
Batten Kill Railroad Company, Inc. 34
Clarendon and Pittsford Railroad 6
Depew, Lancaster, and Western Railroad 12
Falls Road Railroad Company, Inc, 45
Finger Lakes Railway Corporation 155
Genesee and Wyoming Railroad 75
Livonia, Avon, and Lakeville Railroad Corporation 68
Lowville and Beaver River Railroad 11
Middletown and New Jersey Railway Company, Inc. 6
Mohawk, Adirondack, and Northern Railroad 117
New York and Atlantic Railway 269
New York and Lake Erie Railroad 29
New York and Ogdensburg Railway Company 30
Ontario Central Railroad 13
Ontario Midland Railroad Corporation 47
Rochester and Southern Railroad, Inc. 121
Vermont Railway 3
Wellsboro and Corning Railroad 12
Switching and terminal railroads 98
Albany Port Railroad Corporation 10
Buffalo Southern Railroad 30
Massena Terminal Railroad 4
New York Cross Harbor Railroad 9
Owego and Harford Railway, Inc. 26
R.J. Corman Railroad/Allentown Lines 5
South Brooklyn Railway 2
South Buffalo Railway 12

1 Miles operated is in terms of railroad so that a mile of single track is counted the same as a mile of double track. Sidings, turnouts, yard switching mileage, and mileage not operated are excluded. Miles operated under trackage rights provided by another (owning) railroad are included.

NOTE: For definition of railroad types see previous table.

SOURCE: Association of American Railroads, Railroads and States - 2000, Washington, DC: 2002, available at as of Mar. 19, 2002.