Table 1-13: Freight Railroads Operating in Ohio by Class: 2000

Table 1-13: Freight Railroads Operating in Ohio by Class: 2000

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Railroad Miles operated in Ohio1
Class I railroads 4,526
CSX Transportation, Inc. 2,283
Grand Trunk Western Railroad, Inc. 9
Norfolk Southern Railway Company 2,234
Regional railroads 929
Bessemer and Lake Erie Railroad Company 3
The Indiana & Ohio Railway Company 368
Wheeling & Lake Erie Railway Company 558
Local railroads 648
Ann Arbor Railroad Company 4
Ashland Railway, Inc. 60
Central Railroad Company of Indiana 21
The Columbus and Ohio River Railroad Company 160
Indiana and Ohio Central Railroad, Inc. 168
Indiana Northeastern Railroad Company 7
Ohio and Pennsylvania Railroad Company 3
Ohio Central Railroad, Inc. 94
R.J. Corman Railway Company - Cleveland Line 49
R.J. Corman Railway Company - Western Ohio Line 82
Switching and terminal railroads 391
Akron Barberton Cluster Railway Company 68
Ashtabula, Carson, and Jefferson Railroad, Inc. 6
Camp Chase Industrial Railroad Corporation 14
Cuyahoga Valley Railway Company 19
Flats Industrial Railroad Company 3
Great Miami and Scioto Railway Company 70
Lake Terminal Railroad Company 1
The Mahoning Valley Railway Company 4
Maumee and Western Railroad Corporation 49
Newburgh and South Shore Railroad, Ltd. 3
Nimishillen and Tuscarawas Railway Company 24
Northern Ohio and Western Railway 25
Ohi-Rail Corporation 48
River Terminal Railway 35
Warren and Trumbull Railroad Company 6
Youngstown and Austintown Railroad, Inc. 4
Youngstown Belt Railroad Company 12

1 Miles operated is in terms of railroad so that a mile of single track is counted the same as a mile of double track. Sidings, turnouts, yard switching mileage, and mileage not operated are excluded. Miles operated under trackage rights provided by another (owning) railroad are included.

NOTE: For definition of railroad types see previous table.

SOURCE: Association of American Railroads, Railroads and States - 2000, Washington, DC: 2002, available at as of Mar. 19, 2002, and Public Utilities Commission of Ohio, available at as of Jan. 31, 2003.