Table 1-11: Freight Railroads Operating in Oklahoma by Class: 2000

Table 1-11: Freight Railroads Operating in Oklahoma by Class: 2000

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Railroad Miles operated in Oklahoma1
Class I railroads 2,645
Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Co. 1,314
Kansas City Southern Railway Co. 157
Union Pacific Railroad Co. 1,174
Regional railroads 78
South Kansas and Oklahoma Railroad 78
Local railroads 868
Arkansas and Missouri Railroad 0
Arkansas and Oklahoma Railroad, Inc. 113
AT and L Railroad 48
De Queen and Eastern Railroad 54
Grainbelt Corporation 228
Hollis and Eastern Railroad 14
Kiamichi Railroad Co. 216
Sand Springs Railway Co. 32
Southeast Kansas Railroad Co. 3
Stillwater Central Railroad 137
Tulsa-Sapulpa Union Railway Co. 23
Switching and terminal railroads 312
Cimarron Valley Railroad 35
Farmrail Corporation 184
Northwestern Oklahoma Railroad 2
Southwestern Railroad Co., Texas Division 9
Wichita, Tillman and Jackson Railway Co. 82

1 Miles operated is in terms of railroad so that a mile of single track is counted the same as a mile of double track. Sidings, turnouts, yard switching mileage, and mileage not operated are excluded. Miles operated under trackage rights provided by another (owning) railroad are included.

NOTE: For definition of railroad types see previous table.

SOURCE: Association of American Railroads, Railroads and States - 2000, Washington, DC: 2002, available at as of Mar. 19, 2002.