Table 3-3: Shipments Originating in South Dakota by Mode of Transportation: 1997

Table 3-3: Shipments Originating in South Dakota by Mode of Transportation: 1997

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  Value Short tons Ton-miles
($ millions)
Percent Number
Percent Number (millions) Percent
All modes 20,178 100.0 36,853 100.0 17,269 100.0
Single modes 12,402 61.5 35,545 96.5 16,970 98.3
Truck 10,741 53.2 25,899 70.3 4,129 23.9
For-hire 5,969 29.6 8,755 23.8 2,927 16.9
Private truck 4,760 23.6 17,119 46.5 1,196 6.9
Rail 1,197 5.9 S S S S
Water Z Z Z Z Z Z
Shallow draft Z Z Z Z Z Z
Great Lakes Z Z Z Z Z Z
Deep draft Z Z Z Z Z Z
Air (including truck and air) S S 3 Z 4 Z
Pipeline S S S S S S
Multiple modes S S 180 0.5 176 1.0
Parcel, U.S. Postal Service, or courier service S S 163 0.4 S S
Truck and rail intermodal combination 73 0.4 16 Z 28 0.2
Truck and water S S S S S S
Rail and water Z Z Z Z Z Z
Other multiple modes Z Z Z Z Z Z
Other and unknown modes 623 3.1 1,128 3.1 122 0.7

KEY: S = data do not meet publication standards because of high sampling variability or other reasons; Z = zero or less than 1 unit of measure.

NOTE: The Commodity Flow Survey covers business establishments in mining, manufacturing, wholesale trade, and selected retail industries. The survey also covers selected auxiliary establishments (e.g., warehouses) of in-scope multiunit and retail companies. The survey excludes establishments classified as farms, forestry, fisheries, governments, construction, transportation, foreign establishments, services, and most establishments in retail. Due to industry-wide reporting problems, shipments by oil and gas extraction establishments are also excluded.

SOURCE: U.S. Department of Transportation, Bureau of Transportation Statistics and U.S. Department of Commerce, U.S. Census Bureau, 1997 Commodity Flow Survey, Washington, DC: 1999, available at as of Nov. 2, 2001.