Table 2-24: State Laws on Distracted Driving: March 2012

Table 2-24: State Laws on Distracted Driving: March 2012

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State Ban on Hand -held Devices Ban on Text Messaging
Alabama no no
Alaska no yes
Arizona no no
Arkansas no yes
California yes yes
Colorado no yes
Connecticut yes yes
Delaware yes yes
District of Columbia yes yes
Florida no no
Georgia no yes
Hawaii no no
Idaho no no
Illinois no yes
Indiana no yes
Iowa no yes
Kansas no yes
Kentucky no yes
Louisiana no yes
Maine no yes
Maryland yes yes
Massachusetts no yes
Michigan no yes
Minnesota no yes
Mississippi no no
Missouri no no
Montana no no
Nebraska no yes
Nevada yes yes
New Hampshire no yes
New Jersey yes yes
New Mexico1 no no
New York yes yes
North Carolina no yes
North Dakota no yes
Ohio no no
Oklahoma no no
Oregon yes yes
Pennsylvania no yes
Rhode Island no yes
South Carolina no no
South Dakota no no
Tennessee no yes
Texas no no
Utah no yes
Vermont no yes
Virginia no yes
Washington yes yes
West Virginia no no
Wisconsin no yes
Wyoming no yes

1Hand -held ban for drivers with in State vehicles.

NOTES: Includes both primary and secondary enforcement bans. Many states have partial bans restricted to school bus drivers, novice drivers, or drivers in school zones and work zones. Many states also have local ordinances on distracted driving.

SOURCE: U.S. Department of Transportation, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration,, State Laws, available at as of March 21, 2012.