Table 1-9: Characteristics of Rail Transit in Texas: 2000

Table 1-9: Characteristics of Rail Transit in Texas: 2000

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Transit agency Directional route-miles Miles of track Number of crossings Number of stations Number of ADA accessible stations
Light rail          
Dallas Area Rapid Transit Authority 41 47 66 20 20
McKinney Avenue Transit Authority (Dallas) 3 3 U 0 0
Tandy Center Subway (Fort Worth) 1 1 0 2 0
Island Transit (Galveston) 5 5 57 3 3
Commuter rail          
Trinity Railway Express (Dallas) 52 34 24 7 7
Automated guideway          
Las Colinas Area Rapid Transit 3 1 0 4 4

KEY: ADA = Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990; U = data are unavailable.

NOTE: Directional route-miles is the mileage in each direction over which public transportation vehicles travel while in revenue service. Directional route-miles are a measure of the facility or roadway, not the service carried on the facility such as the number of routes or vehicle-miles. Directional route-miles are computed with regard to direction of service, but without regard to the number of traffic lanes or rail tracks existing in the right-of-way.

SOURCE: American Public Transportation Association, Public Transportation Fact Book, 2001. Washington, DC: 2001, available at as of June 27, 2002.