Table 1-3: Vermont Toll Roads: 2001

Table 1-3: Vermont Toll Roads: 2001

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Facility Financing or operating authority Location Length in miles Toll collection direction Electronic collection system
Equinox Skyline Drive1 Dr. Joe G. Davidson From SR 7A-Sunderland to Mt. Equinox 5.4 North No
Mt. Mansfield Toll Road1 Mt. Mansfield Co., Inc. From SR 108 to Mt. Mansfield 4.5 North No
Burke Mountain Toll Road1 Burke Mountain Recreation, Inc. From TH 7 to Burke Mountain 2.0 South No

1Seasonal: closed during winter months.

KEY: U = data are unavailable.

SOURCES: U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration, Toll Facilities in the United States: Bridges-Roads-Tunnels-Ferries, Washington, DC: June 2001, available at as of Feb. 18, 2002 and available at as of June 14, 2002.