Table 7-1 Maritime Security Program (MSP) Participants

Table 7-1
Maritime Security Program (MSP) Participants

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Participants Vessels
American Ship Management, LLC 9 container ships
Central Gulf Lines, Inc. 3 roll-on/roll-off vessels
Crowley Maritime Corp. 3 container roll-on/roll-off vessels
Farrell Lines, Inc. 3 container ships
First American Bulk Carrier Corp. 2 container ships
First Ocean Bulk Carriers Corp., I, II, & III 3 container ships
Maersk Line, Ltd. 4 container ships
OSG Car Carriers, Inc. 1 roll-on/roll-off vessel
Sea-Land Service, Inc. 15 container ships
Waterman Steamship Corp. 4 Lighter aboard ship (LASH) (barge-carrying ship)

Source: U.S. Department of Transportation, Maritime Administration, Office of Sealift Support, personal communication (Washington, DC: March 1999).