Transportation Indicators Report - September 2001

Transportation Indicators - Report - September 2001

Transportation Indicators
Report - September 2001

NOTE: The final issue of this report was December 2002. These reports are provided as a historical reference. A minimal number of indicators are being updated in the White House Economic Statistics Briefing Room.

Table of Contents File Formats
Entire Report
Summary of Social and Economic Characteristics
Transportation System Extent
Safety Chapter
Transportation Fatalities: All Modes
Motor Vehicle-Related Highway Fatalities
Fatalities in Large Truck Crashes
Alcohol-Related Highway Fatalities
Transit Fatalities
Railroad and Highway-Rail Crossing Fatalities
Hazardous Liquid and Natural Gas Pipeline Fatalities
General Aviation Fatalities
Commercial Aviation Fatalities
Recreational Boating Fatalities
Fatalities in Commercial Maritime Transportation
Injured Motor Vehicle Occupants, Pedestrians, and Bicyclists
Injured Persons in Large-Truck Crashes
Injured Persons: Transit, Rail, Grade Crossings, and Boating
Rail Accidents and Incidents
Hazardous Materials Incidents
Modal Breakdown of Hazardous Materials Incidents
Hazardous Materials Incidents Involving Crashes or Train Derailments
Mobility Chapter
U.S. Highway Vehicle Miles Traveled
Availability and Use of Air Passenger Transportation
Availability and Use of Air Freight Transportation
Aircraft Capacity Utilization - Passengers and Freight
Flight Availability
Major U.S. Air Carrier On-Time Performance
Air fares and Passenger Volume for the Top Five Major Short Routes
Air fares and Passenger Volume for the Top Five Major Long Routes
Public Transit
Public Transportation by Mode
Rail Freight
Weekly Rail Intermodal Traffic
Domestic Waterborne Freight
U.S. Inland Waterways Trade
Breakdown of U.S. Inland Waterways Trade
U.S. Foreign Waterborne Freight
Container Traffic Volume
Economic Growth Chapter
Growth in Gross Domestic Product
Personal Spending on Transportation
Prices of Transportation Services Paid by American Households
Consumer Prices for Transportation
Producer Prices of Key Transportation Inputs
Producer Prices of For-Hire Transportation Services
Producer Prices for Transportation Equipment
Producer Prices of Air Transportation Services
Producer Prices of Railroad Transportation Services
Producer Prices of Railroad Equipment
Producer Prices of Equipment and Repair Services for Water Transportation
Producer Prices of Highway and Street Construction
Public Expenditure on Construction of Highways and Streets
Unemployment Rate
Transportation Employment
For-Hire Transportation Employment
Transportation Supporting Industry Employment
Hourly Earnings of Production Workers in Transportation Industries
Hourly Earnings of Pipeline and Water Transportation Workers
Hourly Earnings of Workers in Transportation Arrangement Services
Hourly Earnings of Workers in Trucking and Public Warehousing Services
Hourly Earnings of Rail, Bus, and Transit Workers
Transportation and Private Industry Employment Costs
Breakdown of Private Industry Employment Costs
Employment Costs for Transportation Industries
Employment Costs in Transportation Occupations
Transportation Industry Profit and Income
Air Carrier Real Operating Expenses and Breakdown of Operating Revenues
Air Carrier Real Return on Assets
Productivity Growth
Rail Labor Productivity
Retail Sales and Transportation Demand
Level of Manufacturing Inventory
New Orders-All Manufacturing
New Orders-Transportation Equipment
Business Investment in Transportation Equipment
Retail Sales of Motor Vehicles
World Crude Oil Prices
Motor Fuel Prices
Retail Gasoline Prices of Selected Metropolitan Areas, August 2001 (map)
Regional Retail Motor Fuel Prices as of September 10, 2001 (map)
Domestic Unit Prices for Airline Jet Fuel
Value of U.S. Imports and Exports
Value Per Metric Ton of U.S. International Waterborne Imports and Exports
U.S. Surface Trade with Canada and Mexico
Value of Transportation-Related Imports
Value of Transportation-Related Exports
Human and Natural Environment Chapter
Transportation Energy Use
Transportation Energy Use Per Dollar of GDP
Average Motor Vehicle Miles Per Gallon
U.S. Carbon Dioxide Emission
Air Pollutant Emissions and Modal Shares of Key Air Pollutants from Transportation
Crude Oil and Petroleum Products Spills in U.S. Waters 
National Security Chapter
U.S. Dependence on Oil Imports
U.S. Motor Gasoline Production and Consumption  
Motor Gasoline Stocks  
U.S. Coast Guard Drug Seizures and Value Seized
Interdictions of Illegal Aliens
Special Section
An Analysis of Vehicle Miles Traveled