Table 4-2 - Detailed Distribution of Transportation Fatalities by Mode: 1997

Table 4-2 - Detailed Distribution of Transportation Fatalities by Mode: 1997

Categorya 1997 Percent
Passenger car occupants 22,199 50.0
Light-truck occupants 10,249 23.1
Pedestrians struck by motor vehicles 5,321 12.0
Motorcyclists 2,116 4.8
Recreational boating 821 1.8
Pedalcyclists struck by motor vehicles 814 1.8
Large-truck occupants 723 1.6
General aviation 660 1.5
Railroadb 602 1.4
Other and unknown motor vehicle occupants 420 0.9
Other nonoccupants in highway crashesc 153 0.3
Heavy-rail transit (subway) 77 0.2
Waterborne transportation (vessel casualties only) 46 0.1
Commuter air 46 0.1
Grade crossings, not involving motor vehiclesd 42 0.1
Air taxi 39 0.1
Bus occupants (school, intercity, and transit) 18 0.04
Gas distribution pipelines 9 0.02
Transit buses, fatalities not related to accidentse 9 0.02
Part 121 air carriers 8 0.02
Demand responsive/vanpool transit, fatalities not related to accidentsf 5 0.01
Light rail 3 <0.01
Gas transmission pipelines 1 <0.01
Total 44,381  
Other counts, redundant with aboveg    
Grade crossings, with motor vehicles 419  
Transit buses, accident-related fatalities 100  
Commuter rail 79  
Passengers on railroad trains 6  
Demand responsive service, accident-related fatalities 2  

a Unless specified as occupants, includes fatalities outside the vehicle.

b Includes fatalities outside trains, except at grade crossings.

c Includes all nonoccupant fatalities, except pedalcyclists and pedestrians.

d Grade-crossing fatalities involving motor vehicles are included in counts for motor vehicles.

e Includes school, intercity, and transit bus occupants.

f Fatalities not related to accidents for transit buses and demand responsive transit are not included under highway submodes. Accidents include collisions and derailments/buses leaving the road.

g Fatalities at grade crossings with motor vehicles are included under relevant motor vehicle modes. Commuter rail fatalities are counted under railroad. For transit bus and demand responsive transit accidents, occupant fatalities are counted under "bus" and nonoccupant fatalities are counted under "pedestrians," "pedalcyclists," or other motor vehicle categories.

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